If Call Center Employees Were Honest

If Call Center Employees Were Honest

– Yes, I know how long
you’ve been holding,
and I don’t care.
– Why yes, I’d love to spend
the next 10 minutes of my life
being told what a horrible
person I am by a stranger.
– I’ll definitely transfer
you to my supervisor who will
give you the same
information I just gave you.
– As soon as you started
yelling, I zoned out.
– I’m not sorry I placed you
on hold for five minutes.
I was hoping you’d hang up.
– Oh, you’re never going
to use our company again?
Great, that means I’ll never
have to talk to you again.
– I’m going to tell you the
issue is resolved (laughs)
so that I can go on break.
– I’m telling you that
I’m finishing up with
another customer, but really
I’m just catching up on
office gossip.
– I asked you to repeat
that because I was too busy
texting on my phone.
– I’m going to hang up on you
and pretend it was an accident.
– I’m attempting to sound empathetic
because quality assurance is listening.
– The only perk of my job
is not seeing your face.
– Please stop telling
me this pointless story.
Just tell me your problem
so we could both get on with our day.
– I’m saying this with
confidence, but I have no idea
if this information is true.
– I fully intend to look you
up on Facebook after this
just to see how much of an
(censorship beep) hole you are.
– I’m not sorry you feel that way.
– I’m not sorry that happened.
– Oh, no, I understand.
I just don’t care.
– This job has made me dead inside.
– This job has given me a
fear of talking on the phone.
– Listen, babe, call me hun one more time,
and I’ll burn this place down.
Have a great day.

100 thoughts on “If Call Center Employees Were Honest

  • I've never understood the need to be disrespectful to a cell center employee. Yeah, I'm annoyed the problem is happening, but it's not like the people at the call center did it.

  • If the person is really stupid I just straight up tell them the supervisor is going to say the same thing 😂

  • Lol I'm not in a call center but I'm a college secretary. Trust me…half of this stuff is true😂😂😂😂

  • Oh yes, those people who call in and won't go straight to the point making you waste your ATH(average handle time) then the issue is resolved, how much did that take? 15 minutes call, when it may have been only 5 minutes call lol.

  • I'm a call center supervisor, so I get to be more blunt with the customer, usually What I deal with is people attempting to abuse customer programs we have in place for them.

  • Some call center agents don't really care. They pretend that they don't understand you and they will keep on asking you again and again and they will ask you to hold your line then you will hear them laughing .

  • As a call center agent, your greatest skill is de-escalation. Unfortunately, that's a skill that is never taught when training new agents… It is true that, in some projects, customers often call angry. But if people were actually trained to calm customers down, it would make the job way more pleasant for anyone involved.
    I've been doing this for 7 years, and when I get an angry customer, my goal is to calm them down even before I proceed to solve their problem. That way, they are way more cooperative in anything we ask them to do to solve their issue.
    And if any potential caller reads this, it goes both ways, if you are nice to agents, you will probably be remembered by the agent for the rest of the day, and they will often go out of their way to help you as much as they can.

  • This is only true for people that don't give a damn about their jobs. Idle douchebags. If you hate it so much, you should quit.

  • My mom struggles with Comcast but its not done by a real person. It's a monotone automated voice.

  • Someone needs to call them and just say “hi I know you deal with assholes all day so I just called you to let you know..you’re pretty cool”

  • What's annoying to me is the customers that call in and go on this long spiel about how long they've been holding and having to speak to other agents, all the while wasting more and more time talking about it instead of telling me what the issue is. If you want to get off the phone quicker, stop whining and get on with the issue.

    And don't get me started on the people that have the nerve to mock you when you're trying to troubleshoot their issue. "That's stupid," "You should have this info," "I don't have time for this", "You're not helping me", "You're an idiot." If it's so stupid and we're idiots, why are you calling us then to fix your issue? You should be able to fix it yourself. But, obviously you can't. So please shut up, and follow my troubleshooting instructions, as I more than likely will know what the issue is and the steps to fix it.

    And as soon as a customer calls me an a$$hole or a fuckhead, or something, I stop caring. We respect them, but they can't do the same for us. One customer actually said "Get over it" after I said there's no need for that language, as I'm trying to help you. Just stupid entitled a$$holes.

  • This is true! I work as a CS on one of the biggest company in the world when people are nice to sometimes I gave them 5$ credit lol

  • One of the most accurate videos ever!
    I really do not agree that companies put their customers above all as if they were some kind of supreme beings. Companies (specifically some managers or executives) are not considering at all the employee but they are demanding them a good performance. The employee is the one that is dealing with realness customers. If they want to give a good performance, they have to make sure the work conditions are the best so the employee needs to do their best as well.
    Customer is not always right. They are not the center of it all.

  • Call cente employees don't have shame to speak to callers in this rude manner. What they think of themselves if they hate to speak rightly or correctly they should find another job.

  • I've worked in call centre before. For me honestly i don't really mind being forced answering calls and being scolded all day long. The things that bothered me so much was being tied to my desk with a headset and can't go anywhere. Call centre = New age prison.

  • Hey guys, I do work in a call center and it's because I really love helping people . I see it as a hobby, but believe me when a listen to a satisfied customer I really enjoy it, there are customers really angry, but that's way you speak and you can resolve things talking

  • I love the customers who love the customers who don't like the correct information, that they're hearing, argue with you, and then when they still don't hear what they want to hear, they hang up. Real mature. What did hanging up accomplish? You have to call back in, and the next agent is going to tell you the exact same thing. You going to hang up on them as well?

  • I worked in call centers for a long time and come to think of it ..I DO have a fear of answering my own phone.

  • Being the only available agent with half a dozen other agents pratting around in wrap/ACW filled me with so much anxiety

  • What sadistic bastard calls up at 5mins before the end of our shift?
    A, you had all day to contact us
    B, get a life

  • I never found a video that I nodded to from beginning till end….

    If you call into a company. Chances are they are in a call center and if you call in irate and entitled, best believe we’re gonna laugh at you afterwards……

  • If I were as rude to people on the phone as the people on banks and stores are to me I would be out of a job. They don't have someone recording their every word, most of the time

  • When you talk the customer and they interrupt you while talking then proceeds to rant and be a racist, you try to warn them then proceeds to claim that you're very rude for interrupting them 😤😤😤😤

  • I ALWAYS get long calls … 2+hrs is my record because i dont want to stop or give up with my cx (to the point where my TL will press the mute just to lecture me then he'll press the hang up button for me if i did not stop 😅 )

  • If you want to get your issue fixed (esp tech issues) be kind and grateful. Tech supports are ready and glad to help customers who are respectful and grateful for even a simple help. At the same time, they could also make your issue worse. So please bear in mind that the resolution depends on how you act.

  • The student asked the master:
    How to attain enlightenment
    The master said: When the thinking mind subsides and is left alone.
    Student: That sounds easy
    Master: You havent worked in a Call Center yet

  • What I hated was that you tell a customer something and there mad so they wanna speak to a manager, manager tells them the same thing I said and there kool with it!😒😐

  • I worked in a call center for years, and you're basically there to be a professional apologizer. The people who are the most accessible to the customer are the people who have the least amount of power to do anything about the customer's complaints. Also – metrics are stupid. Upper management creates all these rules, like the amount of times you must use the customer's name, cannot keep the customer on hold for more than a minute and a half without checking back up on them (even if you don't have an answer for them yet), you have to use an acknowledgement statement that makes you sound like a weirdo "I can absolutely look up your account for you!", and so on. I did so much better at my job once I stopped caring about the customers and focused on achieving everything in the metrics rules every call. Also, I learned that the best way to keep my calls short (we were marked on this as well) was to take down information, offer to call the customer back within 30 minutes or so, and then put my phone in "after call work" status to research things for the customer. It meant I was thorough when I called back with answers, and it also gave me breaks between people so I could stay calm and professional.


  • …. as one of being a part of bpo industry… kudos to all you guys for the patience we all have to sum up in dealing with different clientele…

  • " I love to connect you over to my supervisor who will give the same information that I gave!" hahahahah this is burn!

  • Oh my God.. it really happened to me that after working at a customer service dept., I developed an aversion to talking on the phone! oops!!

  • I hate the fact I spend hours on the phone solving an issue, but they can't take 1 minute to answer a simple survey.

  • One time an amazon call centre staff told me how a pregnant cat turned up at her house and gave birth to five kittens. Three of them got in the bonnet of her car and died and one was eaten by an eagle. AND I QUOTE “at least I have one left”.

    I think she was just bored at work and it was made up but still. Especially as we had just established I had a pregnant cat!

    No shade to her tho. She was super friendly but ya know…

  • " I'm going to pretend to be empathetic because quality insurance is listening"

    THAT IS SO ME😂😂😂😂

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