How to Prevent Weight Gain While Quitting Smoking

How to Prevent Weight Gain While Quitting Smoking

A lot of people gain weight while they quitting smoking and that is ok! You can lose weight by different ways but addiction is hard to lose, hence do not worry about the weight gain as there are physical changes associated with quitting of smoke.

On an average people gain 5 to 10 pounds of weight within a month when they quit smoking and definitely smoking is NOT one of those things which you should do for keeping weight in control.

Why do People Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking?

There are a few physical changes which are responsible for weight gain in the body along with nicotine which affects the body:

  • It improves the taste buds present in the tongue and makes food attractive thus you end up eating more food. You crave for sweet stuffs more after quitting smoking
  • Nicotine speeds up metabolism and thus make you feel hungrier and thus you end up gaining weight.
  • It is a known fact that smoking reduces appetite in a person and thus makes you feel hungrier.

What can You do About the Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking?

Weight gain is natural after quitting smoking and that is because your body is functioning normal. Your taste bud’s functionality is decreased when you start smoking and they slowly return back to their own state after quitting smoking and thus your love for food will increase- this is the main cause of weight gain while quitting smoking. There are many things to control the weight and here’s a list of them:

  • Start working out as it helps in burning calories and it also helps in waving off the cigarettes craving.
  • Consumer fruits and veggies so that it can cleanse your lungs and also adopt eating healthy foods such as low-fat yogurt, baby carrots, thyme etc.
  • Control drinking sweetened beverages and alcohol as they contain a lot of calories. Start drinking green tea for cleansing your lungs.
  • Do not kill your hunger. It is natural that your appetite will increase once you have quit smoking and that’s because smoking reduces appetite.
  • Sleep well as lack of sleep can also contribute to weight gain.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Addiction can make physical and mental changes in your body thus giving away addiction is the best reward for yourself. Benefits of quitting smoking are:

  • Cleanses your lung
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Better breath
  • Active performance in sports and other physical activities
  • Saves money
  • Clothes and hands will smell better

There are many ways in which you can quit smoking and one of the best ways to quit smoking is to adopt NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) where the health care provider prescribes patches, gums and candies which have nicotine so that it can curb your smoking cravings. And off course you may gain some weight after going smoke-free but that can be controlled through right eating habits and exercise regime.

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