How to Practice Kriyayoga Correctly

How to Practice Kriyayoga Correctly

The first important thing what is
problem in practice
practice is very very simple
this is the art of concentration on self with
the true idea, true thought and true concept that head to toes whatever we feel is all in all
all in all means everything we will find
within all external engineering
departments, medical sciences and many
other philosophies, lifestyle
whatever we read in the book all
came out from this head to toes
than what is the problem why we are not able to place our attention on head to toes
it is because of one thing, mind is always with the habit internal blind mind is king
and nature of blind mind, blind man is
always with the habit blind man is
habitual to focus outward with the help
of eyes always busy in seeing outward
with the help of ears always attracted
outward sounds with the help of tongue
always practicing to taste external
objects, we listen in the meditation that
we have divine nectar dripping in the
mouth in the throat area
that divine nectar is very very important that brings immortality and stops aging
process what is that divine nectar
when the Kriyayoga practice blind mind is cured now there is no blindness then we start
experiencing taste of saliva itself very tasty
we enjoy taste outside fruits, grains, seeds
many vegetables but we cannot imagine
that our saliva is so tasty
when the tongue touches internal area of the mouth inner lining, soft palate, hard palate tongue
and around you will find a unique taste
that is you can give name divine nectar
but at present blind mind is habitual to
experience taste of outward object
in the realized state, the moment you
touched the finger on the tongue
you will find so nice tasty but we will not eat it tasty doesnot mean I am you eat my figure
this taste is different in
that eating is not involved otherwise
you get reasoning power false if
lips will be very tasty in the night
I will eat my lips, fingers are tasty I
will eat fingers it is not going to happen
the taste we perceive internally
is something different it doesn’t allow
mastication and chewing, it is just
we experience like cold we experience
cold waves, hot waves we experience
blind mind is always habitual outward
if blind man is king then you have to work
sufficiently with your legs otherwise
legs will get arthritis,
legs and arms they are only helping blind mind
in our astral, when mind is awakened,
when intuition is there
intuition and awakened mind, does not need legs they walk without legs, they work without
arm they see without eyes a blind mind is
king it is very very important to have
nice activity of both legs and both arms
whole body should be very active
therefore when we practice standing recharging
1-42 steps that is very very important, in this work we
never create any problem to any plant or
any insects, any termites or ants, we are
just standing on one place we cleaned it
there is no injury created to any
animals, micro animals we just stand and
concentrate on head to toes feel it more
and more this is the best physical
attunement when we do gardening that is
also great work because we need
grains and seeds and fruits and vegtables like fruits
therefore we need gardening but in the
process of gardening many other things
are done, many earthworms are cut into
pieces, many other small animals who are
living inside clay they get damaged but
this is all will happen you cannot stop
but recharging what we do is supreme
it does not create any problem to animal of
any kind to plant of anything
if you practice sincerely recharging with all
devotion you will feel thrilling joy
you will have such great peace
you cannot imagine when we are practicing
concentration on self or doing
recharging, mind does not like
when you play basketball, football or any other
game cricket, mind likes it because
mind always believes in running, in
outward activity because of this reason
we find practice difficult then how to
practice how to teach our mind slowly
like children from kindergarten we are
teaching A for Apple, B for boys
C for Cat, D for dog, in one day they don’t
learn it we do repeatedly then we bring
animal then we show the photograph then
slowly slowly they get it easily they
can’t get it therefore you have to teach
your mind repeatedly how to teach mind
by repeated practice then mine starts
concentrating on self, this slowly slowly
we will realize that now mind’s
blindness is removing because of this
region if try your level best but mind
does not cooperate then what is the
solution for it, just repeated practice
practice again and again, again and again
again and again, keep on practicing it
again and again then you will find
one day mind will like it, let us have this
example if you are not smoking
somebody gave you to smoke, mind will not
like than what happens, mind will not like
the body rejects than we get cough and
sneezing but tune mind every day
request every day smoking, today one-third cigar, than after a week half
after a month full. Okay, all right then
mind likes it, if you don’t get cigarette
that we feel distress tension in the
same way tobacco is very bitter key
person to eat
mine will reject a little bit little
with everyday than without tobacco mine
feels empty therefore remember mind
always lives with the habit try to
create a habit of practice more and more
how to create a habit of practice when
you open immediately in the morning
think of Kriyayoga Meditation, take the
book Autobiography of Yogi because this
is the alive scripture, all things are
written here is a live story it is not
imaginary creation immediately this book
should be on your bed, on your side
immediately open any page read one
paragraph and feel head to toes tense & relax
each and every part, this book came
out from inside of head to toes therefore
the you can see this Autobiography of
Yogi (Yogi Kathamirt) million times
then this is already stored within head
to toes, imagine that if Yogananda is there
he will write it again in better way,
he will edit it therefore remember
whatever we are reading Autobiography of
Yogi, Bible, or Srimad Bhagavad Gita
Maharishi Patanjali text book whatever
head to toes is having million times
more scripture then after reading it you
should have this thought within head to
toes there exist million times more than
this because this is the teaching of
Kriya yoga head to toes
ocean of knowledge ocean of power which
is presence of eternal peace it is
presence of bliss
this is very important point you have to
teach mind like kindergarten child never
say that I am just deciding today I
will not do it. it will not work we have
to teach mind repeatedly that’s all this
is very important point as blind minded
habit is to create fear by creating fear
blind mine realizes work can be done
easily but we cannot do work properly in
fear atmosphere
therefore blind mine needs teaching if
you have to do something slowly slowly
we started doing that thing repeatedly
then one day blind mind will follow it
blind mind will accept it this is the
important point the best thing practice
every day that blind man should be
habitual of practice blind man should
not live without practice it by repeated
effort we are able to create this
atmosphere habitual practice of Kriyayoga Meditation then blind man always
will support whatever we will do
therefore it needs repeated practice in
the beginning we should do many times in
24 hours 10-10 minutes 5-5 minutes every hour
have awareness all the time
that the philosophy of Kriyayoga should be
active and alive within all the time we
should not forget it then you will find
everything will be very easy practice is
very very simple you have to bring
attention from outward on head to toes
you can convince mine head to toes it is
very very important without this we
cannot have any external affairs
therefore let us join head to toes a
request mind to feel each and every part
of it to toll a still mind is going away
but some percentage of concentration of
mind should be on head to toes, slowly
slowly it will increase a time will come
he will have perfect focus on head to
toes and you will ignore outward
activities and that is now enough this
is just started now we are on the platform
of Kriyayoga Meditation when you feel
head to toes you will find many many
changes within head to toes then mind is
engaged in that mind nature is to say good
and bad then we will say changes pain or
pleasure, comfort or discomfort oh this
is allergy or that is allergy or this is
not good what is happening this why it
is red why it is black always mind is
engaged on head to toes and not liking
many things but teach mind every day
sincerely each and every organ is purest
of pure, each and every organ is condensed
power, knowledge, peace, joy and within
we will find all things we want to see
Mahavatar Babaji, you will find within
our own self, try to look outward we
cannot see within our breath within head
to toes within our changes he will find
the Yogeshwar Krishna, he will find
Bhagwan Ram, Mahavatar Baba, Lahiri Mahasaya anyone Jesus Christ anyone
then mindfully start accepting all
changes because changes are very
important within each change there
exists all things and mindfully start
accepting it then after that this is not
sufficient and every day
mind will feel new set of changes each
and every moment in new varieties of
changes then mind is working devotedly
but this is not end, keep on practicing
than mind will realized head to toes is
like a sky having no weight
head to toes is like air it is like
moving fingers are moving like air
whole body is moving then head to toes is like
light waves radiations, head to toes is
compact sound waves head to toes is like
liquid structure as you can imagine body
of water, arms are made up of water this
is not end, this is just you will feel it
the moment we start feeling it then mind
is having great fear something is bad
happening I may die because mind
realisation that death exists birth and
death perception is perception of blind
mind and wisdom, reasoning power both
perceives life and death there is a
great power of death therefore whenever
we feel new set of changes which you
cannot imagine then we develop fear okay
all I do not worry hold the philosophy
in principle each and every change
whatever we feel is purest of pure is
power, knowledge, peace, joy, keep on
practicing it then one day we will
realize yes it is true head to toes is
knowledge, is power, is peace, is joy then
practice goes deeper without any
hindrance then we will realize now we do
not need breath when I was breathing the
life was limited now I do not breath life
expanded before we were realizing that
we need blood for survival
now we realize we do not need blood
heartbeat stops blood flow stops then we
feel life expanded this we realize then
body appears like a dead body very cool
like dead body everything but this is
not end, keep on practicing keep on
practicing then you will realize same
thing when we realize life is expended
when there is no breath then you will
feel same thing when there is a
breathing also life is expended when
there is no heartbeat than one day you will
realize in the process of beating of
heart also he will feel life expended
and that’s not the end keep on
practising it then we will know science
of creation how to create bone muscles
how to create body they should not end
then you will know how to make a change
then you will learn how to create
animals to plant and how to create a
universe moment we learn how to
create universe and how to disperse it
then we realize there exist only one
God alone then I know more then me and
you know more only God exists that is
the supreme knowledge we get therefore
this is a continuous journey from
ignorance to ultimate truth therefore
what is the result of this discussion
practice every day create a habit of
practice never go to the bed in the
night before practice then in the dream
and deep sleep we will evolve faster
when we are awake in the morning we
start with the practice keep this
Autobiography of a Yogi at the bed I can say
keep Bible or Srimad Bhagavad Gita
but we don’t
understand them when you read
bhagavad gita sloke we don’t understand
read Bible we don’t understand therefore
I request just keep autobiography
of a Yogi on your bed, moment you are awake
immediately this will come and
start reading few lines than realize
within head to toes there is million
times more compact knowledge which is
stored here in this book then have more
devoted concentration on head to toes tense and relax right leg, left leg, right arm
left arm each and every part of head to
toes then when you are now get up start
practicing when you are walking and have
regular your activities brushing the
teeth and taking the bath whatever you
are doing all the time fell head to toes
after that have sincere recharging
practice then up to the initiation this
is how to start

85 thoughts on “How to Practice Kriyayoga Correctly

  • Swami your wonderful video made my morning. Please expand more on "head to toes" meditation upon first waking. Thank-you. Nameste

  • Kriya Yoga is brought to this age of the world through the line of Gurus of Self-Realization Fellowship and Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. These Gurus are Jesus Christ, Bhagavan Krishna, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahashaya, Swami Sri Yukteswar, and Paramahansa Yogananda. The best introduction to Kriya Yoga is the Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. Yogananda was chosen by Babaji to go to the west and spread this timeless message. It is spreading in all lands. So you want to know God. You want to find God. Kriya Yoga is the "airplane route" as stated by Yogananda.

  • Head to toes…
    It is important to focus on the physical body. The essence of feeling is an emotion and important for the union of the mind and the body.
    The body cannot live without the mind and yet so many people live in their minds neglecting their physical body.
    The act of feeling the body is the emotion of love and it intensifies the more one does this concentration of inner head to toe. (Eyes being closed).
    The inner fire of the heart amplifies with love and is felt intensely as it purifies all impurities.
    It is also important to listen to a guided meditation as the focus upon a guru like yogi satyam is also an act of love which is essential for the health of the body.
    Watch all his videos for a complete understanding.

  • "Head to toes": alright, difficult to understand for a foreigner… :-)).
    The parabol of the blind man is an interesting one.
    Be as children said Jesus, meaning reject habits with no fear.
    Thank your for this video.

  • "The moment you touch the finger on the tongue you'll find so nice tasty, but we will not eat it. Tasty will not mean I will eat my finger".


  • I love this man in more than 100 ways for passing down this transcendental knowledge very much needed in this retarded age! Whoever doesnt like this is just jealous and knowledge wont come to YOU in any way shape or form! its your choice to stay an ignorant idiot…your choice!

    Hari ohm! 😉

  • in this video I´ve heard more insults & fuck´s than in a rap one haha!! just mistic market bla bla bla

  • At 4:45, what did he say?
    Sounded like: "Therefore we practice a standing recharging 1 to 42 steps, that is very very important."
    Can't seem to make out the second half of the sentence.
    1 to 14 steps… 1 to 40 steps… or 1 to 42 steps?
    What are each of those steps?

    In short, it seems he says the best way to practice is to have the whole body in a constant active physical state by standing in place while concentrating on the body from head to toe. (part by part, or the body as a whole?)

    You stand in place to avoid affecting any other life or organisms for minimal karmic repercussions. Recharging one's self in this manner, Swami Shree Yogi Satyam says in the most supreme way to practice.

    Mind likes to run on and on and make chatter in one's head. Attempting to cease that incoherence by concentrating on the feeling and matter of the body helps.
    It's a process, not a moment. Moments of clarity will be achieved while going through the process in a daily routine.

    (Anything that uses temporal and spatial coherence will generate massive benefit.)
    Look at nanotechnology. Repeating structures. Same thing repeated over and over in an array. Same size, same shape, same composition, same density, same distance apart = uniformity = order.  More order = more electrical conductivity.

    Create a repeating structure in your life by "devotion"/ repetition/ practice/ dedication/ mastery. By dedicating your time to this practice Everyday (or any practice really), is like making a crystal structure out of your life over the course of time. An even matrix of action and energy (with direction! which = an electric current. Action without direction = heat/ waste/ resistance. Coherent electric current = photon-like electricity/ Laser precision and force.)

    Doing the same exercise at the same time of day (according to a Sun Dial), facing the same direction in the same location will absolutely create a charge resonance over the course of time. Makes for more phonon resonance, more superconductivity, more ionization, more benefit for less work in the long run.
    It's like atomic Feng Shui for the body. And making a crystalline structure out of the very routine and actions in your daily life.
    A perfect crystal has no deviations. Pure.
    A crystal cannot see itself during the process of it's making over time.
    Only after it's been in the process for a long time can someone else look at it and say, "It's a crystal. It's perfect."
    By the time others can recognize it as a crystal… the crystal itself knows it's own function and how to repeat itself with geometric perfection.

    Can you pinpoint the moment a rock becomes a crystal? No.
    Because a crystal is different than a rock. A crystal is a crystal because of it's routine of repeating structures and ordering it's make up AS it's made.
    A rock doesn't become a crystal. A rock can begin to grow crystals to the point where you can't recognize it as a rock anymore. And there's more crystal than rock in the end.

    It's about establishing a New routine for your life. To eventually become a crystal in regards of the structure of your life and purity of routine. To the point where you realize after all your work, you became a crystal and are more crystal than you ever were a rock.
    But it takes time, in the right environment.

    For starters, I encourage people to simply set an alarm on their phone or clock. At the same time every day.
    Don't need to do anything other than recognize that particular time of day you choose. Start establishing a mental note to recognize 1 thing at the same time every day. Then after a couple weeks, add something to it. Recognize that 1 thing while facing the same direction. Or recognize that 1 thing of your choosing while saying "Thank You".
    After a couple more weeks, add something else to the routine. Until your mind is ready to actually dedicate time to meditate and exercise, etc.

  • Very helpful video.  Supports all that Paramahansa Yogananda is saying or teaching but gives a new perspective.  Thank you.  Most appreciative.

  • Standing recharging is equivalent to the 1-38 Energising steps of Paramhansa Yoganandaji. Standing( or sitting or lying if unable to stand) and practicing these steps bring Prana – Life force- into and directs this force to the parts being tensed and relaxed . Sign up for SRF Divine lessons or join Swami Shri Yogi Satyam and properly learn these techniques. Then from head to toes of the feet, the entire body, will be re-energised. Try it then talk.

  • Dear Guru-ji, I am in love with you. But it is not your body, not your voice, but the connection that you bring to Baba-ji. Thank you.

  • It was nice to come to this channel just like that. I enjoy your teaching in spiritual sciences. thank you, blessings love and Light Noella Oneness Canada

  • I would like to know exactly how it is done, I read in a book, to use a chair with no arms, place a wool blanket over it, then sit down, then while breathing roll your tonge back in your mouth to open the throat, breath slowly in, to the count of 10 to 15 while making the sound of "E", then exhale to the count of 10 to 15 slowly making the sound of "Hue" the whole time visualizing the air going into the spine starting at the base while breathing in, and while exhaling send the air down the back of the spine starting at the third eye then down the back and outside of the spine down to the base of the spine, then breath in again taking the breath into the spine at the base, and going back up, on the inside of the spine through all the chukrus up to the third eye, doing this over and over again for about 15 to 30 reps, twice daily, but I guess we have to pay someone to actually learn this, But I can read and will figure this out with practice.

  • Yogi ji, I am very much impressed with your discourses through these videos. I am eagerly awaiting the day of having your Darshan. With Pranams, – Viswanatham, Bengalore.

  • What is really Kriya Yoga? Why does it very from Guru to Guru , expert to expert ? Every one claims that whatever they teach you, is the real
    Kriya Yoga. Is there any vedic standard book on Kriya Yoga?
    Muni Patanjali ,in Sadhan Pad , had described Kriya Yoga as Tapa svadhyaay and IshvarpraNidhanani Kriya Yogah | तपः स्वाध्याय ईश्वरप्राणिधनानि क्रियायोगः । He has specifically mentioned the purpose of Kriya Yoga as समाधि भावनार्थः क्लेषतनुकराणार्थश्च ।

  • I was on an oil rig a few days back and saw a strange dream/vision. Was it Paramahansa Yoganandya who appeared in my dream? I wanted to tell him something but I didn't need to speak. He knelt towards me smilingly, staring straight into my eyes/soul and next thing I know He was inside my head. I then saw him move back smilingly and said, now I know.

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    To be honest I think he is God. Not just the God of drunks, but just God. I feel like worshipping this man. What he says makes so much sense. His face, his voice, his arguments… it has moved me… I love this man. I love you Swami Shree Yogi Satyam. I bow to You and to the Great Masters before You.

  • There is no need for any guru. Each individual is equipped with the ability to reach an enlightenment. As long as the person REALLY WANTS to attain it, he/she will. You can not buy the knowledge, you have to earn it!

  • I'm aware that it is a concern that these techniques are broadcast indiscriminately on the net. On the one hand, they are a divine birthright, but on the other, they are specific and advanced techniques that have a profound effect on a human being. Generally, it is advised to carefully prepare for months, at least, if not years, before doing them. The reason is simple. The effects produced in the psyche, the mind of the individual, can be powerful and, due to the intricate and complex nature of an individuals samskaric/karmic makeup, the abruptness of the forces these techniques produce can cause discordant releases and chaotic expressions of those subconscious patterns. In other words, you can go crazy doing this ** if your life is not sufficiently in balance and prepared. If your life is distinctly non-sattvic, you would be better to get your life settled down and find some calmness in your life before doing these exercises. Even, if you are really "spiritual", etc, they should be approached very carefully. It is better to grow with stability than to seek a Jack's beanstalk explosion to enlightenment. It might be too blinding. I do not think care can be stressed enough with these techniques.

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