How to Help Someone to Quit Smoking

How to Help Someone to Quit Smoking?

No other social activity can be more beneficial than supporting a quitter. Help someone go smoke free and your support will play a big role in helping him quit smoke. There is no quit smoking timeline hence constant support is always needed.

Many teens these days are addicted to smoking and if you are a parent then you must support your child in all the ways to quit smoking. A teen faces peer pressure and unique challenges which may make him struggle to quit smoking.

Best Ways to Help Smokers

As a good wisher, you want your smoker friend to quit smoking and for this you need to be very patient and supportive to him as the withdrawal symptoms can take a toll on their decision. Following is a list of best ways to help your smoker friend quit smoking.

  • Offer distractions whenever you feel that he wants to have a smoke.
  • Go to a movie/take a walk/have a party tonight.
  • Always be positive in your conversation and do not take their mood swings personally. Do not let them loose confidence in their decision.
  • Sometimes your smoker friend may have a smoke but do not get anxious- remind him about the progress he has made and help in stay in track.
  • De-stress as your friend as stress is the biggest trigger of smoke. Find healthier ways of de-stressing your friend such as exercise deep breathing, watch funny TV shows together.

Tips for Parents Whose Children Smoke

If your child smoke, then accept his addiction and educate him about the side effects of smoking, health benefits of quitting and how to quit smoking and always remember that there is no quit smoking timeline so do not stress him with deadlines. Some tips for parents of teen smokers are:

  • Don’t threaten your kids or give them any sort of ultimatums. Always talk to them-find out why do they smoke and make them feel loved by supporting him to quit smoking by talking about the health benefits of quitting.
  • Have lots of patience and be utter supportive when your kid is quitting
  • Do not smoke in front of your teenage kid as it might trigger him to smoke
  • Talk to his friends who smoke and explain them about the health benefits of quitting
  • Do not allow anything to trigger your child from smoking. For this, it is paramount important that you keep a smoke free atmosphere at home.

Let your friend and children know that you are always there for them for the long haul. Celebrate their milestones to keep them motivated. The ongoing support that the quitters get from their friends and relatives will make them go smoke-free.

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