How can You Quit Smoking Naturally

How Can You Quit Smoking Naturally?

If quitting smoking was easy, 90% of the smokers around the globe would have become smoke-free. To quit smoking, smokers need to learn about the tips and tricks to quit smoking naturally. No matter how many smokes you have in a day, there is a part of you which wants to quit smoking but the anxiety and fear doesn’t let you become smoke-free.

You have been smoking for quite some time now and now you must have realized how much damage smoke is causing to your health. You can’t breathe effortlessly, climbing stairs exhausts you now, you feel chest pains and your voice is becoming hoarse.

You must be aware of people who died because they suffered from second hand smoke so you know the damage that the smoke does is for real! Your children might be afraid of losing you because of your addiction, so don’t you think you should quit them?

Every smoker has his/her own reason to quit but the fear of smoking makes them afraid of quitting. They are afraid that are going to miss their cigarettes. So, you need to quit smoking naturally so that you don’t crave for that one cigarette when you have quit smoking.

You need to say a good-bye to your cigarette. We all know that cigarette has been that friend forever in all the times, taking your stress away, but your cigarette is not good for you. It is harmful for your health and it is time for you to say a good-bye to cigarette and be smoke free again

Quit Smoking Naturally Isn’t Hard

Natural Way of Quit Smoking

Quit smoking naturally is not as hard as the other ideas seem so. There are millions of ways in which you can quit smoking but will make you fail miserably again and again. You try quitting smoking but the desire to have one makes you go and have a smoke. This craving of smoke arises because of the multiple benefits that smoke gives you a sense of fulfilment, stress beating, friend forever, best company for you a cup of tea or coffee.

Stop searching for the reasons to smoke, i.e. the benefits of smoking and start thinking of benefits of going smoke-free, then your desire to smoke will considerably be reduced.

Other methods of quitting smoking may make you leave smoking for a shorter period of time because it hasn’t removed your addiction or your desire to smoke. Before quitting smoke, you need to educate yourself that cigarettes are not precious but they are mere danger chemicals which is causing huge damage to your health and reducing your life span.

You should not force yourself to stop smoking this is because smoking has been a long addiction and you are using your limited will power to fight against your addiction. Hence, your will power is going to break and you will smoke whenever you desire one.

Do not resist your desire to smoke but obliterate it You need to remove the desire to smoke from the core of your heart is the natural way of quitting smoking naturally.

There are many ways to quit smoking which you can also try as it has helped many people go smoke- free.

Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT)

Nicotine replacement therapies are designed for those who have been smoking for decades. NRT’s are prescribed by the doctor to smokers who are highly addicted to nicotine. NRT’s are available in the form of gums, candies, skin patches because their withdrawal symptoms can be severe and take a mental toll.

Smoking Pills

Many doctors prescribe pills such as Zyban or Chantix which you can pop up when you desire to have a smoke. These medicines contain nicotine but don’t have those harmful chemicals which are carcinogenic. Slowly, you can reduce the dosage of these medications with time.

These two methods have helped nicotine addicts to quit smoking. Although they were an addict of nicotine for quite some time because of these applications, they become smoke-free. It is beneficial in its own way as people around them do not suffer from second-hand smoke and also they are keeping themselves away from carcinogenic substances found in cigarettes.

Doctors usually prescribe such methods because their physical body cannot bear the withdrawal symptoms and make them sick.

Quit Smoking Naturally

You need to understand that your desire of smoke comes from the benefits you get from smoking. Hence, whenever you are free or having tea or stressed or feeling lonely- cigarette has been your company. You have become a slave of nicotine which is why you desire a smoke whenever your mind triggers stress and that is why whenever you decide to go smoke-free, you fail! Don’t worry, many smokers have failed repeatedly but they learned their tricks and tips to quit smoking naturally and succeeded.

Do not be disappointed if you smoke after trying hard to quit smoking- it is because the desire to smoke is greater than your will power. You cannot increase your will power as it is limited, hence you need to reduce your desire to smoke.

Hence, you must leave all these benefits and think about the harmful effects of smoking and the benefits of becoming smoke-free. Then, you will begin to notice that your desire to smoke will be considerably reduced. Once your desire to smoke has started fading away, then you must quit smoking because then quitting smoking naturally becomes easy.

Quitting smoking naturally is the most successful way to become smoke-free. Understand the entire concept behind addiction and then go ahead accordingly to quit smoking.

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