Growing Concerns of Vaping

7 thoughts on “Growing Concerns of Vaping

  • Governments around the world couldn't find any other way to earn from taxes , so cigarrete selling and smoking have been free and for your own wish for 100s of years. Nowadays countries got richer and richer so no need for citizens to be addicted to smoking cigars and cigarettes.

    Good thing we have shill propagandists laying the narrative for government/mafia policy. 
    Slick & Traitorous.
    What do the leaders want changed next? Did they tell you yet?

  • seeing, could lead to other tobacco use next to an item that is supposed to help people stop smoking is gross. They could just make them 21 plus but noooooooooo

  • 97%safer than smoking. And second hand smoke is a ly!!!!!!!!!!
    Look het up. Dr go to the kitchen and go cook. Loser.

  • What people is vaping is the real issue… If I drink rat poison mixed with alcohol and get sick and die, should they blame drinking alcohol? No!!!, It's the same with vaping, vaping didn't cause any of this, it's what they are vaping the real issue here… this is just a witch hunt against vaping… stop telling half truths!!!

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