FDA Finds Increase Of Seizures Linked To E-Cigarette Use

FDA Finds Increase Of Seizures Linked To E-Cigarette Use

Juul e-cigarettes have now been linked to
at least 35 seizures in users over the past
eight years and investigators suspect that
those numbers are going to grow as the investigation
Joining me to talk about this is Scott Hardy,
he’s the president of Top Class Actions.
Scott, I saw, you saw the early edge of this.
I remember you did a story on this almost
when it first began trying to warn consumers.
Tell us what investigators have found out
about the Juul e-cigarettes.
It’s a pretty ugly story.
It really is, Mike.
I mean what we found with the Juul e-cigarettes
is that they really came on the market and
just exploded.
It wasn’t just a, you know, a small little
group and people thought, Juul cigarettes,
come on, we’re really going to see big tobacco
behind this.
No, Juul came out with a special formulation
which they patented and has just grown astronomically.
The big difference between Juul and a lot
of the other e-cigarette manufacturers during
that same time period is that they are based
on nicotine salts and so each of these little
Juul cartridges that you plug in to your Juul
e-cigarette has the same kind of feel and
the same nicotine hit that cigarettes do because
nicotine salts are to give you that same kind
of hit just like cigarettes do.
And so they’ve actually grown astronomically.
We’ve seen a $15 billion valuation for Juul
last, at right about at the end of last year
and sales spiked 641% between 2016 to 2017
because Juul hit this market hard of giving
people a very similar nicotine hit as to using
a cigarette and of course coming out with
lots of yummy flavors that adults and kids
really love.
Yeah, Scott, you know your, I love your reporting.
Top Class Action honestly is the best site
to get these stories.
We go to Top Class Action before we do these
stories many times.
The FDA is still unsure of whether these seizures
were caused by the e-cigarettes, which is
so typical of the FDA, isn’t it?
I mean FDA, it’s almost like they’re the last
person to ever know that there’s a product
on the market that’s killing people.
We saw the same thing all the way, as you
know, our law firm handled, we handled the
tobacco litigation years ago and we got very
little help from organizations like the FDA.
But we do know that users typically get much
higher doses of nicotine and that’s, that’s
before we even analyze what are the, what
all the other component parts, what are the
other chemicals in there that’s causing people
to have seizures.
The FDA hasn’t even looked at that.
It is a little troubling isn’t it Scott?
It’s very troubling and for the FDA to come
out here on April 3rd and say yes, we, we’ve
got reports of 30 plus seizures happening
and yes, this a bad thing and that we’ve seen
an increase in seizures that is, it’s a market
increase in seizures that have all been directly
connected to e-cigarette use.
And so what really makes Juul come into play
is the high doses of the e-juice that they
give you and the nicotine that they give you.
Because each pod, each tiny little Juul pod
that you connect to your e-cigarette has as
much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes
and in these Juul pods, it’s a mix of glycerol,
propylene glycol, nicotine, benzoic acid,
and of course the flavor we’ve talked about.
And so that nicotine content is 0.7 milliliters
per pod, which is approximately equal to one
pack of cigarettes or 200 puffs.
And so with one little pod you’re sucking
down an entire pack of cigarettes.
Scott, let me tell you where we won’t get
us information.
We won’t get this information from corporate
I think we won’t get this information from
corporate media.
We get it, your, your site is called Top Class
You send out newsletters, you tell these stories
all the time and the way you find this information
as you really have to dig, you have to, you
have to, you have to dig and find out where
are these reports, what company do they have
to do with?
Then you report that information.
But the important thing is you report that
I’m wondering, have there been reports of
this happening with other e-cigarettes or
other vaping devices or have the complaints
so far just been in regard to the Juul devices?
So the complaints that we’ve seen so far specifically
from the FDA are from, are from e-cigarettes
as a whole.
The FDA didn’t actually identify whether it
was Juul cigarettes, e-cigarettes or whether
it’s other manufacturers.
But Juul can actually has 70 plus percent
of the e-cigarette market.
And you know, you would think that big tobacco
would be making a big play here and of course
they are, but they’ve been slowly rolling
out into it and Juul just came into the market
and, and really blew things up.
And so now we’re seeing this use just drive
up dramatically from middle school on through
high school because kids think that it’s vape.
They’ve got this message, this tastes like,
it tastes like fruit punch.
You know, this is, this is just steam.
This isn’t bad for you when in fact they’re
getting these kids addicted.
Fun, tasty, addictive poison is what they
Scott Hardy, thank you for joining me and
thank you for your site, Top Class Action.
It literally is one of the best sources of
information like this out there.
Thanks for joining me.

67 thoughts on “FDA Finds Increase Of Seizures Linked To E-Cigarette Use

  • Seizures 🕵️‍♀️ Welcome to my world
    Do you like having them?
    Thou shalt not kill
    Thou shalt not die

  • E-Cigarettes and Vapes are so much safer than regular cigarettes……. or so Big Tobacco would have you believe.

  • And we trust the FDA, I call absolute BullShit formulated by big tobacco to capture some of the market they lost. Our government agencies are all for Corporations of Evil, period !!! Just F’n greed on both sides. Despicable to say the least….

  • I always mix my own e-juice with good quality nicotine, pg, vg and flavors from reputable companies that list exactly what they put in.

  • Vapor from e-cigarettes causes your lungs to fill up with liquid in your lungs and run the risks of drowning.

  • So now it’s no longer just lung and heart disease, it’s seizures as well? Lungs, heart, brain, what’s next? When are people going to learn, it’s not about looking cool, it’s about your health and life.Dont start inhaling ANYTHING, and if you are..STOP. The FDA doesn’t care about you, just increasing their bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc.They’ll kill for money.

  • Holy Shit!!! who would of thunk vaping a pesticide would have a detrimental effect on someone's heath, luckily a vast majority of "Vapers" are Radical Lefty Fuckwits.

  • let’s be clear, thirty five abstracts or studies “linking” to something is not evidence in the way you are suggesting here.

    nicotine overdose can definitely make a person sick and many drugs increase seizures in certain people. Including the most common medication given to dogs and people ! Tramadol which is not just “linked” but a literal contradiction when mixed with a hundred other medication which cause seizures.

    thirty five seizures is also not quite the stat you think it is. If you take medications and see warnings listed there it’s usually some risk that has happened to 1% or more of people.

    which is a god damn shit ton of people…

    tramadols contradictions for example have evidence in every category in risk facto(or just taking too much in 24 hours) when mixed with more substances than one person would be able to remember. and like most science is not so hard to establish.

    with so many people vaping, it would be strange to focus on “seizure” risk. there are foods you consume on a daily basis by comparison which evidently kill more people world wide every year than anything else.

    maybe an episode where you have someone come on and explain how our lungs work down to the protein would be more effective. the miracle of breathing might seem more precious when someone understands how much work their body does to absorb oxygen.

    who knows some might even worry a but more about car exhaust…

  • Wow… So I think I saw only one comment on here that had any critical thought put into it. And you're right about this analysis report, it is misleading and that is a shame to see coming from this channel. Also, happy to see that the Red Dawn wannabes have their bell notifications for this channel turned on, every view counts LOL.

  • Come on!!! why are you even running this story? You ask in the report "how many people have to die for FDA to act?" well not one so far has died so we don't know. This is corporate media type of BS reporting!! 35 "SUSPECTED" linked seizures out of tens of millions of users seems low to me. How many people have seizers to certain video games even if it is a direct cause which I doubt. Before a vehicle manufacturer calls for a costly recall how many tragic accidents and/or DEATHS does the DOT allow before issuing a mandatory recall? E-cigs help me stop smoking tobacco and I now only keep my ecig in case I get the urge to smoke again. These things probably saved my life and countless others. Yes, unknown risks always been in the back of my mind which is why I don't vape daily either.

  • This is some pretty disgusting smearing.

    1. Vaping doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Many people are using them as a cessation device to quit smoking. Nobody is saying that vaping is safe; the argument is that is is safer and has a much lower health risk than cigarettes. Which is easily and clearly demonstrable.

    2. Nicotine salts is not the same as “vaping”. It is a very specific kind of e-liquid that has an extremely high concentration of nicotine. As with any chemical concentrations there are safety precautions that should be observed. Similarly; it is relatively safe to drink a Coke/Pepsi that contains Phosphoric Acid; but i would suggest if I hand you a bottle of Phosphoric Acid you treat it a little bit differently than Coca-cola. I wouldn’t suggest you eat/ingest a Juul pod for the same reason.

    3. “A juul pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes”. Yep. You know what else contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes? Answer: A pack of cigarettes. Again; the argument is not that Juul pods are completely safe; the argument is that the Juul pod is safer than the pack of cigarettes. Again, which is scientifically and easily demonstrated with basic logic.

    4. “The FDA doesn’t even know what these chemical are”. That one is just a flat-out lie. All e-liquid are made up of 4 ingredients. Just 4. They are:

    Propylene Glycol: If you eat an American diet; you all ready ingest an obscene amount of this. It is a common preservative that is used to evenly distribute and retain flavor. You will find it in almost all processed food, as well as the majority of drinks. In vaping; it is used for the exact same reason to prevent uneven distribution of flavor as it keeps the liquid from congealing.

    Vegetable Glycerin – Which is not the same as Glycerin. Saying “Glycerin” is intentionally being dishonest to scare people. You wouldn’t describe “child sex” as “sex”; because that “child” modifier is pretty important and changes the entire meaning of what we are talking about.

    Anyway, Vegetable Glycerin is the actual “vapor” part of the e-liquid. Vegetable Glycerin has been used for centuries in various foods and medications because of its viscous properties.


    Flavoring. All flavoring that is used, both natural and artificial, is known by the FDA and has been approved for human consumption. So again you are just blatantly lying to your audience. There is only one chemical that people have expressed concern over: Diacytel.

    Diacytel is a chemical commonly found in microwaveable popcorn. It is the chemical that gives it the “buttery” flavor. There was a case back in the 1980s were workers at a microwave popcorn factory experienced irreparable lung damage from breathing in this chemical for decades without any proper respiratory protections. This disease, Bronchiolitis obliterans, is also called “popcorn lung” for that reason.

    In the earlier days of vaping’s popularity; many distributors used this chemical to achieve the same “buttery” taste for flavors they wanted to taste buttery. Concerns about the use of this chemical were voiced by some, since Bronchiolitis obliterans literally comes from the inhalation of this exact chemical.

    The industry regulated itself. While there are zero cases of Bronchiolitis obliterans being tied to vaping; there are now zero major manufactures that use this chemical any longer regardless. Many also provide independent third-party test results to prove they don’t use this particular chemical and provide a full analysis to any customer at request. Maybe if you felt like doing any actual journalism; you would reach out to one of these companies and receive such a report for yourselves? But I doubt it.

    5. “Cigarette companies are joining the industry”. Oh no not the big scary cigarette companies they must be in the industry because it’s evil and nefarious! Or… it could be because they are a business and need to evolve with them times or die. Vaping as devastated their profits off cigarettes; so they need to divest to cover all their bases. You wouldn’t make the same argument that cheese or cereal or shampoo are dangerous because they are owned by cigarette companies would you? Well I hate to tell you this but the majority of national brands are owned by cigarette companies that bought these assets to diversify and protect themselves should the cigarette industry ever go away. Same thing applies here.

    5. “Children vape” – Again, vaping is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. You know what else kids do? Smoke cigarettes. There are laws in place that kids can’t buy or use cigarettes or vaping products. For some reason; kids do it anyway who would have thought!

    Anyway, it is unreasonable to suggest banning something because kids are going to break any rules I put in place. Cigarette companies, vaping companies, local distributors, and society, all share in the responsibility of trying to stop kids from using products they shouldn’t. Yes there should be rules and laws in place to stop this as well. But suggesting that a vape company has to meet some unobtainable standard of preventing all kids from getting their hands on their product is laughably unreasonable.

    They make them in flavors that appeal to children? You know who else flavors appeal to? Absolutely everybody else. Unless you are also going to argue that alcohol flavors should all be banned because they only appeal to getting children to drink; and you are going to ban all porn because it only appeals to horny 13-year old boys, and you are going to ban all nightclubs and bars because they only exist to coerce kids into getting fake IDs. The argument is ridiculous and fear mongering at its height; and intellectually lazy on your part.

  • also consider what group might be pushing opposition narratives which conveniently don’t focus on the plentiful dangers of inhaling things !

    Naturally they led the attack against flavors in order to have a easier pathway back to cigs for all the quitters who opted out of their brand of poisonous gas. Now the play here would be, research that hurts one product while not focusing so much on the fundamental function of the other.(oldest long-standing commodity that has always been a cash crop).

    the other action would be to attack the products viability, in this case it’s viability is its marketing! Vaping is not smoking a few carcinogens and poisonous compounds creating the colorful candy like branding to redefine itself. Now that might not be some noble effort, yet as it successfully changed the habits of people addicted to a widely available substance.

    which is something worth protecting, as the idea that candy flavors are more attractive to kids…

    is a bit funny, i bet that’s exactly what you looked for as a kid. Kid stuff! Yea smoking is so cool because it reminds me of the good old days when i wanted to be younger.

    yep kids are def more attracted to that, than say smoking cigarettes…

    The main question should be simple enough for anyone who had a decent education in high school to consider once you educate them on the process of how hemoglobin works.

    From there just knowing why the carbon gases are so dangerous when inhaled helps. For one thing carbon monoxide is just the right size to bind with hemoglobin in the way that oxygen does. The former prevents the ladder from binding to hemoglobin, while telling your brain it’s done it job. Suffocating you like a ghost!!!!

    anyways besides all the much more terrible things we breath in while stuck in traffic in the city…

    Surface area of the lungs pretty much is the only way we are even able to get enough oxygen into the blood in order to be alive!

    And again chemistry is important here, as there are some properties of elements which can tell you a lot about reactions to avoid.

    Many things you might find in a lab in various states generally are most dangerous in solution ! Creating many a types o gas which is usually lethal to your most important function.

    The lungs! Yea those things most of your organs keep working.

  • This is absolute rubbish and lies spread by the tobacco companies, Scott Hardy, you need to do your research a lot better before starting these malicious, vindictive and misleading class actions. There are thousands if not millions of people vaping and you are starting a class action because 35 people had seizures? Absolutely stupid to the Nth degree.

  • Please, like the FDA can be trusted. Millions of users, yet only 35 seizures "possibly" linked, but spread that propaganda. All I know is, after many years of smoking cigarettes, switching to vape has improved my health a hundred fold. That's why I tell people to fuck off when they want to preach to me about how vaping is so dangerous. 100 million people a day put garbage fast food into their system, but I don't see any PSAs about that. Fuck the FDA. They give a green light to harmful drugs and foods every day, so they have no ground to stand on

  • Bullshit. Those studies are bogus. The seizure victims already had problems not related to vaping. You guys got this bullshit from the lying main stream media who was paid by big tobacco. Do your fucking homework.

  • For fuck's sake, the FDA isn't claiming a definitive link, only that there's correlation which warrants further study. And that's fair, because vaping is a very new trend and we have no idea what the long term effects are.


  • 35 out of millions of users. Also I have to ask. Did those affected have a history of seizures. Story seems a little weak.

  • People seem to switch with the excuse that it is to quit but being able to hit it anywhere has most using more often throughout the day or, in some cases, it's just an indoor supplement. The population will be easy to cull, I guess…for those millionaires who couldn't afford to evacuate into space with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Peter Freeborn, Viktor Gorokhov, Dmitri Rogozin, …the list is pretty long if you include the scientists and engineers they would take.

  • Let’s remind people that this could be an exclusive problem with Juul and that nicotine vaped absorbs much less efficiently, and if I remember correctly, mostly in the esophagus rather than in the alveoli of the lungs.

    And I’ll always stand behind the position that people who vape, even those who get addicted are leagues less likely to pick up the smokes people let’s face it, strawberry tastes better than smoke.. AND smoking is really uncool now fortunately, kids don’t want to me smelling like smoke and all that shit, they’ve heard all the horror stories growing up and they nobody really wants to emulate the James Dean bad boy anymore.

  • I just smoke weed sparingly out of my one hitter got that nicotine horse off my back 20 years ago but I'm not bragging I'm warning . I had to have a massive heart attack to stop.dont be a dummy like me.

  • Common sense tells anyone inhaling chemicals into human lungs can't be a good idea. Smoking was promoted for its' health benefits years ago, then the effects of inhaling crap was a bad idea. So many people are making their own liquids or selling them… Who knows what is in them.
    I see someone smoking and I see an idiot who thinks they're invincible.
    I see someone vaping and I see an adult sucking on their thumb, and or on a dummy/pacifier. I think it looks ridiculous, just suck it up buttercup, be an adult and stop doing something so wreck less. I hear people all the time saying they would do anything for their kids, while smoking next to them, in the car, over a pram or as I saw last week a woman pushing a twin pram, then a baby on her front in a carrier… She was 'thoughtfully' sharing the chemicals from her cigarette with them.

  • Vapers: nothing wrong here just normal shit

    Non-vapers: sospslskslalsls nicotine causes mthrfking seizures.

    Lets get something straight this is such bullshit, 35 people over 8 years have had seizures and happened to vape. Give me a break and get this hit piece out of here.

  • I would believe this, based on my own studies of pharmacodynamics, and awareness of the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seizure_threshold

  • BULLSHIT! C'mon progressive media. You're starting to sound like the mainstream koolaid chugging t.v. networks message

  • and what about second hand smoke? I almost want to say, "who cares if the users are dying" lol not that I mean that, but smoking needs to be banned.

  • You had me till you said… "one puff is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes"?!!!! Nahhh man… I don't even vape, I smoke cigarettes, but even I know that is bs! While yes I agree it should be studied, I still think it is most likely a healthier alternative to cigs… but that won't change people's habits… I smoke knowing that it hurts me… thing is it gives me "moments of peace" throughout the day

  • this is only talking about one brand but there are lots of other brands out there some of them could be safe

  • Juul are FUNDED by Atria, a huge – big tobacco company. Yet another attack on the ecig industry. Misinformation gone wild.

  • Juul is being investigated for its marketing/business model, and its biggest funder Atria are being investigated about its $13billion investment into Juul. Don't let this bullshit scare you!

  • Vaping is NOT inhaling plenty of chemicals as some might try to communicate.
    it´s used to inhale medicine in the asthma therapy for decades.
    and as nothing gets burned you don´t have the thousands of toxines, as in cigarette smoke.

  • So, is it Ecigs or is it Juul? And if it is either, what, exactly, is causing it? This "story" has absolutly no answers for us. All they can say is that 35 seizures might be linked to Juul products. Assuming 35 people out of the literal millions that use similar products to Juul seems fairly low and this story seems like scare tactics. You're a freakin lawyer, do your damn research. If you don't, Ill just go back to watching cable news…the anchors are better looking and the info is the same.

  • When did you get this burr up your ass? You do realize who it is that has the most to lose by ecigs being recognized as a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco don't you? The corporations that I love to hear you castigate regularly that's who? The pharmaceutical , tobacco, and medical companies that prosper from the cancer and heart disease industry that is America. There is your story. Make better use of your time and ours by pursuing that "follow the money" story. This piece and the last one you did on ecigs just serves the masters you claim to despise.

  • Nope! Enough of this anti Vape propaganda! Vaping is supposed to be a healthier alternative to smoking so people can quit. It's the only thing that's working for most smokers. Store owners are doing their part to stop kids from buying and now it's down to parents to do their job with their kids! Stop trying to ruin a good thing. I vape so I don't smoke and I'm healthier than ever! No seizures lol. Sounds like a problem with Juul not Vaping! I guess this is why I'm considered a Libertarian Socialist. I can't stand this helicoptering law making shit! If people want to vape that's their business! Stop trying to make everything illegal. You are probably the type that supports the soda tax and cbd being illegal too!

  • You need to change the title to "Seizures linked to Juul" instead of "Seizures linked to E Cigarettes". I expect this propaganda from the msm but not independent media! Disappointing.

  • Oh, what a shock. These so-called recreational drugs are all pure poison that corporations like Big Tobacco push on us because they know how addictive they are. All recreational drugs should be made illegal.

  • This is a corporate propaganda war, nothing more. The lobbyists always win, we vapers lose. They just want people to not have any pleasure at all. Pleasure = something to be avoided…”except when we richies do it.” Asshole elitists.

  • And what is that horrible acne diseased pic of a vaper in the beginning? Jesus. Sheer propaganda. I vape non-nicotine juice. It’s the nicotine, not the juice. Duh.

  • Nicotine from smoking a cigarette can cause a seizure if one smokes the cigarette quickly and holds the smoke in the way one does when smoking a joint.. Do not try it.
    I wouldn't doubt this product has the potential to cause the same results if used in a similar way.
    Nicotine is poison.

  • Leave it to your often bogus class action sniffing to paint the entire vaping industry with much too broad a brush. You talk about the Juul but 99% of your video shows vapers with devices that were popular 3 or 4 years ago. The Juul is currently the rage with some teens because it is stealthy, does not have 95% of the harm of actual tobacco, they enjoy rebelling as many youths do, and Juul was savvy enough to have their product available in gas stations and convenience stores. Would the FDA prefer that teens rebel by purchasing real cigarettes and taking up smoking deadly combustible tobacco products?

  • Well, this is just chock full of misinformation and no proof of anything. I hope Juul turns around and sues this site for smearing them.

  • Wow, you guys just lost my respect, pushing anti-vaping propaganda. This jackass doesn't even know what he is talking about, reading a stupid script and then tossing in 'fruity flavors kids love'. BECAUSE ITS THE CHILDREN!!! Please go fuck yourself.

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