Entrepreneur Life Update | 6 Weeks After Quitting My Job

Entrepreneur Life Update | 6 Weeks After Quitting My Job

– It’s been six weeks since
I quit my job as a lawyer to run our business full-time, and so I wanted to give you an update on how things are going and some lessons that I have learned during these last six weeks
as a full-time entrepreneur. (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Tasha, and I am one
half of One Big Happy Life, and just six weeks ago, I quit my job to work on One Big Happy Life full-time. And my job before being
a full-time entrepreneur was that I was a banking
and finance attorney. So that’s what I did for a living, and that is relevant
because it’s going to, what I’m gonna be talking about today, I’m definitely gonna be touching on that. So in terms of, wow, I kinda can’t believe that it’s been six weeks. The time has flown by,
and so much has happened. It feels like somehow I’ve
crammed what should have been like half a year’s worth of
stuff into just six weeks. So over the past six weeks, I’ve spoken at two conferences, one of which wasn’t even
in the United States. So that’s pretty crazy. I was interviewed for a podcast, and of course, I’ll let you guys know when that interview is coming out. We launched and closed the
doors on two of our products. So by the time you see this, the doors for Wealth Builders
Academy will be closed. They will have closed yesterday. And I’ve started to develop our
first ever physical product, and I will be dripping
out details about that, and I’m so, so, so excited about it. It’s gonna be awesome. But for now, it’s a secret. So that is a lot. That is a lot to pack in just six weeks since leaving my full-time job. So let’s talk about some of the lessons that I have learned, how
it’s been going, all of that over these past six weeks. So for the first two
weeks, I quickly realized that I was having a hard
time getting stuff done. It’s like I would start
the day thinking okay, I’m gonna do this and this
and this and this thing, and then the end of the say would show up, and I didn’t get any of it done, and I’m like what in the world? What I going on? And I realized that without the structure and the deadlines that I used to have in my regular day job, none of those exist when you’re working for yourself. But they also still do
exist because your business has to make money, you’ve
gotta get things done. And so I realized that I
needed to start building in way more structure into my life. So for the next four weeks
and honestly still going. It’s only been six weeks. I have not mastered this at all, but I’m definitely getting better at it. And one of the things that I’m using. I should’ve brought it over here with me. I’ll have to show it to
you in a separate video, but I’m using a planner
called the Full Focus Planner. It’s by Michael Hyatt, and it’s one of the best laid
out planners I’ve ever seen. It’s very similar to what I used to create when I would hand draw
my bullet journal pages. The layout is very similar. So that’s why it really resonates with me. And it has pages for every weekday and also the weekend, which I love. I hate that planners
abbreviate the weekends like somehow you don’t
have stuff to get done on the weekends. So I’ve been using that planner to really add some structure into my life. Now, I will say that I absolutely love having full control of my schedule. It’s so nice that I can go
daytime grocery shopping, and if you follow us on Instagram, you’ll see I’ll post
about how excited I am about being out and about running errands in the middle of the day
when it’s not super crowded. I love it. Also, making daytime appointments for like with my therapist
and to get my lashes done, I love just being able to
knock those things out. But here’s what I realized. When I put other personal
appointments in the middle of my day, it squishes
the time that I have to be able to get stuff
done in the business before family time in the evenings. So the good news is that
things aren’t gonna be as hectic for the rest of the year. So I’m looking forward
to things just kind of being a little bit more relaxed. Like yes, I will be
working with a manufacturer to develop our physical
product, but aside from that, we don’t have any huge projects planned. So I’m gonna be using this time to really start putting systems in place and hopefully also bringing
on some more people to help us with some other
parts of the business that I could really use help with. I think, at the end of the day, I’ve come to realize
that the amount of work that I’m trying to do is
too much at this point for a single person
because One Big Happy Life is now a multiple six figure business, and managing those
income streams needs more than just one full-time person and couple of part-time people. I need a little bit more help. So I’m gonna be looking
into that going forward. So here’s what I wasn’t expecting. I wasn’t expecting for
it to be as emotionally and just mentally taxing, and this week it hit me the hardest. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as an entrepreneurial
sort of six week slump, but this week, it started
to feel really, really hard, and I just realized just
how challenging it was to really run your own business full-time because now it matters. Now the business really does
need to support our family. Whereas before, it didn’t really need to because my day job
supported all of the work that we were doing in the business, but it was burning me out. And so I had to make that choice. Do I stay as a lawyer or do
I go all in on the business, but then the business needs to
actually pull its own weight and make money? And I made the choice
to go with the business, and it was hard, of course. The day before I quit, I’m
like oh, I’m panicking! And then I was on cloud nine for a while, and then over the past week, it just really hit sort of a rock bottom where I started to have these feelings like oh, my gosh, what did I do? Why did I do this to myself? I could’ve just kept my
lawyer job, my cushy job and just been set for life. I didn’t have to do any of this. What was I thinking? And thanks to pep talks
from Joseph and Alexis, they kind of talked me out of
this little black sink hole that I found myself in. And I’m glad that they did, and I’m really happy to be able
to talk to you guys frankly about this because I know
that a lot of you are thinking about leaving your job to work
in your business full-time, and I 100% support you. But I just wanna be
honest about the journey, about the challenges, and I
think it’s worth it for sure, but just understand that
when you go into business for yourself, it won’t all
be like rainbows and sunshine because when things go wrong, you’re the one that has
to figure it all out. When people don’t pay you on time, when you’re negotiating with people and they’re low balling
you, all of those things, those frustrating things
are gonna come back to you, and you’re gonna have
to do the mindset work to say no, this is okay. I know what I believe in. I know my worth. I know I can get through this, and I’m very passionate about this, and I have a mission, and that
is why I have this business. Just being able to have those pep talks, recenter yourself,
hopefully having some people that are in your corner
whether it’s your family or a therapist are a business coach. I think it’s so incredibly important because, especially if
you’ve never had any exposure to business or entrepreneurship before. I guess I worked in professional
work environments for sure, but the things that you have to deal with as a business owner, they
are just so, so different. So I feel like I’ve been
talking for a while now. I’m not even sure how
long I’ve been talking, but I really wanted this
to be a from the heart, off the cuff, just
whatever’s coming to mind, just really honest and emotional with you about how I’ve been feeling. And there’s this saying that I’ve heard, which is that you shouldn’t share scabs. You should share scars. So you shouldn’t share things
that you’re going through right in this moment. You should wait until they’re healed, until you’ve figured it all out, and then you share it
with people afterwards. But I think that when you do that, you lose something important. You lose the true feelings
of being in the moment, and when I tell you had these feelings, it was just a few days ago. So it’s still very fresh, very raw, but I’m happy to say that you can come out of that low place very quickly. Like the low place exists. Expect to go there, and
then just understand that you’ve gotta do that mindset work to pull yourself out of it so that you can keep going
and focusing on your business and focusing on what matters. So that was a lot. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know what specific
questions you have about entrepreneurship. This was just kind of a quick
update on what’s been going on in the business, and there’s so much more that I could tell you, but I really wanted to focus on this sort of mental
mindset stuff in this video. So yeah, lemme know
what questions you have, and I will see you guys in the next video. Bye. (upbeat music)

50 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Life Update | 6 Weeks After Quitting My Job

  • God bless the child that has her own. Had my business for 13 years. I still pinch myself cannot believe my luck. congratulations again.

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  • My husband and I are entrepreneurs and it is pretty challenging to find balance. I’ve been overwhelmed this past week to the point where I just ended up emotional eating. I most definitely love the journey. What tips do you have on finding balance?

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  • Tasha,

    This is why we love you and your channel (your viewers). You are open and honest about the process vs. a lot of other people who are semi transparent. We look forward to supporting you on this journey.

    Irvine, CA

  • Wow I can’t believe it has been 6 weeks either! Entrepreneurship is humbling and not a lot of people talk about it. Thank you for your honesty. What has been your favorite part so far?

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    I appreciate this video, especially with you touching on the time aspect. Having specific blocks of time for certain things I feel is really important so that you don't find yourself working at 1 a.m. because you were out doing personal stuff all day. I definitely plan to build in some "me/personal time" once a week to take care of things. My children are grown and no longer home and the ultimate goal will be for my partner to also work from home for herself. Thanks again for this video.

    I would love to see a day in the life video now that you're doing this full-time.

  • Thank you for sharing your real experiences in the moment and not waiting. I think the mindset shift is applicable to non-entrepreneurs too. When frustrations and setbacks get us down, it’s important to shift our mindsets back to our priorities and it’s supremely helpful in those times to have the support of trusted family and friends.

  • the first 2 months after i quit my job as a veterinarian, to focus on my biz full time is the hardest for me.. oh the anxiety! can i pay this? can i pay that? can i this, what if that.. even i did save up about 6 mo expenses & clear all debt (except rent),.. i feel so so anxious, ..but im at 4 months now.. my anxiety slows down.. its still there ,but i calm down a bit 🤣
    its just i have to be reallly really discipline about my time..or else.. be watching netflix all day 😂

    congrats to you!

  • Tasha, I think you are amazing! I work outside the home and also at home. I find it hard to find a balance too, I’m still working on it! It’s not easy finding that work/life balance.

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    You’re right to share IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MESS, because that’s where life happens. Thank you & Jospeh so much for being willing to do that with this community. 😊

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  • Well, you look amazing! Not like you’re in a slump at all. And thank you for sharing and being so authentic. It makes it that more easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to have a realistic impression of what it’s like to start something on your own – and prepare accordingly! ☺️🍁

  • Thank you for being so open with us about how you've been feeling! My dream is to be an entrepreneur and it's good to see the reality of it!

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  • While working full time as a child psychologist I opened a bakery which quickly became full time. After 4.5 years of doing both I couldn't keep doing both and made the decision to close my bakery. There was so much to running a business other than a great product that I couldn't keep up with the learning curve and continue my full time profession. No regrets but this video reminded of the struggles. Thanks for sharing.

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