Elektronická cigareta – VapeOnly vPipe III Ebony 18350 – Recenze (CZ)

Elektronická cigareta – VapeOnly vPipe III Ebony 18350 – Recenze (CZ)

Hello everyone, Mike Godwin´s here

and some time ago we had a review about this pipe.
It´s snobbish high-end.
The price is huge – Dicodes e-pipe – hand made pipe.

But the price is so high.
But what if I would wanna be snob,
but for less money?
No problema.
VapeOnly vPipe III
from ebony
nice manufacturing,
nderpreassure firing – automatic puff,
it´s without button.
It has really huge kick to the throat.

I have nicSalt inside and it´s really strong.

Inside the package is this stand.
I tought it´s some kind of leash,
but it´s a stand.

This pipe has some pluses and minuses.

Minus is coil heads.

And because how it´s made I don´t think there will be any RBA head.

The huge advantage of this pipe is this. You get 2 pieces of 18350 battery.

You get also a charger and so on.
I really like the package,

it´s snobbish.

It has lot of accesories.

Here are some o-rings, spare coil head,
and 2 batteries 18350.

Here is stand for the pipe
and the most important thing – chrager
for not only 18350 batteries.
It can take also 18650 and maybe even 21700.

It´s great for travelling.
It has input and output.
So you can charge it and you can even charge your phone trough that.

The pipe belongs to high-end on one side,
because it´s made from ebony.
But on the other hand,

it doesn´t belong to high – end because of the accesories.
It tries to defend its price.
The price isn´t high,

but I would think much if I should buy it because it´s for coil heads.
I think it´s worth it.

I don´t wanna take this pipe
to the pub and so on.
It´s for the vaping in home.

This I would take to the pub, but I gues I won´t be so snobbish.

But on the other side, here is everything like on the pipe.
Driptip from pipe, pipe shape…

It´s half-snobbish.

Why not?

It has a magic inside.
The pod systems became popular again,
this is pipe with pod system.

But I still hesitate if it´s good or no.

Who wants pipe and don´t want DIY vaping,

the taste from it is fine too. So why not?
So, let´s go on the table to check it out.

I wouldn´t change it for this one.

And after the table check there will be some resume.
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Ok, let´s go.
VapeOnly Ebony III.
Nice shape,

and automatic puff.
How to remove the battery?

Minus belongs down.
It´s nicely springed.

There´s no signing of poles so you have to figure it out.
Screw thread is fine,
the pipe doesn´t make any sound which is great.

This driptip has atomizer inside.

Important – there´s no liquid inside the driptip.
After one week and nothing.

That´s really great.

This is the tank.
Here is adjustable airflow,
so you can set what you want.

How to fill it?
Unsrew this top part,
and it is ready for fill.
Capacity is 2ml, consumption is fine,
1/3 of the day it took 1/2 of the tank.

But it wasn´t intense vaping.
The coil heads are pretty small.

This is why I think there won´t be any RBA head.

It´s pretty tiny coil head.

But on the other hand, it has single coil with high resistance
so it´s great for nic salt.
I use 50/50 and it doesn´t leak out.
It gives you really strong troath kick.

Heads are avaliable so no problem. If there would be bigger head, I would want RBA head.

But it´s so small so it´s not gonna be.
2 batteries are included.
And charger.

Here is a stopper so the driptip would cycling around.

It has every protection – low charge,
missing atomizer, etc.

The pipe is fitted on this, the rest just caulk the driptip so it wouldn´t leak out.

Let´s try puff without the atomizer.
It blinks.

So that´s working.
There´re protections against short circuit,
over heat, low power, 10s protection etc.

So the functionality is fine.

Leather stand.

It fits nicely.
It looks nicely.
The wood is ebony.

It´s really sympathic.

This is not so much pipe by itself.

It looks like vape.
But on the first look
this looks like pipe.

It looks like a fire inside the pipe.

Here I got rid of the display,

I don´t need diods and so on.

The style of the pipes is different.
This looks like a pipe
but his looks like a real pipe.

The only thing I would want is the RBA head.

So it could be 100% high-end.
But it´s not bad at all.

So what to say?
The look of the pipe is great.
It´s really beautiful.

There´s no leaks out, no bubbles, nothing.

The only minus are the coil heads.

The manufacturing is great.
HEre is the airflow for the under preassure sensor.

I like it.
I don´t see any minus.

Exept the coil heads of course.
Is it snobbish?

I can´t compare it to this.

This is totally high-end.

DIY vaping, atomizer by my choice,
18650 battery,
dicodes chip, zebrano wood.
Here – coil head,
pipe driptip, ebony wood,
18350 battery,
lighting chimney…
Brutal kick and some taste.
So let´s take a look at the rating.

Because of the coil heads it´s gonna be 9/10.

I can´t use my own build.

That´s the only thing I don´t like.
The grip is good,
it looks like real pipe.
But it´s too heavy for this.

It´s not my Must Vape.

It´s not definitely low-end.
It´s something between mid-end and high-end.

It´s not must vape because there´s no diy possibility.

But if you don´t want diy vaping,
if you´re lazy,
and if you want good pipe

it´s not bad idea. It´s a good idea.

But it´s not for DIY high-end vapers.

There are some palstic pipes on the market, like from Smok,
but if I want pipe, I want wood.

The coil head should last for 10-14 heads.

2 coils per month? That´s fine.

There´re some coil heads that lasts for 3 days.
There´s nothing much to say.

So today it´s kinda snob/no snob video.

The pipe tries to look like high-end,
but it´s not much high-end.

The decision is yours.
You can make your own opinion.

If you have any questions, ask in the comment section,
or come into some groups – there´re lots of them – links are in the description.
You have a nice morning, noon,
evening – depends on which time you watch this video.
Enjoy life,
coodle yourself,
don´t smoke
and be cool.
See you!

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