Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Vaptio C II (C 2) – Recenze (CZ)

Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Vaptio C II (C 2) – Recenze (CZ)

Hi folks, hello vapers, it’s Mike Godwin with Tuesday review.
Today we’ll look at Vaptio C-II. A rubber-coated tube with a matte finish.
Let’s look at the packaging. The TPD warning is present. Inside there’s user manual with additional warning notes, even a note to prime your coil head first.
The kit is seated in a plastic bed, underneath there’s a spare coil head and a MicroUSB charging cable.
It’s not a bad device, easy enough to use for a beginner, well-made, better than the older iJust devices.
It’s powered by 3000mAh battery with maximum output of 100W. The tank volume is 2ml.
Let’s have a closer look at how to disassemble it, make it ready to use, afterwards we’ll talk about the pros and cons back at the studio.
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Vaptio C II kit.
There’s a II sign on the fire button with a backlight. Five clicks to turn it on. The battery capacity is 3000mAh, maximum power output is 100W.
The fire button feels good and clicky. The kit is rubber-coated.
The atomizer volume is 2ml, it’s used with coil heads. Nontheless, it has the juice flow control ability.
Top filling is accessible by removing the top cap. This silicone ring seals your juice inside the tank. Also it reduces the real tank volume a bit.
The battery is 25mm wide, Aromamizer Supreme v2 looks great on it, too.
Protections against short-circuit, undervoltage, overcharging and overheating are present. The positive pin is spring-loaded. The 510 threading is clean.
The kit is not heavy. The matte black looks good on it. The mouthpiece is proprietary, built into the top cap.
The airflow control has backstops in. Also the airflow ring can be detached.
The coilhead looks simple. There are Nickel, Titanium, Stainless steel and Kanthal coilheads available. Never use Nickel or Titanium coilheads on a device without temperature mode.
The coilhead clicks into the tank.
To prime your coilhead, put a few drops of your juice onto the top. You can also drip a bit onto the side holes.
When the coilhead leaks, let it leak. Any excess juice will come out and your coilhead stays soaked.
Before refilling, close your juice flow first. You can push the dropper through the edge of the silicone ring.
You can wipe the excess juice off, but it’s not a necessity.
Let the coilhead soak up for a few minutes.
Airflow control feels smooth.
First let’s talk about the cons. There’s one, the rubber coating makes it taste rubbery for some time when first using the kit.
I can see no other cons. The refilling system is a little unusual, but you can remove the silicone ring. Juice flow control works great, the coilheads are easy to use and produce surprisingly nice flavour.
The vapor production is sufficient. The flavour is not dull or suppressed.
I like the juice flow control. As soon as you open the top cap, you also make the juice flow close up.
The coilheads have a high hissing sound, which is standard among them. This is how a dry hit would sound on an RBA.
Let’s talk about the tube mod. 3000mAh, 100W max, easy and comfortable to use. The fire button feels nice and clicky. The fire button backlight is a must.
I can see no major cons.
Easy to use, enjoyable to use, easy for getting enough vapor for vape tricks.
This is a cloudchaser’s kit.
Flavourwise there’s nothing to complain about. The rubbery taste wears off after a while of usage.
My rating is 8 out of 10. It’s a regular beginner’s kit, beats all those older basic iJust kits.
Thank you for watching, have a beautiful morning, noon or evening, enjoy your life, never smoke cigarettes and stay cool. CYA!
Subz bai H3rb

8 thoughts on “Elektronická cigareta / Kit – Vaptio C II (C 2) – Recenze (CZ)

  • super až budu dospělý tak budu propagand elektrických cigaret (snad budu mít firmu která bude úspěšná) like. 🙂

  • Hovorí sa, že drát by sa mal vždy prd osadením vatou vypáliť, ale ako je to s hotvovými hlavami? Super recenzia Mike, vďaka.

  • Mike hele super recenze akorát mi přijde že, když to udělá velký mrak že hned zmizí je to hrozně rychlé. Je to dáné liquidem ? nebo Watty ? 🙂

  • Chtěl bych se zeptat,jakou má Joytech ego aio životnost.Jsem absolutní začátečník.Používám e-liquid od LIQUA premium vape (jestli záleží na tom jaký liquid používám) a 2ml mi vydrží cca na 1 den.Předem díky za odpověď

  • Čauko, chcem sa opytat….nemal si problem s Aramax power? Ja som totiž vyklikal tlačitko za 2 tyždne (nevapujem len ked spim) 😀

  • Ahoj Majku, na začátek na triky jsem si koupil vape pen 22 ale už bych se chtěl posunout dál tak přemýšlím co koupit jestli Vaptio C-II nebo Aramax power 55 co by si my doporučil spíš na triky ? 🙂

  • Ahoj, chtěla bych si koupit právě C II, ale nemůžu ji nikde na českých stránkách najít, prodává se stále? Děkuji za odpověď 🙂

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