E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco – the fifth estate

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  • I'm a Democrat, technically I'm considered a Libertarian Socialist according to my political ideology and I'm getting real sick of Democratic politicians like Chuck Schumer for example trying to destroy the Vaping industry by making the flavors illegal and such. It's bullshit! I'm sorry but it's up to parents to make sure their kids aren't Vaping! The only way they can get it underage is if an adult is buying it for them! The vape industry is mostly made up of small businesses not large corporations. Most of the people are part of the community and were inspired by it and wanted to help other's quit smoking. It's a great thing, so many people have quit smoking because of Vaping. The flavors are what makes it interesting for us and keeps us off cigarettes. If they can make any flavor of vodka or rum you can think of when it's actually a danger but e liquid can't when it's actually safe then that should tell you something! It's straight up bullshit and I wouldn't be surprised if the politicians going after Vaping were getting large sums of money from tobacco lobbyists!

  • It's amazing how different a piece on Vaping is from Canada compared to America isn't it? America is truly run on biased propaganda. Canada is actually non biased.

  • I wouldn’t trust a big tobacco company to make a e-cigarette because I would think they would start adding unnecessary chemicals to it like they did cigarettes

  • i'm 74 quit smoking cigarettes when i was 16. hardest thing i ever did. now i have a better smoke. that's cannabis. try a volcano for dry or ccell vape pens for on the road. they are great. cannabis is a better high than tobacco. thank you have a good day.

  • If EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE in the entire world stopped smoking, watch them THEN advertise E-cigs being "safer" and bla bla bla. Why? All the Doctors who work around cancer would lose their jobs. They need something coming in and out of our lungs and a reason to have a job… I do believe vaping is safer but if we could ALL kick the entire habit all together you will see the Government then panicking and finding a way to get us back to smoking something, anything to keep their money coming very greedily.

  • What i dont get, is the problem with ‘youth vaping’. As the doctor at the start said, its better to prevent than to treat. If you vape, chances are low you’ll smoke. If you vape without nicotine, chances are low you’ll ever get addicted. If you vape with nicotine, there exists a chance that you’ll become addicted, but as opposed to cigarettes, you’re addicted to something that will not give you cancer.

    If vaping better in any possible way, why on earth would you prohibit it?

  • I don't use nicotine anymore. There is nothing special about e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are just an equal match to regular cigarettes. It is an equal match to regular cigarettes, in it's nicotine potency and it's rapid delivery of nicotine to the blood stream. Smokers tend to be successful in transferring their addiction to e-cigs because it can be used in a similar way habitually as regular cigarettes are used. It is different, if you consider it as a "harm reduction" method for stubborn nicotine addicts that refuse to quit nicotine. Still, using nicotine in a "safer way" still means addiction and daily physical withdrawal and delusional beliefs about nicotine, and wasting money as a consumer. (nicotine addiction is delusional because users think they need nicotine to function and such a belief is untrue)

  • This attack on e-cigarettes and vaping is a joke. I quit smoking using a blu e-cig and a cheap vape setup. After a couple months I just stopped vaping 99% of the time. Just don't need it any longer. So was it a good thing? Yes for me. Now if I could lose that 40 lbs I gained…

  • The Whole Point of Stopping Smoking Is To Not See Smoke Coming From Your Mouth Or You Will Just Go Back To The Real Thing If You Do Not Bother With These Things Then You Will Never Smoke Again These Things Just Remind you Of The Old Days if You Was Stopping the Crack Then Would You Still Hang out With Crack Heads ? You Have Walk Away From anything That Will Remind You Of It That Is How You Convince Your Mind That You Dont Need it anymore

  • I was able to quit a 15 year cigarette habit successfully with vaping around the time this documentary was released. It was remarkably effective. The primary reason is e-liquid can be purchased or mixed at home with a precise nicotine content. This precision allows dose titration at as slow a rate as needed to avoid withdrawal symptoms. It's considerably more effective than the old medical techniques; patch, gum, inhalers, etc. Not to mention less expensive.

    The recent hysteria over "child friendly" flavoring is ridiculous. Each province has a minimum purchase age (18 or 19) that is enforced the same as purchase age minimum for cigarettes, alcohol. Alcohol is available in all sorts of fruity sugary flavors and marketed with flashy ads. Apparently that's okay for alcohol but not okay for vaping or, for that matter, cannabis? Odd double standard. Canada Post has been helpful in giving online retailers a valuable tool to prevent unintended sale to minors via their age verification delivery option. The majority of online vape supply retailers use it as mandatory shipping option for all orders. Valid ID must be presented by the recipient in order to receive the parcel. They will not safe drop or leave parcels in community mailboxes with age verification option. If recipient is not home to accept the parcel, a pick up notice is left for the recipient to collect from nearest post office. Post office requires ID for parcel release. It's a good system and I use it frequently.

  • Smoked a pack a day for last 5-6 years and started Vaping just 4 days ago. Haven't had any cravings for cigs since than and haven't touched one either. Actually saved money too lol

  • Are these helth ceare agencys stupid it is obvius that when u dont combust and dont get all those cancer camicals i wont get cancer

  • Never buy a e-cigarette from the big tobacco companies. Buy only from a good vape store then you will know what is in the ejuice. Nicotine is not that addictive it is in 6 foods naturally. The chemicals that big tobacco adds to cigarettes is what is so addictive.

  • But can the people trusted to inform us be trusted not to steer to us to a predetermined narrative? And ensure that ALL the CORRECT data is presented in an equal light? NO of course we can't ! wheres the ad revenue in that kind of programming ?!?!?!?!?!

  • So if health Canada doesnt approve… does that me it's illegal? How are they able to stay open and not be shut down?

  • It's the end of August in 2019 I wonder if the doctor and the other companies that are involved feel the same way now that children are having to go into induced Comas to try and repair their lungs from their e-cigarettes!

  • I have a solution: have you ever taken a steam shower, and the steam relaxes you? Yeah. I think something that's just steam would be perfect. No bad chemicals, nicotine, or disgusting that stuff

  • Take a note here folks. It is now 2019, and there have been several reports of lung damage, and one death from vaping since big tobacco stepped into the game (although, CBD and THC may be involved). If your product is made by one of the big tobacco companies, don't buy it. I smoked for 32 years. I quit the day I picked up a vape. I haven't looked back. My endurance is better, my blood pressure is almost normal now, and I'm not coughing my face off. But I'm also not using a product from big tobacco.

  • 37'13" He's going straight to the point: "Coca Cola has produced DIET COKE." But for those who know,
    DIET coke is W O R S E than regular coke. Diet coke is a failure and more UNHEALTHY than just coke.
    Another thing that's not mentioned here and is a large part of the problem is the addiction to the GESTURE. People don't know what to do with their fingers when they are together, or in a disco, or … The addiction to nicotine or other drugs in cigarettes is 50% of why they smoke, but the 50% remaining is THE GESTURE. And e-cigarette will never suppress the smoking. It is NOT a way out.

  • This is a "gateway" tool (sorry for the overused cliche) where the gate swings both ways. It can help folks who smoke, reduce harmful activity, but it also opens the door wide for attracting teens/young adults towards addictive behaviour. A double-edged sword, for sure.

  • The denial is so thick. The addiction is still there, you're merely changing the delivery vehicle. If you're vaping now, you haven't quit.
    Devices like the Twisp were originally intended to be used as the finite and final stage of quitting smoking, which includes putting down the Twisp.

  • 48 years young! Got my sense of smell back 2 1/2 weeks after going to a vape. My hope is to trickle down the nic from 6% to 3% and then to nothing. I really hope this works for me but if it doesn't is much better than the cigarettes in so many ways.

  • misled the public? They flat out lied! Alcohol is still legal. Tobacco should be legal also. Caffeine is legal. Sugar is legal. All put together……sugar, tobacco, and alcohol have killed more people than all the illegal drugs and substances in history.

  • Method to Produce Safer Cigarette Was Found in 1960's, but Company Shelved Idea, the company decided against pressing the safer products toward the market for fear that they would make their other products look bad. The idea was to heat the tobacco rather than burn it, thus avoiding the process that creates most of the hazardous substances in tobacco smoke.

  • I lost my Mom about 2 years ago but about 2 years before that I got clean and quit smoking. I had begged her to quit smoking for over 30 years but she said she would if I did which really helped me quit and she kept her word. People might see that and think well it didn’t matter in the end but it did. Before she died she got to see her Son get clean and she died not being a slave to big tobacco.

  • If "Big Tobacco" goes "Big Vape" …..who cares ? I mean who the f___k cares ? as long as they dont manufacture those burning cancer sticks or as long as they dont come with some new fancy idea to modify and poison our now existing E- liquid.

  • I smoked for one year a long time ago. I quit because I noticed I couldn't get proper wind when playing the flute. Decades later, doctors were still telling me they could tell I had been a smoker.

  • vaping will kill you also. y’all don’t know the long term effects and don’t act like you do. cuz you don’t. good luck to all of you who vape. putting bad chemicals in your lungs. have fun destroying your own body. 🙂

  • I assume that there are no restrictions in Canada, regarding the sale of anti smoking products produced by pharmaceutical companies.Example,Nicotine Patches.Nicotine Chewing Gum.As the names suggests,I think these products contain nicotine or have I missed something here.

  • I never smoked a cigarette in my life, but started vaping 2 years ago for the fact that I had so much stress build up during that time. I knew the risks of smoking normal cigarettes and went for e-cigs for a safer alternative. It has, and is still, helped me a lot to stabilize my life in general. It has not effect my performance in terms of endurance such as working out at the gym, or my job. Though expensive, it is worth the price for what it does. 😎👍

  • well that's the biggest lie I've heard all day, nicotine is not the most addictive substance known to man, caffeine is more addictive than nicotine.
    nicotine is barely addictive, unless combined with other harmful chemicals, which are not found in most Vape products, don't know about salts though. "Vape liquid containing a chemical which allows for more nicotine then the body normally are able to ingest"

  • "he is a smoker and well aware it could be slowly killing him" = "he is a smoker and ignores that it actually is slowly killing him, culminating in a slow, very painful death"

  • Yep lost both parents due to smoking, my mom was only 57. Got my husband vaping 9 years ago and he hasn't touched a cigarette since. Hoped he would have stopped all together by now cause I have my doubts although I think it is better than cigs. He had tests done and his iron levels are normal, smokers have very high iron levels. His vape does effect my asthma but not as bad as cigarettes though.

  • And now States have banned flavored ecig juice in NY & sadly President Trump caved today. I vape, support him & so disappointed he's talking bout banning flavored ecig juices. ; Sounds socialist to me. My only vice. I used to smoke real cigs, now ecig. Started at 24 mg- NIC & now 3 mg. Media leaves out kids who died used thc tainted oil off black market!! Tobacco upset they r losing sales !

  • BIG TOBACCO IS DYING… NOW THEY'RE FIGHTING and winning… I've been vaping 5 years and no issues and lungs are clean and clear after smoking 35+ years !!! All I use is the Spinner 2 and 510 tank with 1.8 coil and 50/50 juice with 12% Nec… nothing else !!!

  • Hey mr surgeon. Its 2019 now and ecig, vape, juul etc are proven even worst because it can kill you in a year numbers are climbing all ovrr the world. How bout dat?

  • Big tobacco is behind the smear campaign. This is no different than the reefer madness and the propaganda that was pushed. It's time the people stand up to these corrupt bought politicians and stop their control and erosion of our rights.

  • You know how much money big tabacco is losing just from the people in these comments, last few years I smoked a pack a day, I started vaping almost a year ago and feel great I would like to go to no nicotine at some point but I feel a .03 is ok for a bit, keep up the good work and stay healthy guys it's our future not there's. #nosmoke

  • vaping is the ONLY thing that HELPED me to QUIT smoking cigs and after 40+ years of smoking I am 2 years FREE of CIGS and loving vaping tropical fruit flavors!!!  the last thing a person wants is Tobacco flavored ejuice!!!  I started with 12mg nicotine per 120ml bottle of ejuice after 6 months I used 6mg nicotine per 120ml ejuice, then I started using 3mg nicotine per 120ml ejuic and now I am using 0mg nicotine per 120ml ejuice and I have done this over the past 2 years!!! As of May 1, 2017 I became a NON Smoker and started my vaping to be SMOKE FREE!!!!   I am vaping less now that I am using 0mg nicotine and can see in my near future not even wanting to vape, but for now I enjoy vaping and my lungs feel like 0mg nicotine ejuice is helping my lungs to heal slowly over time by a reduced nicotine need!!!!

  • How old was the footage of the tobacco executives stating that they believed that nicotine was not addictive. Wasn't our knowledge of the addiction risk and the health risk different back then? Shouldn't it be obvious that it's better to judge based on actions today instead of actions made decades ago?

  • everyone against vaping for adults is either extremely brainwashed or corrupt.
    those are the 2 options there is no 3rd.
    your american gov officials are all bought by BIG Tobacco/Pharma. If you say the British are bought by "Big Vape" then you are so well asleep that i don't wanna forcefully wake you up, in that case go and kys with smoking if that makes you happy.

  • Thank you for giving me a second option, I Quit 6 years ago… After 19 years of smoking, I love smoking. You have to give vaping an effort though It is so much healthier!

  • I smoked at least 2 packs a day about 14 YEARS. I've been vaping for over 7 years now, I haven't had a single drag from a cigarette since. VAPING ABSOLUTELY SAVED MY LIFE! I only wish they had come out with vaping a lot sooner. My father, who passed away recently of a fairly swift death from lung cancer at age 71, may have lived a lot longer.

  • Now in 2019 6 people have died from black market carts and they want to ban vaping when 530,000 people died last year from tobacco products yet no ban for tobacco!!! It's all about DEPOPULATION and vaping isn't killing enough people time to ban it!!!

  • It's still Oils that cling to lung tissue. You are not quitting nicotine consumption. Not smoking that's killing them. It's the nicotine oils….. OILS…. Oils that can desensitize lung tissue to the point your lungs never become aware of it. They're cooled. But the oils still cling to Lungs. That's why they are being BANNED!

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