E-Cig Vapor Or Secondhand Smoke: Which Is Worse For You?

E-Cig Vapor Or Secondhand Smoke: Which Is Worse For You?

Smoking is bad for you and everyone around
you. So if vaping is less bad for you, is
it also less bad for everyone around you?
Hi everyone, Julian here for DNews from YouTube
Space LA! Let’s kick this off by saying
the obvious: cigarettes are bad for you. The
nicotine in them is highly addictive and causes
increased blood pressure, higher cholesterol,
and heart disease. Cigarettes yellow your
teeth and nails, cause premature wrinkling,
and the American Cancer Society estimates
about half of people who start smoking and
never quit will die of cancer. But, if despite
knowing all this you still choose to smoke,
it’s your decision and you know the risks.
The problem really arises for people around
you who choose not to smoke, and yet they’re
going to suffer a lot of the same effects
if they breathe in your smoke regularly. Yes,
even the cancer part, unless you don’t believe
the EPA, the U.S. National Toxicology Program,
the Surgeon General, and the International
Agency for Research on Cancer. Children who
are exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher
instance of respiratory infections, asthma,
sudden infant death syndrome, and nicotine
negatively affects the prefrontal cortex of
developing brains. While the standalone effects
of nicotine as a carcinogen have not been
investigated thoroughly, researchers from
the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute have
found exposure to it causes DNA mutations
which can increase cancer risk over time.
On top of that many people don’t like the
smell of cigarette smoke, cigarette butts
are the most common piece of litter, and dealing
with people who have gone too long without
their nicotine fix is just terrible.
Enter the e-cigarette. The idea is you do
away with tobacco and instead have extracted
nicotine in water. A heating element vaporizes
the water, that carries the nicotine into
your lungs and you exhale water vapor that’s
harmless to the people around you. At least
that’s what the advertisements say, but
what does the science say?
Short answer: It’s less bad but still not
great. Yes, it’s true, without the tobacco
and tar, the vapor you exhale has a tenth
the carcinogens as normal cigarette smoke
so second hand vapor indoors from one e-cigarette
is considered no significant risk, while a
regular cigarette is. Still the vapor can
have a negative effect on your immune system.
Mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor were more
susceptible to bacterial and viral infections
because of free radicals in the smoke that
damaged cell DNA.
There’s a new problem e-cigs have too: because
you’re heating a metal tube, the vapor can
carry heavy metals. Some of them, like lead
or zinc, are in lower levels than you find
in normal tobacco smoke. But one heavy metal
in the vapor that’s not found in cigarettes
is chromium. Chromium comes in a couple different
forms based on how easily it bonds with other
elements, trivalent chromium [Cr (III)] and
hexavalent chromium [Cr (VI)]. Trivalent Chromium
isn’t absorbed well by the body so it’s
pretty harmless, but hexavalent chromium is
a different story. Chronic inhalation can
cause lung scarring and lung cancer. The thing
is, both these forms of chromium are used
to keep metals from corroding, it’s where
we get the term “chrome” from. So either
of them might be used in manufacturing e-cigarettes.
The USC study doesn’t specify which they
found because it’s difficult to differentiate
in tests. And with so many makes and models
of e-cigarettes and very little regulation,
it’s impossible to know which maker is using
which form of chromium.
But let’s assume that regulations and manufacturing
standards can eliminate hexavalent chromium
from the vapor. There’s still the nicotine.
That’s what this is all about right? that
sweet nicotine fix? E-cig smokers can choose
different cartridges with a range of nicotine
levels from none to pretty high. The nicotine
will still cause a wealth of cardiovascular
problems so that aspect is no better than
regular cigarettes. How much of that nicotine
is in second hand vapor? According to Oxford
University, about a tenth as much that’s
in tobacco smoke. it’s still present and
so the Oxford researchers warn to hold off
on vaping near children, pregnant women, or
people with cardiovascular conditions until
more studies are done.
So as of right now, for the most part, it
looks like second hand vapor poses a significantly
lower health risk than tobacco smoke. But
remember, it took decades of observation and
study to realize the effects of passive tobacco
smoke inhalation. E-cigarettes have only been
on the market since 2007, and to really know
what we’re getting into we need to be able
to see the effects of the vapor over a person’s
lifetime. That’s right, say it with me,
more research is needed.
E-cigarette smoke is apparently a lot less
bad, nice, myth confirmed. We can’t say
as much for Hookah smoke though. For the details
on smoking hookah and why it’s really really
really bad for you, check out Trace’s video
down here.
So, knowing what you now know, would you be
comfortable with someone vaping in the room
with you? Or if you use e-cigs yourself, would
you respect someone asking you to vape outside?
Let us know in the comments! Oh and sidebar,
if you’re under 18, don’t smoke. Even
if you can buy e-cigs legally, that nicotine
hooks you easier and is still bad for your
developing brain. Plus they don’t even look
cool, they’re like a weird light-up version
of those little recorders they made you play
hot crossed buns on in 3rd grade, it’s not
a good look. Ok, I’ll see you next time
on DNews!

100 thoughts on “E-Cig Vapor Or Secondhand Smoke: Which Is Worse For You?

  • omfg this bullshit reporting is seriously fucking unbelievable, smh
    there were soooo many fucking innacuracies and straight up wrong "facts" that were claimed in this video. ffs, did this video come about because some big tobacco corporation or big pharma sponsored it?
    The reporter got even the most fucking basic facts about vaping completely fucking wrong, which shows how few fucks they actually give about actually relaying the facts surrounding the topic; instead they're only concern is promulgating/propogating and converting the public to their agenda of undermining vaping so that the threat it poses to multiple industries can be eliminated, regardless of all the lives it's saving around the world.
    Vaping is not done by "suspending nicotine in water to vaporize it into a water vapor" smfh you have got to be joking…I mean ffs, this shows no one working on this story even took two minutes to find out the bare minimum about the subject to which they'd be rattling off supposedly accurate information and statistics. how can you inform and educate people about a subject if you don't even know the first fucking thing about it?
    e-liquid is comprised of : 1) Nicotine (Although it doesn't need to have it, basically every e liquid is also sold in 0 mg nicotine variation. It is worth noting that while you may be quick to assume nicotine is terrible for you because of it's association with smoking and the severe health problems caused by smoking, that would be a mistake. Nicotine by itself is no different from any other mild stimulant, sharing almost identical properties and effects when ingested as caffeine. only when combustion is added to the equation do health issues arise. thankfully this is not an issue with vaping since no combustion takes place, only vaporization through convection or conductive heating. )
    2) PG-which stands for propylene glycol (a common ingredient found in numerous edible products such as ice cream and has even had decades of use in asthma inhalers ie vaporized like in e-cigs)
    3.) VG- which stands for vegetable glycerin (again this is a commonly utilized ingredient in many products such as cookies or icing…basically any case where low calories are needed and they are looking for a replacement for sugar bc it has a sweet taste. it can also be found commonly in liquers. And lastly 4.) natural and artificial flavors- just like those used universally across the gamut of the food industry a s well as countless others.

  • OK, I bet you think the nicotine comes from the tobbaco plant.
    Well it comes from plant nicotine. like fruits and vegetables. This is why state have a hard time taxing Vape oil.
    it's NOT smoke it's water vapor.
    Have you ever had a really bad upper respiratory infection and the doctor prescription for albuterial breathing treatment. Well.its vapor taken in the same way as ecigs.
    No I don't believe our government. One Year coffee is bad then next year it's good. The same way with wine.
    Our government is made up of a bunch of crooks and bozos that's zapping the life out of our country.

  • wow I was about to go off on one about your badly put together information about e-cigs but then realised what is the point life is too short but I will finish with one thing They are 95% safer than smoking and to be honest if this is helping people to quit an addiction to tobacco then it should be praised because it is doing something that no other product has been able to do. one last thing the 95% safer came from the British governments health department search it out.

  • i'e tried the ciggarett smoke through through a tissue, nasty yellow stain, the vapor left no stain at all, check it out for yourself , you'll be impresseed''..

  • sounds like you at Dnews are payrolled by big tobacco . You try way to hard to scare people from vaping to be anything but a sale out to big tobacco.

  • Is the same bull shit, CONTROL CONTROL AND MORE CONTROL, the health Police telling people what they can or can't do. the sad thing is the media is 100% on board with this bull shit. The market found the way to eliminate ALL THE BAD THINGS of cigarettes and the health Police KEEP CRYING ABOUT IT…NEVER IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS PEOPLE!!!

  • Guess we shouldn't expect much more from Douche-News smfh
    Don't bother to research any facts on your videos just vomit some bs that was spoon fed to you.. fucking idiots lol

  • so much bs in this video. TONS of wrong statements. lies and slander! e-cigs have been getting a bad rap because of videos like this. SMH this is why so many people are still sticking to cigarettes. People, most of the "bad problems" with e-cigs that were stated in this video are no where near an actual fact. caffeine in most sodas and coffee are worse for you than nicotine found in e-cigs. videos of doctors exist stating that nicotine is not linked with any serious health risk. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that tell true facts about vaping and nothing is ever as bad as the lies said in this video. sorry for the rant I just had to speak my mind. hopefully someone reads this and is able to switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.
    P.S. I was not a smoker but had heard about vaporizers and thought why not try it instead of smoking. i have been vaping for about a year and have had no complications or changes in any aspect of my health.

  • I smoke for 20 years. I don't cough at all, blood pressure normal. No "mutation" here! My grandpa was heavy smoker and he died in 85, natural death. It's just dogma people created about smoking habit. This video is full of crap created by non-smokers and "wanna-be" journalists.

  • Much in the same way vaping is 95% safer than smoking (Public Health England/Cancer Research info that), 95% of this video is rubbish. The vast majority of your reports are from debunked junk-science studies that have been produced when "testing" vaporisers to destruction, overheating coils with massive voltages and burning wicks. None of this applies in the real world as, much in the same way smokers prefer not to set light to their filters, vapers avoid at all costs burning their wicks……and McDonalds customers won't eat charred buns.

  • Among a ton of other completely false claims that other commenters have addressed, chromium is what makes steel stainless steel, you idiot. It's part of the stainless steel alloy – you know, in the kitchen forks you put in your mouth EVERY DAY. Do you some proper research before you blurt out these so-called "facts".

  • i now your only doing your job but i would check your info on cromium in e juice it can be found in cheap and nasty ejuice which is why you only get juice from approved sellers .the idiots who make the nasty juice use glycole that is in car engine coolant that is where your cromium gets in

  • Uhh what? heating a metal tube? Its pretty much the coils inside doing the heating. And nicotine in e-juices is always optional because most flavors come in a 0mg nic variety.

  • Bam! there you have it , no need for my comment samurai said it all, keep on vaping, I feel great and my doctor said he's impressed by my improved health. Cigs suck vaping is awesome for ex smokers .

  • no risk , no investment you can buy or agent vapor on facebook just for one click


  • Cigarettes are bad for you because of the 7,000 carcinogens that come about in the making of the product. Ecigs contain products that are used in everyday products that we already consume day in and day out. 7,000 cancer causing carcinogens or water. The math is not that hard.

  • well what if you vape no nicotine??? There is going to be not an effect would there be. No nicotine e liquid vape juice… Harmless I would say but unsure. Help me get an answer please

  • guys nicotine isn't the problem …nicotine in a 3mg vape isn't going to harm you in any manor. don't believe this stuff go and do your research before commenting

  • I smoked cigarettes for 14 years, and was one of those people who truly enjoyed smoking. i was never one of those people who were always trying to quit. In fact i was pretty confident i would smoke for the rest of my life. However at the young age of 25 the consequences were so severe i really had to make a choice. I was coughing up bloody phlegm, had a constant "rattle, wheeze" in my breathing, was constantly clearing my throat, and had brutal chest pains, and would be kept up all night hacking, and would frequently get chest/lung infections (not to mention the people in my life who had to deal with this) So while i'm not here to lecture, and i still have friends who smoke, and i would never push vaping on them, it amazes me how many cigarette smokers are actually lecturing me!

    I thought my friends would be happy for me but they keep saying "you haven't accomplished anything, you just look stupid" and people who smoke cigarettes inside their home, but request that i vape outside alone, because "they aren't comfortable being around vapour" i realize people keep saying we don't yet know the possible consequences of vaping. but seriously when people say vaping "might" be bad, but are smoking tobacco that they know for a guaranteed fact is bad? I promised myself i wouldn't be one of those "superior ex smokers" and that i wont say anything about people smoking around me. i just wish i would be shown the same courtesy. I vape outside, i even turn discretely away so people don't have to actually see me puffing, i never bring it up (aside from right here right now) and its like people want to attack me for vaping, because they assume i will do the same to them for smoking? it's just frustrating.

    Regardless of all the "potential dangers of vaping" i keep hearing about, all i know is what i have actually experienced. and that is going from a very sick and miserable state of being, to within months of switching to vaping, having none of those side effects. I very rarely clear my throat, i no longer cough, i don't bring up phlegm my chest pains and lung infections have stopped. I feel so much better! Not to mention it has saved me money, i no longer stink and my partner kisses me much more 😀 Also the addictive nature of it has lessened. I can go hours comfortably without vaping, where as i used to lose my shit if i couldn't smoke for half an hour.

    So once again if other people choose to smoke cigarettes i don't have a problem with that, but why are people trying to convince me that vaping is horrible and i might as well smoke? The difference in my life has been amazing yet it seems to actually anger people that i feel better. No one wants to be around a vaper. Cant they just be happy for my improved health?

  • Another reason why I find smoking in public disgusting is the fact that it comes out of someone's disgusting lungs and mouth. Being exposed to the smoke is as gross as if someone spits at you.

  • So if everything needs "more research" then I guess you know sod all… I have given up smoking, learnt my ohms law and trying to actually quit and at the same time keep myself interested by building coils etc (the more into it I am the more it helps not smoke), cigarettes contain 1000's of chemicals that you don't even know of, vape contains 3… if it's not fucking up my lungs and I feel amazing now then its not going to be fucking yo mrs smith 20 feet down the road walking behind me… and mate you should have been a smoker because you could fit a whole 20 deck behind one ear…

  • I vape an it's the best thing that's probably ever been made it has an will save so many lives. plus vape ain't dangerous to anyone all it is is water vapor that comes out in the end. an 99% of the nicotine comes into your body. like the e juice it's made from propain glycol, vegetable glisorine, nicotine an your chosen flavour. if vapin was that bad the NHS wouldn't be thinking of using it to help people quit smoking in the future

  • I'm gunna have to just point out that he said the nicotine in vape mods is mixed with water. That's incorrect. It's mixed with propolene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Inhaling water vapor would be much worse than inhaling these other two chemicals.

  • lol still ppl use high cholesterol line n shit when science proved cholesterol is essential for good health

  • Why do you people even smoke? I don't get it. Just don't smoke 😒😒🙊🙊😷😷 Or play with the fridges spinner if you have to get addicted to something. I know it's human nature they want to be addicted to something… Coffee, smoking etc (mine is sweet things! 👅👅💦💦😂😂)

  • Obviously smoking is bad for health. And yes it's a personal choice. But the money it generates for companies and economies are huge business. No modern and thriving country will outlaw smoking until a financial replacement is available. And that's where marijuana will most likey become first choice. Only time will tell

  • I smoke pipes. People love being around me when I am because they say it smells good and "like grandpas house." I wish I could find vape juice that smells like pipe tobacco. I'd use mine waaaaaaaaaay more. But I only smoke my pipe 1-2 times a month so,

  • e cig or vaping is perfect way to quit smoking, i was 1 pac smoker during 20 years vaping is what saved me from that cancer. Vaping is tricking the brain and is easy to quit smoking.

  • Very inaccurate information new studies by doctors and in real conditions have demonstrate there is no passive vaper …and it's 95 to 99% safer than a cigarette…so please update the information or retire the video.

  • I’m 13 and I was around some one who vapes and I had breathed in a large amount which gave me a bad cough and at 2 points of the night I struggled to breath so was it really bad that I breathed in the vapour or not ?

  • I overheard my mgr talking about my vaping vs tobacco…. I heard my co-worker… chiming in like "yeah, I never thought of it that way." Ha,…I'm just gonna leave out what they said & summarize it as, I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to realize they didn't actually hafta watch this video.

    Honey buns, I'm not actually exhaling more tar sh. My shit mainly consists of cbd & flavored sh w an extremely low level of nicotine. Unless I'm actually smoking…. regardless, if ppl want to sit here & guess, then try to make it come off as something factial, at least try to pretend like you had some educated guess… or hell, common sense. If anything, ppl prob. Even benefit from my CBS sh… the f?!

    It's not that I think I'm always better & smarter than ppl. It's just that stupid, & even older & stupid ppl … want to insult me. And if there was anything I could try & look up to… forget it. That's why ppl irritate me. Like, ytf do they live in my world for? I guess I could surround myself w/ smarter ppl too tho…

    When this redneck tried saying I was deprived bc I wasn't raised on a farm & how it's a necessity to survive. Then I said capitalist this & that. Then he came back the next day w/ my same speech, twisted it up some & like… did you come up w/ that on your own, geezer? I don't think he got held up in contempt bc he challenges ppls education… I'm pretty sure he just couldve been in contempt bc he talks too much. But he got a pass bc – pity the old fool… how did I know he couldn't even manage to finish hs? But u go ahead & you fight em…. F`n psycho.

    Rant done. I blew up the comment section, I know. I'll leave now

  • Why is the discovery science Channel on and all this other shit and just nonsense

  • Your body is the temple of God ask God to help you quit while you still have a measure of your health He will help you just ask

  • The problem is controlling your smoke. People need to keep their smoke away from other people who do not smoke.
    If you want to ruin your body i'm all for it. Enjoy your freedom.
    But when you hurt someone else with your actions, you are going too far.
    And if one person who doesn't want to breathes in your secondhand smoke, then you are in the wrong.

  • I think I understand what D news stands for it literally stands for dumb v I think I understand what dnews stands for it literally stands for dumb ass news

  • This is clickbait this video will disappoint you do not watch the whole video and do not don't describe that he said he ate some don't do research

  • I stopped and quit smoking for almost 12 weeks now with the help of vaping. No more cigarette nicotine craving for me! 👌

  • What's more harmful: a room full of people with a humidifier filled with glycerin, PG, and fruit flavoring? Or a room full of people with a burning furnace packed with paper, tobacco leaves, sugar, rat poison, and all the other shit they put in cigarettes? Now after you picture those two rooms in your head you can think of how fucking retarded it is to compare the two….. The vape argument is over.

  • Oh my, oh my, oh my…..
    I'm glad that I'm commenting in 2019. Far more studies have been done and as such DO YOUR DAMNED READING!!

  • I have acutualy read that nicotine slow down developemt of Alzheimers and that nicotine likly has medicinal beneifits like it can help whith adhd symptomes. Nicotine it self is noy considers a very dangeruze drug on it self it is not the nicotine that gives u cancer iy is the tar and the other additives

  • Cigarettes are awful, go Cigars!! you don't inhale, and they have very little effect on overall health in a negative way.

  • Lmfao….they wanna regulate so they can get their cut I should start looking into stocks for vaping.

  • My mom’s been smoking since before I was born, is it bad that I kind of hate her for it? I remember one time she was driving and she turned on the ac and the air was almost suffocating because there was so much smoke. At least now I know I’ll never smoke because the smoke gives me really bad headaches and I don’t want to be my mom.

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