Dysfunctional FDA Standards Are Leading To Vaping Illnesses

Dysfunctional FDA Standards Are Leading To Vaping Illnesses

With more than 500 cases of this mysterious
lung illness from vaping, the question over
the proposed vaping ban is what’s, where’s
that leading us?
Where is the vaping ban?
And again, every time we do a vaping story,
they hate to say this, but I swear to God
there is a vaping cult out there as this,
it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.
When we talk about vaping, even though we
talk about it’s, you know, you got, you got
problems with THC, you got problems with E
acetate, you’ve got all, you got problems
with heavy metals, you got problems with…
And it, when you talk about it, this cult
mentality says, oh, we can’t talk about that
because it’s safer than tobacco.
Okay, let’s say it’s safer than tobacco.
500,000 people die every year because of tobacco.
It doesn’t move me to say it’s a little bit
What’s your take?
I think the vaping ban is a bad idea and we
look, we know, you know, I know everybody
knows that, yes, the vaping companies are
marketing these flavored products that they’re
trying to ban.
They’re marketing them to children.
There is no question about that and something
should be done about that, but outright banning
these things is an absolutely bad move.
It’s addressing a problem that’s not related
to the actual problem.
The problem is you have hundreds of people
getting ill.
We don’t know why.
Nine people are dead.
And we don’t know.
We don’t know why.
That’s the point.
Because there’s no regulations.
That’s the problem.
There’s no regulations in this industry whatsoever.
We don’t know what people are putting in here.
The FDA does not have any kind of set standards
as to what can go in a vape.
Not to mention the little vape shops that
pop up on the corners, they’re putting, God
knows what in there because nobody’s looking
over their shoulders.
Is this just another FDA disaster?
We got, you got an, you’ve got an organization
that is completely dysfunctional.
If you believe the FDA is there to protect
you, you are in la la land.
So the FDA watches this develop.
Even in the early times, people are saying,
look, there’s no regulations.
People can put whatever they want in here.
They can have whatever device they want to
deliver it.
It can be something that’s leeching lead into
the human body, leaching pesticides into the
human body.
It’s releasing E acetate in the human body.
All these things.
Now I’m not suggesting, you know, we handled
the tobacco litigation and the, we, we launched
that case right at this law firm years ago
and we saw all the documents and I can tell
you this stuff that’s in tobacco is a lot
worse than this.
No question about it.
But don’t you get to the point where you want
to say, look, yeah, we get that it’s a way
for people to stop smoking, but we have to
at least objectively talk about it.
And the FDA has to regulate these mom and
pop organizations that are making the delivery
system, the pen.
They need to regulate every part of it.
Well, and people need to understand too, anytime
you’re inhaling something into your lungs,
don’t you want know what’s in that?
I mean, rather than take some guy behind the
counter, his word for it that, oh, no, no,
I’ve just mixed up this fresh batch of it.
No, that that’s what people are getting sick
That’s why this all happens suddenly.
That’s why people are dying.
There’s obviously a bad batch of something
out there in this country killing people.
Let, let me tell you where this case goes.
This is my prediction.
In a couple of weeks we’ll be in Las Vegas
where we have our meeting of lawyers that
handle complex cases and what we’ll be talking
about is this isn’t a case that can be solved
in one federal court.
May be brought in one federal court, but there’s
so many, there’s so many avenues to go after
these companies.
Take for example the, the pen itself, it’s
got all these component parts.
Each one of those component parts are made
in different States.
You have so many components to it that you
can, you can almost pick where you want to
bring the case.
And so because of that you’re going to have
these companies that are mom and pop organizations,
basically, hugely under financed that are
going to go under.
Even the big companies are going to go under.
And what we’re going to find is when all the
smoke clears, we’re going to see most of this
was financed by big tobacco.
So we’ve come a full circle, haven’t we?
Thanks for joining me.
Thank you.

75 thoughts on “Dysfunctional FDA Standards Are Leading To Vaping Illnesses

  • The ban is being pushed by the cigarette lobby, that's why the politicians jumped on this. And most shops just sell vape juice not manufacture it.

  • Shock bans won't help anything and will only build black markets which lead to even worse things? WHO COULDVE SEEN THAT COMING 😯

  • Shit like this is why REGULATION is important! It protects us the consumers! The big multi-million/billion dollar corporation has to have an outside watchdog, jump through a few extra hoops, fill out a little more paperwork? Cry me a river! People are dying!

  • In CA, over 90% of us neither vape nor smoke and so this ban only affects less than 10%. This is why the ban on this is going through and bans on other stuff aren't. I don't know people who vape and it didn't occur to me that people are getting sick from weird stuff being in there.

  • 👎🏽 You fools are playing into big tobacco’s hands. Pesticides? The same nonsense used to keep marijuana illegal. There are pesticides scares for produce, but no calls to ban it. Studies showing metal leakage used e-cigs with NO liquid in them. Of course metals burn with nothing in them to boil. 3-4 times more die in a month from smoking than EVER from vaping, but you still pump the same failed, RIGHT-WING, “bootstrap” solutions that KILL THOUSANDS of recovering smokers.

  • Vaping, smoking, contaminated water, climate, Trump, gun control, drugs, round up, healthcare, these just spring to mind. God HELP us.

  • The problem is black market Vapes. People are mixing them with God knows what in their freaking garages!
    Plain and simple. Legalize, regulate, tax. Win, win!

  • You need to do your research and stop listening to the media. The vaping issues are being caused by illegal thc products. Not nicotine vaping. This is corporate propaganda bullshit paid for by the tobacco industry.

  • It's sad to see smart people look so stupid. Have you guys done any actual research. Nicotine vapes aren't killing people

  • All these illnesses are related to illegally sold THC related devices I've been vaping for 8 years I can breathe clearly now I used to cough up blood when I smoke cigarettes why would you legalize something that is saved my f**** life you f**** idiots stop beating vaping with a f**** stick my mother quit smoking cigarettes with a vape at all so quit vaping
    Vaping saves lives stop f**** fear-mongering stop click-baiting come out and say that it was illegal f**** THC products that cause this s*** you fools

  • So, let's ban alcohol, cigarettes, and cigars as they kill people every day!!! From either DUIs, cancer, second hand smoke, alcohol poisoning, or setting their homes on fire from a cigarette that wasn't put out! Not to mention forest fires that were set due to cigarettes not being put out!

  • There are tons of regulations on nicotine related vaping products there aren't very many regulations on THC vaping products which are killing people

  • Nine million Americans vape.
    380 Americans got sick.
    0.004% is a very weak correlation.
    This is a tainted product problem.

  • should we make Barbie dolls illegal because they have led them to and kids put them in their mouth and they're marketed to children and people by their shit from China

  • i dont wanna be one of those "i vape so i know everything" people, but how is it that suddenly after a decade of nothing, in about a month, all these illnesses and deaths happened? theres a new problem thats not directly vaping related is the rational answer. someone, some organization, has decided suddenly that some ingredient should be added to a product thats been safe(er) for a decade… now its not safe and killing people.

    is it true that under the settlement in the lawsuit against tobacco and cigarette companies that they were to pay states based on cigarette sales for various things like cancer treatments..etc? is it true that vaping isnt considered smoking (or considered cigarette sales) under the rules that gets states money from cigarette companies? is it also true that cigarette companies are currently buying out vaping companies? without trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist…there seems to be smoke where the fire is if any or all of this is true.

  • 500 + anecdotes in a decade.
    Suggests no problem.

    Fda needs to regulate
    ,But im a little more conerned bout them keeping chicken shit off my kale.

    How many CONFIRMED deaths and illnesses from food born pathegeons just last year.

    Reefer madness.

  • The Vaping Industry hasn't done enough research to know what's causing people to become ill. The trump administration doesn't motivate the FDA to research vaping & establish the facts. The tobacco industry is certainly concerned about competition & loss of profits from vaping competition.

  • This quack Methodist lawyer needs to step down from the pulpit here and stop pretending to have the moral high ground on anything when his own God wouldn’t stand trial for 1 minute. He’s not a medical professional, investigative journalist, cult expert psychologist or anything required to be making the statements he does here.

    The evidence shows that the problems are associated with stuff coming from the black market and lack of proper regulation, not a conspiracy led by the tobacco industry and ‘vaping cults’. In reality, he’s the one pushing religion as his drug of choice here.

  • Can anyone give me an accurate count on the backlog of research the FDA is facing?
    It is a staggering amount!
    And that was before the dysfunctional government we've now had for nearly the past 3 years.

    Good luck.

  • The Hell with smokers, and if vapors want to be stupid with all this new information coming out… That's on them- let them die, THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT WASTE FUNDS AND TIME TREATING THEM, PERIOD!

  • I'm almost 65 and smoked about two packs of cigarettes a day. I started vaping today. I didn't buy flavored tobacco juice
    I can tell you already this will replace my cigarettes. I wonder if the sweet flavored juice draws sugar build up in the lungs and make them sticky. Can someone tell me about this? Look I know it's not good to put anything in your lungs. No excuses in any form.🤔✌️🇺🇸

  • These mom and pop stores are only retailers unless they have house juice like mine until they closed the store. But they used an FDA certified lab

  • Doesn't alcohol cause liver disease? Time to ban that too. Oh yah, while we are at it let's ban potato chips for the high cholesterol and salt content. Also, candy due to having tons of sugar.

  • Well, ban lettuce too!!,, just as many died from lettuce last year too,!!meanwhile epa, is deregulating use of toxic chemicals and monsanto s round up?!!! Really ,so we should focus on vaping???.. and fracking is poisoning ground water out west,,, come on!!

  • There doesn’t need to be a ban. There needs to regulations on the product. I vape, and I can’t believe there are no regulations on these products. It’s insane. There’s literally no good defense for this.

  • It didn't happen suddenly. Vaping has been a thing for quite a few years now and only until recently have (only a few) people had bad shit. With that being said it wouldn't surprise me if the tobacco companies made some bad shit on purpose just to try and make a lame case for the push-over that is our current president…

  • It's a cult alright. It also shows how addiction clouds a persons judgment.

    Vaping should of been tackled when it first arose. Remember e cigarettes where a cheep alternative invented in China as a cheeper alternative tobacco.

    Yes, E-cigarette vapor contains fewer toxic chemicals than cigarettes but that DOSE NOT MAKE THEM SAFE!

    E-cigarettes create vapor made of fine and ultrafine particles of particulate matter, which have been found to contain propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, flavors, tiny amounts of toxic ants, carcinogens, heavy metals, and metal nanoparticles, and other substances.

    The take away is this:
    There is no tentative evidence to say they're safe, neither is there any to support they help a person stop smoking.

    Big tobacco is heavily invested in the vaping market which is a unregulated dream for them to come true, a new generation of victims they can capitalise and turn into drug addicts.

  • I want to thank the ring of fire for taking these tyrant to task. The governments around the world should of banned this instead of starting the second tobacco epidemic.

  • You need to do more research!!! Most of the E-liquid sold in stores have only four ingredients. The E-liquid that's purchased online comes from God knows where and contains God knows what. People are getting sick from chemicals that are added to Black Market THC cartridges. My e-cigarette helped me get off cigarettes. I've been using E-liquid with a very low nicotine content, purchased from a local store here for over 4 years with no problem.
    Stop the marketing of Vapes just like they did cigarettes! I guarantee you, if all vaping is banned people will go back to cigarettes.

  • You know, I don't really care about this. Nobody is forced to use that vaping stuff, or smoke, or take other drugs.. they do that because they want to. That is their own free will.
    But I do bloody care about people being shot to death every single day. And that is not because they want to.
    So why does a person who dies because of that vaping stuff count more than our kids being killed at school?

  • Not a little safer. The UK NIH says 99% Safer.
    Cigarettes kill half the users.
    Vaping doesn't.
    Big tobacco paid all y'all off too??

  • Yeah the THC is not killing people, it's the black market cannabis tanks that have been cut with who knows what. If the govt. would legalize the cannabis industry then they could over see the manufacture process to ensure this epidemic stops.

  • "They're marketing them to children! Things that taste good are only for kids! Adults don't like things that taste good, adults like sawdust and bran."

    Stop calling it a cult, you're only alienating them more, then complaining about that alienation.

    At least you're talking about regulation, finally.

    Side note, less deaths or diseases, to me, does say safer. Agree with regulation at least.

  • Vapers are so dumb they think they can vape on a public bus. The bus driver threw one off the bus as the vaper was telling him that it was safe. The driver retorted that they said the same thing about thalidomide.

  • Let's talk about the MSA money! It's not a mysterious illness. We do know why. It's illicit THC cartridges. No one has ever gotten sick from from regulated nicotine e-juice. You're right the FDA is remiss in their duties. I used to like you guys. Oh yeah, I'm not in cult Mikey.

  • I agree that there should be sensible regulations. Perhaps have a look at what the EU has done and get inspiration. No lung illness over there. No teen vaping "epidemic" over there.
    We can talk about vitamin E acetate, pesticides both of which are found in THC cartridges. To people who vape there is a huge difference between nicotine products and THC products. This would be like comparing soda with alcohol: both are bad for you but not at the same level. The bad batch killing people is in illicit THC cartridges, not the nicotine eliquid sold in stores, which incidentally card every person.

    500 000 people die because of cigarette smoking and it doesn't "move" you to have a safer alternative. Geez, even if it avoids only a small number, like 10% of the users to die because of tobacco, that 50 000 people! Wow, what disdain for human life.

    Big Tobacco could be behind this. Because of vaping, they've seen a significant drop in their shares. Thankfully for them, this crisis comes at the same time they are launching the Iqos. How convenient.

  • I don't understand. Why do so many people want to inhale fruity colloids? Does it give you pleasure? Relaxation? And if so, how?

  • I think the dr who invented this device had good intentions in order to help smokers quit more easily. I, personally, believe that if one wants to stop smoking badly enough they'd be able to. I say this because I did. I'd tried numerous times but picked it back up again. Then, one day I tried again and it wasn't easy, but I steered clear of places/people that would trigger me. I had to change certain behaviours but I also allowed myself to give into food cravings for a short period of time. I was on edge, a major proportion of society smoked back then. I had to be determined enough and find things to do with my right hand and fill my time up. Vaping nowadays is to what smoking was when I was growing up. The laws need to be stricter. My belief is that many who vape do it to be trendy. It's not cool, one is not cool because they vape. The concept of vaping needs to be changed. It should have to be prescribed by a dr to prevent people misusing it! I live in Hong Kong and there's been a good deal of controversy surrounding vaping. I'm not certain if anything concrete has been decided upon as yet.

  • finally. I remember the first videos Mike put about vaping that made you want to facepalm

    this conclusion I like. regulate the ingredients on the juice, the allowed consumers (no minors), and the manufacture to verify that the coils and heating element (the tech is moving to a mesh grill heating) are made with safe materials.

    P.S. Mr Papantonio if you don't want people to be on the defensive aggressively. stop starting EVERY single video about E-cigs mocking or complaining about the users. seriously. every single video you put out about e-cigs you start with something like that.

    instead of earning the trust of the e-cig users to help you if you wanted to litigate against the Tobacco companies that bought Jul and others, and starting to abuse the products and started marketing them for teens.

    you alienated the (old) vapers. that actually disliked that too, and wanted the regulations and safeties that are more common in other places. (in Europe they are way more regulated that in the US)
    and you would know it if you did a little more research at the start of this crusade.

  • What people is vaping is the real issue… If I drink rat poison mixed with alcohol and get sick and die, are they going to blame drinking alcohol? No!!!, It's the same with vaping, vaping didn't cause any of this, it's what they are vaping the real issue here… this is just a witch hunt against vaping in general…

  • If I was a cigarette company, I'd make vaping look as EVIL as POSSIBLE. I'd donate to politicians willing to vote against vaping and doctors willing to condemn vaping.

  • It's not a way to get people to stop smoking, it's a way to "trick" people into smoking an alternative tobacco product.
    In 2014, the FDA concluded that e-cigarettes are tobacco products: https://academic.oup.com/ntr/article/21/3/267/5041976/#targetText=Products%20that%20contain%20nicotine%20derived,legal%20framework%20for%20FDA%20regulation.&targetText=However%2C%20describing%20e%2Dcigarettes%20as,regulation%2C%20but%20others%20do%20not.

  • We know what caused those deaths. Vitamin E oil. They are supposed to be treated like nicotine products.

    It's not the regulated products so much as the black market that has come along from the weirdly restrictive laws that end up leaving dangerous loopholes.

  • Stupidity Idiocy is leading to vaping maiming from exploding batteries to death by just using them cause breathing in smoke IS STUPID AND IDIOTIC but then again so is heroin cocaine …. and there are laws BANNING them. So the only gov't regs we need for people who want to commit suicide is to prevent harming others, no smoking or drug use in public, around children at home, taxing the crap out of them, requiring the product to be made in the USA so we get max benefit, etc. and then funnel the money to say EDUCATION.

  • Neat, that wasn't wrong at all! We are talking about vaping here and Mr.Papantonio did not start to have little freak-outs about overblown stories or simply general disdain for what a vape is. This NEEDS to be talked about and that's how it needs to be done.

  • Nicotine is a horrid drug.However you take it it's still a ignorant thing to do.Then you say well that s way is safer than that and now let's ingest Lord knows what because it's safer than cigarettes and,and,and .And it's all the same Addict's dysfunctional excuses in the end.

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