Dr. Patrick Quillin | Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer? (& Benefits of the Cannabis Plant)

Dr. Patrick Quillin | Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer? (& Benefits of the Cannabis Plant)

Ty Bollinger: But in California, it is legal
Dr. Quillin: That’s true.
Ty Bollinger: Under certain parameters.
Dr. Quillin: That’s true.
Ty Bollinger: Talk real quickly, if you will,
about the medicinal effects of the hemp plant,
or cannabis.
Dr. Quillin: Hemp, cannabis, is arguably the
most useful plant on earth.
If you do a history of it, you look at
canvas, which is what our ancestors used for
Conestoga wagons and for the clothing.
Canvas comes
from the word cannabis, because cannabis was
the material that they used to make all of
their clothing
and canvas.
It lasts longer than cotton or polyester.
If you go back and look at your history, it
was around 1937 when
DuPont got its patent for polyester, and that
was the beginning of the witch hunt to get
rid of cannabis.
Because it was competition.
You look at, you can use it for paper pulp,
for clothing.
You can eat it, the food, the seeds are high
in omega-3 fats, high in protein.
The oils, from hemp oil, is
delicious, nutty tasting, and high in omega-3s.
And then there’s the medicinal parts, the
And the THC, tetrahydracannabinoid, and CBD,
are two different fractions.
The government has had this illogical approach
to cannabis, because you think.
It’s a category-1 drug,
meaning they think it’s more dangerous than cocaine,
Schedule-1 means that it’s addictive,
dangerous, and has no therapeutic value, which
is ridiculous.
I mean, there are many studies that have
been done.
One of them, for instance, the DEA, Department
Ty Bollinger: Drug Enforcement Agency.
Dr. Quillin: Drug Enforcement Agency, decided
they want to prove how unhealthy marijuana
And so they
went to a major researcher at UCLA, University
of California at Los Angeles, and said, “We
want you to
prove that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer.”
He said, “Shouldn’t be a problem.”
They did a huge
study, prospective, randomized trial, and
he said, “Not only it doesn’t cause it,
it actually helps to
prevent it.”
THC has an anti-cancer property.
I’m not telling people you should smoke
I’m telling you
that we need to have a rational discussion
on marijuana, hemp, cannabis, because there’s
abundance of data now that says that it’s
non-toxic and has therapeutic benefits.
The CBD, cannabinoids, apparently there are
cannabinoid receptors in the human body, and
it’s almost
as if nature designed, “Here’s lock and
And this fits in, and it improves.”
It’s an adaptogen, not
unlike ginseng, or garlic, or substances that
just make everything work a little bit better.
We need to have an adult discussion on it.
If you compare it to tobacco and alcohol,
the risk to benefit,
the cost ratio of cannabis is in favor of
legalizing it, regulating it, and taxing it.

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  • thank you for your public service Ty , this video popped up as I was packing a bowl, so I had to watch, I agree with everything he said 🙂 I live in California, have a great day and thanks again

  • thanks Ty among the most awesomely informative videos, not enough people know the many miraculous curing abilities of this plant ~ so many examples out there but most need to be hidden as like he said this can mean heavy criminal implications for most of north americans ~ thanks to the luciferian globalist agenda to weaken, damage, kill us off~ project 2030 scary direction in which we are headed

  • Change the title please, you're not answering your own question. The title is misleading and doesn't make sense. Make the title something like ''Discussion with dr. Quillin on the positive effects of marijuana.''

  • No such thing as lung cancer… true. What?? Read my explanation of cancer (Cancer the truth…) . The real explanation… how cancer actually works… which very few know about. It included 2 (yes, two cures). Really? Yup.

  • To show the true ignorance of the folks reading this… If lung cancer was a disease and the tumor or lung was removed… why does it come back or resurface? Answer: lung cancer is not a disease. Cancer is the disease – and it manifests in the form of tumors (abnormal cell growth) in locations in the body where there is weakness. Now… you know that the term 'remission' is fictitious. Just a term created by the medical industry to give to the ignorant population… for the period of time when the cancer lays dormant (like Hep C). Because… the chance of surgery, chemo and radiation killing the cancer completely is just plain stupid. 2% of patients will make it to the 5 year mark. I have truly lost interest in the ignorance of the American people. All of you are so easily fooled. Luke 8:17 it is time…

  • Some studies suggest most weed today has too much thc today, and can cause psychosis when more than 10%
    Is this true?
    better of using the cbd only and dont get high, because thc is responsible for the high.

  • Although I agree that cannabis is great for your body on certain situations.. but, if you smoke it..meaning, if you inhale smoke into your lungs, that is definitely not good for your lungs at all… smoking ANYTHING increases the chances of developing lung cancer…it's not the Marijuana, it's the smoke…think about it.. smoke SHOULD NOT be in your lungs.. PERIOD

  • Breathing in smoke in general is not good. But tobacco is filled with extreme pathogens while weed is usually natural.

  • This guy is obviously in medical marijuana sales
    No mention of all of the other social effects
    How it breaks down a person's morals and values
    nearly all marijuana users have the exact same social problems as alcholoics
    difficulty retaining a job , broken families , unwanted children ,abortions

  • Inhaling any form of smoke is carcinogenic ……cigs ,joints, camp fires its all bad for you DONT SMOKE …IT CAUSES CANCER

  • Marijuana and hemp are able to absorb radiations from the landfill and the atmosphere, how can the plant store all that shit like polonium 210 and so on and where does it go???? Answers please

  • I’m just worried about the sticky tartar on the villi when they stuck together and can’t “sweep”………any answer to this?????

  • Putting smoke into your lungs is bad you shouldn’t be putting anything in your lungs except air,but my point of view of weed is that weed isn’t very harmful at all I have ADHD and it actually helps to keep me calm and still and I actually do exercise on a daily basis so my thoughts on weed is that it’s not bad but it is a gate way drug to many other bad harmful drugs but do keep in mind that putting smoke into our lungs is automatically considered unhealthy, but in terms of comparison weed is way more healthier then Tobacco and alcohol‼️💯

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