Do Smart Students Smoke More Pot?

Do Smart Students Smoke More Pot?

Everyone knows that guy or gal who’s super
smart, and can play soccer while reciting
Yeats backwards who also happens to be a SUPER
Hey y’all, Trace here for DNews. This week
a new 30 year, 39,000 person Canadian study
came out comparing tobacco smoking teens with
pot smoking teens. Researchers learned the
popularity of pot and cigarettes in 1981 was
the opposite of today. Back then cigarettes
were the norm and pot was the strange habit;
now it’s swapped! On top of changing of social
norms, the study ALSO found, pot smokers do
better in school than their tobacco smoking
peers! This got us asking: is the smart pothead
a stereotype?
Well, it doesn’t make you dumber, at least,
not for long. A study from Australian National
University found the belief of the dumb pothead
is based on an accidental statistical bias!
Once the researchers began to control for
intelligence, income and social ability science
found people who smoke pot aren’t dumber.
And a 2001 study by Harvard found long-term
heavy pot users DO mess up their short-term
memory, but if they quit for a month, it comes
We know IQ can be controversial, but a long-term
study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community
Health took the IQ of 8,000 British children
aged 5 and 10 years old in the 1970s. Then
they went back to those same people and asked
them about their psychological distress and
drug use at ages 16 and 30. The researchers
controlled for anxiety and depression as a
teen, parental social class, and lifetime
income levels. By the time the subjects were
30, one in three men and one in six women
had used pot! Turns out, men and women with
high IQ scores at age 5, were 50-percent more
likely to be in the using population at 30;
with the brainy ladies using more than the
The researchers decided these smartypants
were using either as a coping mechanism, from
years of bullying and social exclusion, or
perhaps because smarter people crave novel
experiences and sensations. They’re going
to dig deeper with more research.
But with all these studies there is no evidence
that pot can make us smarter. I did find a
study from 2010 which found cannabis users
performed better at some semantic memory tests.
Basically, the brain connects related words
more easily, but that’s really it.
It does appear to make you less motivated,
though. There is new evidence that marijuana
makes it hard to activate the brain’s reward
system. Their brains are awash with dopamine,
but the reward system is blunted by cannabinoids
in the herb and fails to give you the get-up
and go. And new studies show marijuana can
be psychologically addictive and require psychotherapy
and medication to treat dependency.
Bottom-line: there’s NO causation for pot
MAKING HUMANS SMARTER. But chances are the
honor roll is totally rolling. This makes
sense, because the smart kids usually WORK
HARDER, so they probably party harder too.
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100 thoughts on “Do Smart Students Smoke More Pot?

  • What about sillycybin? You know the first issue of High Times back in 1974 had a picture of a woman about to eat a mushroom? How hilariously ironic….

  • 16 iq 155 dude 10 gs mega dank, fifth a vodka is a decent night, quantum physics, thermodynamics, psychology, classical physics, Gravity Theory, Special Relativity Theory, the Uncertainty Principal, Probability, and finally Electromagnetism are implemented in every day life, peace dudes.

  • Work a job 4 days a week go to school 5 days a week and work every single weekend study hard and everything and I smoke every day

  • The description section has many supporting links but seemingly not for the demotivational claim made in the video, except for a link to their video "Why Pot Makes You Lazy" in which he doesn't provide evidence for lack of motivation or accomplishments, just a possible co-occurring dopamine patterns as found in other addicts or mental health issues. They're really stretching it to make these "potential" claims.

    I doubt the findings of said study on the basis that amotivational syndrome was explored in my university course on drugs and addiction, and in the 1970s they researchers went at this hard to try and prove the stereotype but came back with no evidence to support it. Most of the research on cannabis, because it's prohibited, had so much red tape to get through and those few that were approved were only looking for negatives.

    We can theorize and rationalize about processes in the brain and expected behavioural outcomes, but unless the amotivation is actually observed and measured can we say it decreases motivation. Many people may even get a stimulating boost from the drug, especially with the correct strain, or only use it once in a while so it's impact is less than getting drunk on the weekend. If cannabis does, even sometimes causes amotivation they would have found plenty of evidence to support it in the 1970s, 80s back when they thought it was as bad as dirty heroin.

    And last I checked, alcohol, ice cream, and candy don't exactly promote productivity and have worse health outcomes. How hypocritical to, in a free country, criminalize drugs because they don't promote productive, obedient workers, then promoting productivity drugs to the point that we no longer think of it as a drug, i.e. caffeine. Do our bodies and lives not belong to us to control?

  • Why do people smoke marijuana?. Check out our list of Top 10 Reasons Why People Smoke Weed. What's your reason for lighting Up Be Honest? Click Here

  • The valedictorian at my school is a pot head lmao. I’m an honors student and I’m actively in over 3 after school activities while keeping a 4.0 GPA and I smoke almost every weekend. Depending on the strain, it helps me with stress, focusing on work, and benefits me when I workout. 🤪

  • Addiction and dependency are 2 different things…… so perhaps you should be more clear on what you mean.

  • Doesn't the cannabis plants leafs look like good rolling paper? BOOM!!! god always plans for everything. Do a video on how amazingly different cannabis is to other plants and medicines.

  • As a smart person, my weed intake is directly correlated the level of anger I feel toward the mass population of idiots, idiot savants, and overall sheeple I'm forced to deal with daily. Thank you, marijuana; I've yet to murder anyone.

  • I play chess when high and when not. I absolutely play +150 rating when playing high but not too high, maybe that's connected to that word thing that weed improves.

  • This is actually true… my friends and myself on highest honor roles with 4.0 or higher weighted GPA and IQ of 130+ have smoked or consumed Pot. Talk about COLORADO!

  • lul, I'm just an all-or-nothing person. Study hard, or not at all. Party hard, or not at all. Not a good mentality to have. Gets you into a shitton of shit.

  • Ya some stupid fucks every pot head i know is a sore loser and a bum it’s reality it’s stereotypical for a reason there’s truth behind it don’t come here looking for an excuse to make you feel better while doing drugs.

  • I don't know about this video, but I HAVE noticed that potheads tend to act smarter when in reality what they're saying is usually false.

    Example: When high on marijuana, somebody tried to convince me that nicotine was a man-made chemical and NOT derived from a plant in the tobacco family. Now, he could just be an idiot, but his confidence in his answer was infuriating.

    TL;DR Potheads are in my experience know-it-alls.

  • Yep that's me I'm 16 and no one can outsmoke me, I smoke indoor joints as soon as my high is down I am always elevated

  • i 'm a 26 year daily user and i'm glad i found it then …because i was very energetic and impulsive..
    with pot i'm very calm and i can do anything on it …but don't begin to youtube when yout free …because that is what i can best then 🤣🤣😉

  • Straight A's boissss!!! Also a beast at soccer, got 6 certifications this year alone, multitalented as shit, adhd, and a weed smoker<3

  • The semantic thing is funny how they glassed over that, that's the reason you get those thought connections in the first place

  • I. have restless leg syndrome and having a hard time controlling leg movements since this is a nerve condition could cbd help

  • One study shows that children that start smoking pot regularly at an early age tend to have 8 IQ points fewer than the average and a much higher chance of schizophrenia and paranoia.

  • it can make you do better atm and make you think harder and more cause in inhibits gaba in the synaptic cleft all the neurotransmitters. and by doing that it makes dopamine go up so you brain gets pleasure so you dont get so streesed out when you are working on some hard problems. see it makes more receptors come out cause the brain sees it needs to have more to gave more of the signaling from the proteins in the synaptic cleft. but it can burn them out and that makes less signaling to happen but yes receptors grow back. so you can learn easier and faster. almost the same to say about adhd and ssris and antidepressants cause they all do some kinda inhibtion o the brain and alot of them deal with the vertral striatum the reward center. this i know but it seem to work for me to some but how can you really tell if you never tried. like i never tried at school till i smoked so maybe its just the focus it improves cause dopamine is the reward neurotransmitter. so it makes you wanna wanna do good in what your doing just like facebook rings so as people we wanna see what it is. so if anything cannabis conditions the brain for what you wanna do better in if you use it to do better in them kinda things.

  • About to graduate in Mechanical engineering. Had a daily weed habit my second year. Also saw by grades drop to Cs for the first time.

    I'm fine with smoking pot in social occasions once a week or a few times a month, but I wouldn't recommend being a daily pot smoker if you are an engineering student. It doesn't make you dumber. It just shortens your attention span, limits your motivation to do the shit ton of diffyQs and dynamics hw you've been pushing off and just creates a permanent haze. You need a sharp motivated mind to complete engineering school with a decent GPA and constant weed consumption can hinder that.

    After quitting I can actually sit down for hours at a time practicing problems, being proactive with projects etc and my GPA slowly raised back up thankfully.

    Again, social smoking with friends on occasion is harmless and can be fun. However I unfortunately can't smoke at all now because I'm trying to get employed with defense contractors who require secret clearance which means the possibility of a hair test and polygraph.

  • why do u waste your time on nonsense like this? why don't u make videos about effective ways to prevent divorce, improve the quality of water in african countries and to destroy the stereotypical beliefs that people have about other countries

  • Your take on Dual Brain Psychology would be interesting:

  • Almost 50 here. Have a post grad degree. Been smoking weed since 17 y.o. Aside from the major lazy factor, not any more intelligent than my bff. While she likes her alcohol, not a weed smoker. She does have an extra Master's degree but she is not lazy like I am. That being said, I think we hold our own equally well when exchanging ideas, theories, and current events. Bottom line: Am I smarter than she is? Street wise, oh yeah. Book wise, even. Conclusion: Smoke weed instead of drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol can lead to harming yourself &/or others. Smoking pot pretty much makes you lazy but thoughtful. Neither makes you any more smarter than you already are.

  • It depends on the type of weed and the activity. I like to study more on weed. Granted they are things Im interested in learning about though.

  • Smart people do it because they do research and they’re educated on cannabis. We’re not ignorant to the facts and know it’s beneficial and safer than tobacco or alcohol.

  • I need to get my grades up I need to stop smokeing during school smh 🤦‍♀️ I need to get my shit together

  • Full time sleeper, highschool sophomore, crier, and stoner. I’m high and have a unit exam tmrw help and happy Halloween

  • You said that marijuana make you lazy. Are you just saying that about Indica marijuana? Or both? Sativa marijuana! Because they have different effects. Indica will give you a body high,while Sativa marijuana gives you mind high,giving some creativity. Where both tested in these statistics? Or just the common Indica,which will relax the body? Most statistics are inaccurate because they dont see what's wrong with their testing,which give them the wrong results.

  • I graduated high school in 1972. I smoked cannabis two or three times in high school. I was rated 106 out of 150 students. I would say that out of all the people I knew that used cannabis on a regular basis, half did better in high school than I did, and most of those went to college and got degrees. That said, out of the people that smoked on a regular basis, they had more success in their life than I did.

  • It’s because smarter kids are generally more stressed about studies, performance, etc. and therefore use marijuana as a de-stress mechanism.

  • I'm high right now. Too high maybe, eugh. My IQ is 135, marijuana is a tool for me. I dunno whether or not I can say the same for others like me, but this shit gets me enlightened. It's like reaching the barrier between lies & confusion, where what only resides is truth. It also causes some headache, but it's worth it.

  • A lie. Its all in the head. Its all about what YOU want to happen. (: I am a straight A student and I am a full time stoner. If you want to succeed, you will. But you have to want to

  • I can relate to this, I'm regarded as "smart" but really I just have an inherent curiosity that drives me to learn and I smoke weed. Shit helps me decompress and learn better, connect obscure ideas that I otherwise wouldn't have realized were related had I not smoked.

  • When i was younger i conditioned myself to do stupid thinks while high. There are things i love about it, but bc my brain is connected with those stupid things i did when i was high all the time, i absolutely resist it now. Because i know i need to improve myself. does anyone else feel this way?

  • I'm pretty smart tbh and I'm just constantly stoned, but it's not pot that makes me smart it's being smart that makes me smoke pot, as it's a good coping mechanism for stress

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