Did Jim Jones Send A Warning To 50 Cent?

Did Jim Jones Send A Warning To 50 Cent?

okay let’s get to it
good evening this is the Star report I’m
your host fucknut you know call me
fucknut tonight a great day let me just
focus on me for a second but I had the
worst breakfast that I have had in years
the absolute worst and I’m gonna try to
be sensitive because I’m dealing with a
lot of sponsors and advertisers down
here in Atlanta but I have to keep it
real in the mic and let me just say for
those who don’t know I’ve been coming to
Atlanta since the late 80s back during
the whole Keith Sweat Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston Wave I know Atlanta
don’t get it fucked up there’s more
people here now but I know Atlanta I
used to hang it up a spot called
Sharon’s showcase you know skied out of
my mind back when a ghetto mafia had
shit on lock so I know Atlanta and um I
haven’t been to Waffle House in over 15
years but this morning for some strange
reason I went to Waffle House and I had
the absolute worst breakfast I’ve had
news my question to you early is what
happened what happened to Waffle House
let me just say hashtag disgusting I
couldn’t even finish the meal the
sausage were like cardboard the grits
were lumpy the eggs are they even real
eggs or are they like the plastic eggs
there are plastic eggs that are flown in
from China China don’t give a frock the
breakfast was disgusting
I took two bites of the waffle I threw
it away on the way home hang on a second
Pellegrino one Jack yeah I threw the
goddamn breakfast way I didn’t even
bring it home to give it to my coyotes
you know I got the Coyotes in the
I don’t want to put them through this
through this torture
yeah so what happened to awful house the
quality and just the the chairs it looks
like it’s still stuck in the 80s the
flooring Oh folks I’m sorry I don’t like
cooks who have locks lock some of you
say dreadlocks if you know true
Rastafarian culture they’re called locks
not dreadlocks anyway I don’t like cooks
who have locks and who do not wear a net
and this young woman even though she was
nice she did not have her locks in a net
that made me uh just you weird anyway
I’ll talk about that or you can call me
and tell me what happened to Waffle
House because in a sense I said you know
maybe this is why chickie Zia Clemens
you know blacked out tricky Zia Clemens
from Alabama three o’clock in the
morning she was up in a Waffle House
high on that shit allegedly and or
departme I think she was me breeded not
high and she got got really rambunctious
over some utensils it’s a shithole I’m
sorry that’s how I want to start the
show Waffle House a pure shithole anyway
uh hey on the screen first hot pickup
tonight did Jim Jones send 50 cent a
warning shot folks I watched someone
sent me a link today The Breakfast Club
interviewing Jim Jones cop oh good man
you know he and I had a low tension back
in the days we both agreed that we were
both stupid and that’s how we we became
cool and um he has gotten better though
with regards to being interviewed
because back in the days he was a
complete bozo I’m sorry he just he
didn’t know how to talk he would mumble
and say all sorts of just silly shit but
he’s older man now I like Jim I’m very
happy for his success his album that he
just put out one of the best in the last
five years if you’ve asked if you ask me
anyway did he send 50 cent a warning
shot I wrote down some notes DJ envy
rashon case he asked Jim Jones about
what’s going on with you in 50 cent are
you guys joking yadda yadda yadda 50
call Jim Jones a rat on Instagram you up
to speed that’s frozen that’s nice and
um some people think that 50 crossed the
line now 50 is a good guy who I know and
he invited me to his home years ago 50
cent is from Queens don’t get it fucked
up and fifties got money and fifties got
shooters I hate to put that on the table
but if you got money you got shooters
broke niggas don’t have no shooters
broke niggas have no shooters 50s got
I’ll just say a team if need be and Jim
Jones was very careful in how he chose
his words but he did say where I’m from
people who try to tarnish your name they
have to know that there’s repercussions
and consequences now was he letting 50
no knock it the fuck off or was he
sending a message I want you to tell me
I don’t want to just like you know uh
assume but uh that’s that’s my main
topic also Bostick Ronnie will be
calling in a colin kaepernick
his can’t released a two-page facts to
address the false narratives regarding
colin kaepernick will go there and talk
about that for those who give a shit I’m
just I’m tired for Colin Kaepernick and
Ronnie said she’s um she’s gonna stand
up for him of sorts so uh she’ll call in
she’ll address that also on the screen
should high school teachers carry guns
I have not pulled information out with
regards to stats just yet I’m gonna be
doing some research tonight um but I saw
a video someone sent me a link to uh
Atlanta Georgia
recently a high school student beat the
brakes off of a teacher now we have
white students that go in and shoot up
the school so let’s not you know act
like black what black kids are doing is
so bad by you know beating up the
teachers maybe it’s just propaganda
maybe we see more black students you
know pummeling why am i laughing
pummeling teachers white and black but
my question is should high school
teachers carry guns and I know the
President President Trump he tried to
push a law a couple years back with
regards to multiple states and teachers
arming themselves but now do we have an
epidemic do we have propaganda do we
have a level of concern we can’t just
have you know students beating up
teachers and think that it’s it’s okay
all right phone lines open and we will
also talk about who’s this someone from
the ninth ray Bloods Oh a row murder did
he drop his flag do you guys still use
that terminology or you you saying
something different he quit the Bloods
or so he thought
now he got a reduced sentence this is
part of the whole Takashi’s six six nine
trial and so on and so forth
sixty six months is what he got when in
reality he was supposed to get more he
quit the Bloods he was jumped in jail
according to multiple reports complex
calm and stabbed them all in his lung a
collapsed lung and some other things
what happened to that whole um we don’t
bend we don’t fold tray way huh what
happened Brooklyn niggas folding like
that all right and also I’m holding a
second a bunch of notes here okay you
know what I’ll come back to the island
you put too much on the table just yet
all right let me see if Bostick Ronnie’s
after Ronnie are you ready let’s get to
it early you can call in and I will get
to some cash apps that I did not get to
yesterday doing the show all right let’s
go to area code six one six early six
one six so you have to spend here six
one six good evening get you out here
sorry she’s smoking I’m not gonna hang
up on her just yet Jim Jones did he
issue 50 cent a warning or was that just
you know Jim just not talking anymore
well he’s a talker
I’ll good evening 607 are you there
talking about Jim Jones interview on the
other Breakfast Club 607 hello yes sir
good evening you know you know where he
comes from
basically you know you don’t deal with
that you know we’re talking about the
last person to be talked about
you’ve got to come closer to the phone
so you own a cheap headset come on come
on you said you heard the interview okay
and you’re saying basically you’re
saying basically so you’re not really
about that street life because you know
if you say the wrong thing you know shit
gets lit fast Jim Jones is just saying
and I mean that you were called at one
point but you know Jim just started you
know 50 started growling on Instagram
like he knew he does you know were they
ever cool sir or was 50 trolling Jim
Jones from the start because I remember
back in the days when they had some real
you know tension and 50 was on the radio
I think was with Angie Martinez and
Cameron called on camera called up to
the station and said I’m paraphrasing do
you really want that action do you think
that fit well that made a business move
and then either an issue with I mean I
know some 50 but the one who has control
Renault you know patrolling but this is
a real situation I say your phone sounds
like shit thank you very much it’s gonna
matter here I don’t want to read into
this but you know Jim is um he’s being
monitored in case you don’t know Jim
Jones by the feds let’s keep it real
he gave a acknowledgement to uh Mel
murder Mel murder just wrote a letter to
the judge
oh I’m sure you know and let me just say
salute to Jack Frost BB and network I
shot him a text earlier
to confirm because Jack Frost is up in
the courthouse during this whole Takashi
trial the sentencing and so on and so
forth and that’s why got this
information from first row murder stats
to add up in jail quitting the Bloods
quitting so Navy code nine zero nine
good evening 909 are you there I think
this might be Bostick money right here
hey Ron is that you area code seven
three two Ronnie Ronnie are you there
hey hey hey hey hey evening how are you
pretty good in yourself good good good
um we can start with Jim Jones but I
know that you do have some notes with
regards to Colin Kapernick yes yeah
mm-hmm put out a immediate press release
yeah give me a minute because I’m really
just I’m I’m bothered by Colin
Kaepernick maybe I don’t have reason to
be but just so let’s come back to that a
did you see Jim Jones on The Breakfast
Club acknowledging a bunch of different
things he had some guy with him some
jeweler and I don’t know what the fuck
that’s about but uh did you see Jim
Jones commenting 150 cent doing too much
yes I saw him comment on that and then
also weigh in on the foreclosure of his
house and you know he was really being
kind of dodgy throughout the interview
just you know I understand why he
thought the questions about the Kashi
6:9 and you know the case and all of
that and whether or not because you know
he was asked about whether or not he’s
you know and being looked at her and
danger of you know being swept up into
this whole thing investigated dodgy yeah
right right so with regards to 50-cent I
was a little bit surprised because you
know in the past they have you know
they’ve they’re sort of coming full
circle now because they had tension
before then they were seeming like they
were just trolling with each other and
you know having fun but now
his response was almost sort of like he
said you know there’s a way you get
dealt with for for doing things like
that he was basically saying that 50 was
wrong for posting that about him you
know being on the phones or him having a
snitch yeah I want to do a deep dive
tonight and I want to point out that you
know fifties ago now let’s not get it
fucked up 50 is from Queens Southside
Jamaica Queens and this might be going
back a little too far for some of you
viewers and listeners Queens has been
getting it in for a lot of decades
Brooklyn gets a lot of props you know
about being Gangster gully yadda yadda
yadda and I don’t mean to make reference
to killing a cop as some some cool thing
but a guy named Pappy Mason once upon a
time killed a cop in Queens and he
changed the landscape of how they you
know would move forward I’m talking
about like you know the streets and and
thugs and that sort of thing but prior
to that you could get dealt with real
fast so that mentality that conditioning
that tradition of you know being a
cutthroat and you know so on and so
forth that’s what 50s from I like the
fact that that Jim Jones is now saying
you know there’s consequences and
repercussions when you try to again
tarnish someone’s name because I thought
that 50 was trolling Jim Jones for a lot
of years I’ll just say that what do you
think you think that he sent him a
warning shot warning I think he had I I
think that he had to say something the
sort of reverse you know the implication
that was made which was that because
when 50 did that even though he deleted
it Jim Jones of course knows that 50 did
that but he didn’t respond so you know
what he’s asked about it he has to
respond and so I think a little bit of
that was posturing I don’t think you
know 50 Jim Jones is looking to meet 50
outside you know what I’m saying like
it was a little bit of bravado okay okay
again I’m glad that he finally you know
cut the short shit short and I fuck with
50 a heavy but you know 50 will clown
the fuck out of you I’m he clowned Young
Buck is his own man so so who the fuck
is Jim Jones in reality you feel me
sit tight Ronny I want to take some
calls on this and then I want to shift
gears and go to the Colin Kaepernick
press statement area code nine one zero
you’re on the line good evening nine one
oh yeah hey what’s up men laugh if they
didn’t know 50 cent is the boogeyman
50 god no no hose ball when they come to
fish right there’s no hose boss oh wait
Jimmy I can’t see I can’t see feel a
little pressure that up with the whole
Takashi saying that he had kind of say
it under his breath like 50 I will hurt
you but so I may have been shot nine
times and still living should be the
home where you from sir area code nine
one zero are you on the run were you
from originally
yeah North Carolina okay okay so right
right to the point do you think that you
know Jim Jones said I’m a warning shot
like hey man knocked the fuck off or you
know she could get lit fast I mean yeah
yeah I but but I think him know 50 he
know 50 ain’t one of these rooted
poo-pooed ass dude sitting on the
streets like he owned the street huh
which if you got money you got shooters
shit let’s keep it real pretty much yeah
broke niggas ain’t got no shooters all
that shouting niggas out in the projects
that don’t mean nothing if you ain’t got
no scroller niggas in the projects ain’t
ain’t coming to your defense let’s keep
it real and that’s 100 so the overall
thing I got out the interview was like
Jimmy was he wanted to really get grimy
on there and talk his talk where he know
what’s going on he know they looking at
or watching him so well he played it
smooth but he already knows
like you said if filth had dumped young
bro crying on the Internet mmm man if
you asked me I’ll just say this and this
is know who shot at Jim Jones you know
50 goes by the by the these street codes
of what was that Genghis Khan said years
ago it’s not enough that I succeed but
everyone else must fail you’re on
sandstone reality you didn’t Jim Jones
getting locked up and given five years
let’s do it laughs at him if you ask me
bugs me last word man will not only
laugh 50 or handle starting a little
miniseries on Jim John 10 shells better
watch out because 50 take the gloves off
anywhere he yeah he take the gloves off
and give it to you rock okay salut Thank
You Man thank you okay hang on a second
Bostick Lonnie folks am I reading into
this am i doing too much you know I
watched the interview and I say whoa
whoa I thought it was nice to see Jim
Jones finally cut the short shit short
and yet Ronny he spoke about the
foreclosure you know and truthfully I
like the fact that Jim is saying hey
listen I I want you to think that I’m
broke I got no money were in the shelter
yada yada ya and then he spoke about
love and hip-hop his beautiful
girlfriend Chrissy not his wife I don’t
think he got married she’s going back on
Love & hip-hop
I actually listened to the interview and
yeah thoughts on that Ronnie yeah I mean
he didn’t really give too much I the
only thing that I took away that was
worth it for me was that he he said he’s
gonna be putting out another album soon
so fourth quarter you know we only have
a couple months left so we should be
getting some more music from him with
regard to the foreclosure you know he
sort of let his friends speak for him
and insinuate that you know he was
upside down in the house and he didn’t
really want it but you know I don’t
think he’s living in a shelter you know
he was obviously joking when he said
that but that’s not a responsible thing
to do you can’t you know
he says what is his biggest hit falling
but then your house gets foreclosed on
for $100 by the bank and that’s not
that’s not good business sense because
at the end of the day he still owes that
money for that house so well Ronnie I
have to jump in as a former landlord and
a property owner you’re after the the
the recession in 2008 and 2009 you know
some of the smartest things to do were
to let properties go because the Wall
Street and the Obama administration
already got different getting the term
here I know it
I know what you’re getting at but Trump
has rescinded a lot of those protections
and a lot of those programs yeah yeah
but but at the same time it’s like some
of these properties if they’re not worth
it and you’re paying more than what it’s
fucking worth yeah the smart thing to do
sometime I just let it go take it back
hold on a second I want to get to some
super chats and then when I get to this
Colin Kapernick stuff blade Leaving Cert
blade says 50 calling someone a rat
question mark didn’t that nigga have an
order of protection on Murder Inc after
he got poked up in the studio question
mark yes yes yes you’re absolutely right
sir blade also says star speaking of
sending warnings back in the day when
you were trolling prodigy about getting
robbed did he ever make it to the studio
question mark listen man all right Peter
prodigy-man me and him we had a great
conversation before he passed away on
the radio I still have the audio 100.3
the beat I think was 2012 I’m stupid so
I’m no tough guy but no prodigy and his
team never came down to hot 97 that’s
what you’re referring to no he never
came down and uh I’m not trying to clown
the guy and he’s gone now so let’s just
leave it at that but um you know thank
you for your super chattering Gemstar I
said start at this super chance what is
this is this a no one apartment yeah if
the super chats are hard to keep up with
out so outsource them to India all I
know is if you continue to skip over
mine I’m getting YouTube involved all
right thank you gem star
and I’ll come back to cash up shortly
hey also um
Ronnie I didn’t watch the entire
interview I have to keep it real with
you I just I was annoyed by whoever that
little short guy was with the hat
baseball hat on backwards
he even poked his fucking nose into the
conversation with DJ envy and Jim Jones
about 50 cent he pokes his nose and said
yeah it’s like a slap boxing you know if
that goes bad I’m like well who the fuck
are you and why are you speaking of
about this freaky Zeki was in the he was
there at the interview did he speak up
the same thing about I don’t know
you know um no but he told a story about
having sex with a woman’s armpit okay so
that was really random yes Angela he
brought it up by thank you that’s was a
slow news day yeah
Angela Eve for the record guys was very
very nice to me met her twice beautiful
teeth very pretty mouth if she married
yet Ryan do you know not that I’m aware
okay maybe the couch is trash I don’t
know apart me dad was wrong area code 9
or 9 a gleaming talking about Jim Jones
did he send a warning shot to $0.50 no
no no I’m Lu Kenny how are you sir I
don’t think so I think you were just
trying trying trying to look tough sound
hard we know in the team so I think that
down down just for the camera and all
that we all we all know how 50/50 send
these tweets and stuff so and then I
wanted to talk about this the teachers
do not well hang on a second lieutenant
before we go to
second topic what street gang were you
in when you were back in Africa in the
Congo you were in a gang keep it real
Luke any when you were born and raised
in the Congo you came here when you were
a teenager yes America yeah okay when
you were in middle school what gang were
you in in the Congo
keep it real star I’m keeping it real we
at that time in Congo we didn’t really
have gangs like that okay so go get
nigga mind pay attention I think it’s a
danger to have 12 teachers have weapons
in class classroom okay because because
it doesn’t matter how much training you
have when bullets are flying your
training is out the door if you if you
don’t have the awareness and the
composure you gather yourself gather
your weapon and shoot back to the target
all that training doesn’t doesn’t mean
anything to me hang on a second now Luke
any my reason for asking is not
necessarily because of you know the the
mass shootings I saw a very sad video of
a young black teenager beating the
brakes off of a white teacher now I
don’t feel I don’t feel sorry for the
teacher because of what my father told
me about white people years ago and I
don’t want to you know say that sound
racist but I’m talking about the
teachers defending themselves nationwide
they’re always going on strike I feel
that they are underpaid now we’ve got
you know you know monkey see monkey do
in terms of people setting it on
teachers so do you think that the
teachers maybe you should be armed just
to maintain order or do you think that’s
too much of a risk and are you a parent
I’m not a third but I think that
too much of a risk I think the way that
I’m layin on top on the beaches is to
charge the parents if you charge a
parent then he might change right
because you can only charge the kids for
so much time or so much trouble right is
when I go to juvie be out in a year to
one or whatever but if you charge the
parents then the parents need to keep
their shit together right okay look at
this man
I hear you but maybe I need a parent on
the line because I think it’s somewhat
of an epidemic but listen man thank you
for the call and one day when you want
to keep it real with us you tell us what
gang you’re in the Congo right thank you
okay is it me and you do the Africans
when they call into the show and I say
that respectfully do they not tell the
whole truth and nothing but the truth
unless I press them locating is like one
of 104 Africans and I say this
respectfully they call in and I have to
grill them before they you know come out
with the you know the real information
Ronnie Colin capitalist shift gears for
a second what’s going on here some type
of a press release facts to address the
false narratives regarding Colin
Kaepernick when you and I spoke earlier
I said I’m sick of Colin Kaepernick and
you said you’re not can you take it from
yeah um you know you’re very dismissive
of him but you know the fact of the
matter is there are a lot of
misconceptions out there and a lot of
rumors and myths and things that simply
aren’t true
which I think may have seen in your
overall feelings about him yes yeah yeah
I mean and I don’t care to read this to
page you know factor sheet I don’t care
– I mean why don’t we see Colin
Kaepernick you know up on YouTube
Instagram talking or am I missing that
you know Jeremy Lin has got
Tube channel he talks why isn’t colin
kaepernick addressing you know people uh
more so by way of visual media okay well
he doesn’t need to be visual you know
but the fact of the matter is you you’ve
said before that you’re tired of hearing
from everyone else but him you’re tired
of the girlfriend you tried eric reid
well now he’s speaking up so the
platform that he uses to disseminate his
information you know it doesn’t matter
whether it’s a video or a press release
he is now put forth the facts now I know
you didn’t want to read the two pages so
I have what I think are the most
important fact as relates to the
situation which is that no team has
offered him a job no team has given him
a workout all 32 teams have been reached
out to and he has not made any salary
demands he has not turned down any
offers he has not received any offers
and he still wants to play so you know I
know there’s a lot of things circulating
that just simply aren’t true
now that sounds great but if you asked
me and the reason why I brought up
visual media is because you know if he
were to get up on YouTube or Instagram
and talk as opposed to doing all these
subliminal stuff and say hey this is
Colin Kaepernick I’m looking to get back
into the NFL yadda yadda yadda I think
that might help but I don’t see that I
mean is he doing that am I missing
well that’s what he said and his own you
know that’s what he said in the press
release of course I’m giving you you
know the Cliff’s Notes but he did say
that he has been working out you know
and he’s ready to play they listed all
of his different stats you know all of
these you know what he’s up to but the
bottom line started thrashing black box
that’s a nice guy okay so I’m saying I
mean if you think that his stats are
trashed are you telling me that Miami
can’t use him the Jets can’t use him I
mean they’re down to their third string
quarterback Pittsburgh can’t use him you
know so it’s it’s a lie to say that he’s
not being blackballed and that he can’t
be used
he can’t I don’t know if it’s
necessarily a lie I think everybody has
their own perception or interpretation
and and since we don’t know the the
terms of his settlement or agreement
with the NFL it’s leaving things out in
the open and here’s the question I want
to ask you because I did you and I
didn’t speak behind the scenes why is
colin kaepernick not playing football in
Canada Canada is not the joke when it
comes to football if I remember
correctly they only have three downs as
opposed to America we have four downs
from what I remember it’s a much more
faster paced game why is he not playing
in Canada does he look down upon that
one well I mean why are you not on
snapchat do you look down on snapchat he
wants to play here you might wish for
him to go away the NFL for certain
wishes that he would go away but he
doesn’t have to he’s ready and he’s
willing and he’s able to work here and
so you know now that he’s cleared the
air and you know with regards to his
status concerning the NFL it’s obvious
that they’re continuing to blackballed
him so you know why why should we
discount him okay folks if anyone cares
give us a call cash at Supercuts a
I don’t need snapchat John Smith you
Ronny I’m on YouTube I mean if we’re
talking about Colin Kaepernick I mean I
will utilize it if I felt the need to
it’s there for me there’s nothing
stopping me but with regards to him I
just don’t I can’t look at this as a
factsheet sad you know he’s he’s not
being given a chance you know just I’m
gonna stand on why isn’t he in Canada I
don’t think people should look down upon
Canadian football hang on a second let
me go to the phone lines then I’ll come
back to cash at super chat area code
three five two um good evening three
five to talk about a few things tonight
Jim Jones 50 cent what say you three
five two good evening three five told
you they’re yes no maybe it’s good area
code seven – yeah what’s gonna bite oh
my bad I’m your star
which one to talk about anything the 53
how about we get them out of here first
it’s your bad now you asked me what I
wanna talk about series every code 3 or
4 good evening I’m talking about Tim
Jones did he send a warning shot – 50
cent every kill 3 or 4 yo yo yo what’s
up what’s up evil hey what’s up minute
yo man yo all I got to say this right
here bro you know I’m saying yo Jim
Jones at 50 you know they still been
going since back in the day bro you know
in 50 so right anyway survival to kill
rat you know I’m saying you know EV I
know 50 or muffled rat you know say plus
cat he always deserve a chance always
does the other side you know I’ll say
evil good you know say I hear you sir
but I don’t know it 50 is a rat so I
mean that’s your perception unless
you’ve seen else you know something we
don’t know but that’s a perception sir
I’m aware of what other people are
saying but I’m saying to you unless you
don’t know he’s a rat then I’m not gonna
push that oh yeah he’s right let’s talk
about what Jim Jones said you think Jim
Jones in the warning that’s the question
the paperwork is out there on 50 officer
Fitzgerald okay that’s a that’s the all
the third bag that that he made the
state man who he’d be briefed okay now
you know what that means you know so all
of a sudden I excuse me my officer
come on man you sir I’m not asking
nobody nothing except the question did
Jim Jones send 50 50 sent a warning
that’s the question
always that always a question you know
he always you know that that value that
robbery goes deep that robbery was being
broke you know that that robbery was
deep back to the you know that one
autumn streets it’s the street hurts if
that still goes be brother did you see
the interview that we’re talking about
Breakfast Club
yeah we had a Breakfast Club interview
yeah he always goes in on shot bro
because you I mean no matter what no
matter what I’m sure did you see the
interview that’s the question did you
see it not see the interview I
let’s get him out here is it me is it
made hey I’m trying to be accurate you
know we can sit here and say anything
come on this is the star report this is
the goddamn gossip show here hold on a
second money sit tight um pay pay the
thank you for your cash at says hello
thank you so much pay pay okay and okay
someone sent me an e-mail I’ll get back
to you later hold on a second here
beats by cook good evening star tell the
story about you snitching on that dude
what’s dude sir what’s one which one
back in the 80s sir I had no time to go
to the penitentiary you know it was all
about me you know what do you want me to
tell you about being in the
interrogation room and you know the cops
saying hey did you see anything and I
said well listen how much time am I
looking at yeah I saw something which
one sir but thank you for the UH Mia
ash I’m just gonna say ash ash is 50
don’t fuck with Jim for real because of
trav okay okay yeah I’m not sure of the
whole depths of that thing with trav but
uh yeah and this is not to be
disrespectful to 50 but again you know
Queens a lot of people disappear in
Queens or they used to the nice to talk
about Oh God a beach Channel drive Far
Rockaway Queens and all those places you
know people don’t really talk about that
unless you know those areas but uh said
why me dude 50 okay um Bruce Bruce sends
in a cash at 50 calling Jim a rat equals
the pot calling kettle black okay okay
um a few more phone calls with regards
to this whole Colin Kapernick thing but
I’m not gonna go too deep every code two
and five good evening did Jim Jones send
50 50 sent a warning area code two one
five either
okay I think we lost them so area code
908 good evening 908 hey what’s up man
how you be on the video what’s up man
how you been good
do it deal let’s get to a bunny come on
let’s go pick it up yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah I saw the video
Jim he looked uncomfortable very
uncomfortable and yeah I definitely felt
like you were defending or warning shot
perfidia the thing is I was a little bit
confused because it seemed like they’ve
been going back and forth on social
media like you know regarding working
out and shit like that but I always
thought that maybe they were cool after
the situation with him at 50 and how
like Jim sided with a fish with 50
around that time and cam has went to
Miami for Orlando for Norco get out of
nowhere but yeah it does look like he do
a shot I wanna sign at 50 and on a ham a
second feel respect for you last couple
times you call in here you gave out to
misinformation and then they were coming
at me are you you sure are you sure what
you’re saying I’m not saying it’s
misinformation I’m asking you do you
know what you’re talking me you talking
about killing cam and some old stuff you
know 51 are I think of Angie Martinez
the chick that you always like to fix
fun or whatever I don’t make fun of
Angie slow that down slow down
go ahead you said you put mayonnaise in
both her this sandwich a sandwich is
both sides anybody thought about you
know can you focus on what we’re talking
about sir all right so anyway Jim had
called it because he didn’t like how fit
he was talking on the radio I said and
then that’s how the beeps which means
I’m started that you know cami that
these song cars was occurred or whatever
the case was so
since then and that’s when a cam had for
some reason left New York to go through
I could be wrong with this one but
between all a door I thought the beef
started before Cameron called in to the
radio show feel let’s get on point
tonight it’s good on point
freaky Zeki why don’t you didn’t see
anything too freaky Zeki said during
this interview correct I don’t wanna put
that on him then he’s you know clapping
at 50 no he spoke but he didn’t speak
with regards to 50 it was Jim okay okay
full of hate sends in a cash app saying
fuck the warning shots let him fly big
nigga okay okay
Atlanta Queen hey sends in a donation
would like to call in area code 3 1 0 K
hold on a second let me get you on the
line and no one seems to be a chiming in
about Colin Kaepernick but I would like
to finish up on that 3 1 oh is this
Atlanta Queen good evening hey hey girl
how are you good good
talk about Colin Kaepernick I kind of
don’t respect him because he’s been
offered several platforms that go and
talk about a situation that always
turned it down and had Nessa be his
speaking piece which you know I just
find funny and as a person like for him
to lay out that’s actually why don’t you
go sit down with people and actually
talk face-to-face and tell us this I
suppose that you know you’re having all
these followers when you’re not actually
doing it are telling us what is
happening and having your woman has to
do everything for you yeah so I just
kind of want to do what you guys think
about that Ronnie do you want to respond
to what the caller is saying I think
that’s a good point what why not sit
down and talk to Stephen Heymann and
after that Stephen a Smith has invited
him to first take to actually discuss it
and he still turns it down
I’m gonna say mind you want us ponder
what the cold is saying if I were him if
I were him I would turn it down as well
and here’s why if he goes to speak with
Stephen IMS on First Take
he doesn’t have the editing rights to
that video he doesn’t control what goes
in and what what is taken out so he
doesn’t control the narrative by him
putting out a simple press release he
controls a narrative he is letting you
know and black and white this is what it
is these are the teens I tried to get
with all of them these are the ones that
got back to me
none of them there’s nothing else we
don’t need a sit-down interview for what
well I mean I would I dare to disagree
though I think first take when you’re on
there for the interview pretty much from
at least from why I know it seems to be
a live interview and then also there’s a
simple questions questioning whether or
not he’s been offered work out because
people have heard various different
things where the Broncos have offered in
the workout and what are you so scared
about all you have to do with answer
questions like your woman asking for you
everywhere you go it just doesn’t add up
to me I think but you know I’m just
curious because you know he’s making
money from Nike off well he’s making
money let’s not get it twisted he’s not
sitting back in like you know a break
right but I mean at the same time I
think at some point you need to be man
enough to start speaking on the issue or
what’s going on otherwise and just don’t
complain go sit on the side and collect
a Nike check he was man enough to speak
and he did speak you don’t like the
minute information for a second you just
brought up the Broncos and you’re
referencing a point that he’s already
debunked with the press release he did
not have an offer to go work out with
the Broncos that is simply not true
that’s misinformation we’ve heard from
other sources that it is true Marko’s
why okay the blog’s will say that people
that are connected in the NFL I’m just
telling you I the only people who can
speak are the Broncos or him I don’t
want to hear from unnamed sources that’s
how we got to where we are in the first
place with all the speculations
he’s buying a team then the next two
days later we find out oh no that wasn’t
true that unnamed source wasn’t true
we’re hearing from the direct source now
if you don’t like that the way that he
put out his information then you
probably wouldn’t like it if he did go
on first tape then you’d want him to do
another interview you wanted no no no I
further move the goalposts I would like
to see him on some platform it doesn’t
necessarily have to be yes and first day
it could be something else but I think
people need to see him for once
talk himself not nesting for him not
these other not Eric be talking for him
why is it that all of these other people
always continuously have to talk for him
and he can’t be a man to stand alone and
talk for himself and explain what is the
issue that’s going on that question and
I’ve answered you’ve asked that question
already and I’ve answered that question
already but then I’ll jump in I’ll say
sir thank you for your call me
personally I would like to see colin
kaepernick talk even if he invites
Steven Naismith to to to his setting and
he records right the interview you know
jay-z just did a goddamn NFL press
conference and it was it was closed to
everyone else jay-z recorded it he let
out the the footage as he felt I think
Colin Kaepernick can do the same thing
uh but I just I’m thrown alright I’m
throwing offering just something like
I’ve had enough but thank you for your
call thank you okay thank you hang on a
second Ronnie I said maybe we’ll keep
the conversation going uh bullets are
flying sends in a super chat star the
real mob would have had him dead by now
he gave a boss order over the phone and
didn’t get picked up let’s not forget
freaky Zeki took the stand before hey
shit okay okay
jaws the shot jaws the shark pardon me
sends in a super chat boss nigga if you
set foot on the ocean it’s on site all
hashtag streets gotta eat
Ronnie ever been scuba diving you never
spoke about that no I’m sort of like
that’s something I would be afraid to do
just because of all the potential things
I think could go wrong so I mean I it
seems fun I’d like to do it for the you
know for the experience of it all but
I’m chickenshit I’ve been scuba diving
in man-made you know later out in
Pennsylvania and stuff like that but
never in the quote-unquote ocean but
thank you for your um your super chair
hang on a second let me see who’s on I’m
so you know what I think Moe just sent
me a text mode where are you hard shit
is that Moe fax area code 703 Moe facts
and what star how you doing hello Ronnie
how you doing what’s that man
now the depressed for the last couple of
days my Cowboys until two years in a row
but you’re sound doing better okay to RA
oh yeah you want to jump in with Tom
Jones we’re gonna go actually I want to
talk about the Colin Kaepernick thing
and the teachers with guns know what one
Colin Kaepernick NFL on teams not going
to take a risk on him cuz the risk
versus reward is not there I mean he was
halfway wash when he was in the league
now he’s never played for two years he
comes with a bunch of baggage with him
we’ve seen the top while receiver one
the top right while receivers being
blackballed out the league because of
not over because for the simple fact
that they don’t want the headache to
come with him I’m talking about Antonio
Brown so you’re talking about a
borderline second string quarterback why
would I why would I bring him to my
organization when I know what all comes
with him he got a big mouth chick that
comes with him you’re saying that he
can’t control um he has all the
political baggage that comes with him
and he’s just not that good of a
football player let’s just be honest
like you said yourself the stats up now
let’s say about why he won’t talk reason
why Colin killed Colin Kaepernick won’t
talk it’s because he’s like the
Scarecrow with no brain you’re saying he
is a puppy
let’s be either puppet of the woken on
contingency dr. Harry Edwards runs him
his next meeting runs him he has no
thoughts of his own and Ronnie saying
why don’t he go on the platforms okay
let’s not say he goes on Stephen a Smith
there’s a bunch of woke and he woke
podcast on YouTube that would have them
all and doesn’t softball questions and
let him fully talk but he won’t do that
because he has nothing to say and he
always has nothing to say
you let the whiteboard innate boy you’re
coming in to convince him to take a knee
you were saying I did a whole video on
this do exposing them you know oh and
finally I just want to say my second mow
before you go any further I’m just
saying I’m tired of him but I don’t know
if he has been talking and that’s why
when I spoke to Ronnie about this
earlier I said listen go ten toes down
go will you think you know you need to
go if I’ve got something misconstrued
you know let me know but I mean I just
don’t see him doing what I think he
should be doing by way of utilizing
today’s visual media go ahead right
exactly right because he has nothing to
everything is being with him as being
tweets and you know it’s a press release
anybody could have wrote that press
release it I’m gonna tell you why I
really think mr. just my two cents
I think he wanted to throw his name back
out in the mist because right now it’s
about athletes take your political
stances with the whole NBA versus China
thing and he want to get his name back
out into circulation
okay that’s why you say anybody thought
about him in the NFL was two years
nineteen crying and complaining and we’d
like to say he could have played for the
XFL he couldn’t play for the CFL he
could go play fucking flag football
excuse my language if you really wanted
to play but you don’t want to play you
don’t want to play he just he just
wanted whine and complain and I bet you
his chick wrote that on two page letter
form because you’re saying he’s never
seen anything I’m just keeping it 100
and we won’t really want to talk about
some let’s talk about the transgender
this that told the center on that she
didn’t want convinced him to take the
stance now is that confirmed
so that me I was confirmed Mia Isabella
eat me Isabella with all Jim and Sam
show it’s on YouTube young people go
look up the video okay and she says
she’s the one convinced him to take a
stand but nobody wants to talk about
that like I said I did a whole almost to
our video on his do exposing him brother
he’s fake he washed okay hang on a
second Ryan you want to respond to what
Moe saying or do we shift gears was
Bostic money yeah I think Moe is
discounting you know what Cowan was
actually trying to do you’re caught up
in what you want him to do you want him
to do this you want him to say that you
know he can’t explain to you why he’s
being blackballed the owners the people
that are blackballing him would have to
explain that to you it’s very simple
this is not a complicated situation he
is being blackballed this is very clear
this is undeniable so whether or not you
think he’s being used as a pawn by other
organizations or other people it’s you
know the bottom line is that he was
trying to shed light on what he thought
was in Justices and Kurt occurring in
this country specifically police
brutality so if you are averse to him
shining a light on that then that means
you are complicit and you cosign what is
going on
I’m not ignoring that Moe responding
what you do everything everything I said
it’s all facts and the thing is he came
in there he had no plan at all Malcolm
Jenkins were able to extract eighty
million dollars from the NFL for black
people’s causes um from minority people
cause as you were saying which that
wasn’t mean we see how they’re using it
for concerts of bullshit like that but
at least he had a plan Colin Kaepernick
had no plan and Colin Kaepernick has no
brain of his own I like I said go look
dr. Harry Edwards you’re saying he’s the
same man Vince to convince the dudes at
the arm at the 68 Olympics to raise the
black fist that’s the one who got in
collar capping it here he’s being ran
out of Berkeley California University of
Berkeley that’s where his girlfriend
graduated from
we’re dr. Harry Edwards is the professor
Rhett in saying they and they used him
to push their agenda and his girlfriend
sabotage him because he had a job in the
NFL when I went looking for him how when
Ray Lewis stood up for him he was saying
and I got him a job but she posted a
picture of the owner and Ray Lewis
and caught basically call them cones
beside the picture of Django Unchained
hang on a second guys let me just
interject him for a second then we can
throw it back to running so Moe I have
not kept up with Canadian football to my
recollection they have three downs as
opposed to four and I remember rocket
Ishmael taking a huge fucking bag back
in me was at the early 90s to go play up
in Canada and then he came back to the
NFL is has that ever been an option for
Colin Kaepernick or is that he does he
look down upon Canadian football well if
he doesn’t want to play football in my
opinion because it ruins his whole point
of being a woke me to vote freedom
fighters social justice warriors I mean
if he goes play football then he will be
exposed but he did hit feet long he said
oh they won’t let me in and he never has
to show and prove that he won’t get
exposed because Warren Moon when the
greatest quarterbacks have ever played
in the CFL ain’t no Johnny Manziel we
ain’t playing the NFL he was a
first-round draft pick
yeah he had a drug problem but he said I
want to show and prove
I still have talent and you took your
talent to the CFL you have to exit fail
like I said there’s a whole bunch of
tips and Colin Kaepernick could have
done but as an own I’m just speaking
from honest fan standpoint why would I
want to bring it when you look at risk
versus reward yeah I can get a person
that maybe less talent than him but they
don’t come with the baggage there he
I hang on a second mole Ronnie if you
want to respond I’ll let you go but if
not I want to shift gears for a second
with regards to high school teachers
Ronnie well I just think it’s you know
very interesting that Moe you know looks
at this situation from the lens of one
of the 32 owners so you know there’s
really nothing that I can say that will
you know change his opinion of the
situation he sees it as though he’s one
of those 32 owners so there you have it
okay alright so mo you want to speak on
should high school teachers carry guns I
just it was a title that came to my mind
based upon another teacher being
pulverized by a student and I’m not just
putting this on a certain group of you
know or culture but um what do you think
your apparent your thoughts I’m a parent
and I’m also a child of two educators
okay so that’s why I mean that’s what I
really wanted to call me a Miss Ivor’s
perspective on this and with my mom my
father and that’s why he left teaching
and retired early because the kids and
this is 10-15 years ago the kids have no
respect for the teachers anymore
at all and we all know that begins at
home because you don’t have a respect
for your parents that you’re not gonna
have any respect for any other adult so
I think we need to do something to
protect these teachers if we talk about
having tons and we had we had this
discussion before with the Florida
incident all do trying to put in school
I think that they need to have really
really strict training but I think
that’s something we need to look at
because we’re not going is what are we
going to do when when these kids end up
killing one of these teachers beating
them to death so I mean I think the
teachers need to have some way of
protecting themselves in the classroom
because a lot of teachers are elderly in
our older people and when you get up to
high school you’re talking about foot
basically with fully mature people you
know that can manhandle older people so
I mean that’s a real concern yeah Ronnie
do you want to chime in on this you and
I spoke about this briefly you had a
different perspective running yeah I you
know I was I had some problems when I
was in school so you know I didn’t do
anything to that level is what was
displayed in that video but I was a
little disruptive never to that level of
you know
we saw but I certainly wouldn’t advocate
for teachers being armed with weapons or
you know there’s just too many different
variables that could go wrong it’s a
recipe for disaster
can we dig a little bit you said you
were a little disruptive did you did you
throw anything at a teacher did you sock
a teacher in his or her eye what do you
mean disruptive disruptive you know
disruptive very disruptive I I don’t
know I’ve never done anything to a DJ
well you’re from Jersey like me so I I
don’t want it like you know marginalize
you but I know Jersey girls can be kind
of you know ratchet with regards to you
know high school I say that respectfully
what were you did you Tony thing as a
teacher did you have a soccer teacher I
did push a teacher but only because he
was blocking my path so he wasn’t
letting me like enter somewhere that I
wanted to enter so I did push him but I
I’ve never you know close my fist in
Stockton here I had breed who felt
entitled get out of the way yeah yeah
well he wasn’t he was blocking me and
you know so that’s what happened but mo
do you want to jump in here do we shift
gears uh Ronny felt oh yeah a teacher
another thing I would like to bring her
with me a lot of people don’t know this
but teachers can’t defend themselves
they’re told not to engage with the
students so if a student starts the well
on you because they’ll say that they’re
teaching you you won’t back you if you
physically you saying I attacked the
teacher I mean because I said I know
this from personal experience because my
father protected himself and when they
went in the student you know Sam flexed
on him yeah you know and it caused a
bunch of you know almost legal issues
and and the teachers teaching you and
didn’t want to back him and the lawyers
for the teaching you and didn’t want to
back my father so he was like this is
the point where I need to leave this
profession because
if your if the cave can’t respect you
and you can’t defend yourself you’re
just a sitting duck in the classroom
Ronnie will you reprimanded for pushing
that teacher or did you what Moe said is
very true because I was brought up for
expulsion when that happened but I knew
that if I you know manipulated the
situation as far as my narrative of what
happened that you know I could get away
with it and I did I basically said that
you know he was physically blocking me
and that’s why I pushed him so you know
I so I wasn’t expelled after all so but
that is very true yeah I think the
school board they you know they didn’t
want the hassle of a potential lawsuit
so they’re like okay all right let her
go back you know Ronnie respectfully you
did not accept the responsibility you as
you just said you manipulated this of
course I did I was a child hold area
code 202 hold on a second Moe do you
have a few minutes can you hang out oh
yeah okay is that Malcolm area code 202
are you there Malcolm Yes No maybe
yo I’m sure you know what that’s not
Malcolm pardon me hold on a second let
me get Malcolm on the line okay Malcolm
you there – OH – good evening Malcolm
yeah what’s that man how you that’s
calling about Catholicism I think I got
a little bit different perspective than
everybody else please I’m not sure but
it’s the thing about Kaepernick is like
he was a bum like he didn’t get he’d
never got me this because he was new and
he was he he got he you know he was
nilam because he got bitch pretty much
okay continue he had a hell of a looser
streak it was like 11 Luther 11 games
pretty long and then he got pissed
because the coach had to bend him before
the coast guard fire okay
and he started third there’s all this
kneeling was a divergent I forgot to be
honest with you I feel like he started
kneeling more because of the influence
because of his girlfriend and you know
I’d like to take the stand and say that
the girlfriend should stand up against
the you know all going slavery that’s
going on in her parents countries and
the Muslim in the Arab countries are
going on she should stand up against
that rather than you know I feel pretty
safe over here in America and honestly
I’m a black man baby I don’t feel I
don’t feel threatened over it right okay
mo do you want to respond with the
caller saying where’s moe yeah when you
said about the sports is exactly right
and caller Catherine II he had a contra
he had another year a year left on his
contract with his San Francisco 49ers
but he opted out of it that’s what I
said this whole thing is about Colin
Kaepernick being a social justice
warrior also this is now just a
conspiracy I know you don’t do those but
it’s just funny that he pops up right in
the mix of this whole China MBA thing
did Nike put him up to it
you’re Santa to soda in there fell back
in the mix when the NBA is really taking
a blackout right now I think that’s a
legitimate question I don’t think that
has to be go under the umbrella of a
conspiracy III yeah why now why the the
press release now yeah Cole I’ll give
you a last word you still there yep yeah
to put a little um so I love you so far
thank you Mansell thank you okay okay
all right if anybody wants to finish up
on the the Colin Kaepernick topic we do
have some notes here and again there’s a
press release that was released today by
Colin Kaepernick’s team this was today
Ronnie yes this press release rocked
obedi town okay okay mo you don’t have
you don’t have the press release yes no
you can’t no III mean look into when I
saw Colin carefully I was like
dude so done with me hold on a second
guys let me go to Zack em sends in a
super chat Zack him says these rappers
go from a person of interest to criminal
informants in a blink of an eye all them
niggas suspect okay okay and I get
Gemstar Austin they’re beat Austin hang
on a second okay Austin says star can we
get a hater thon okay I think I read
that report me Thank You Austin yeah
maybe around the holiday season I’m not
a you know against a hater thon I just
have to fit it into my schedule but
thank you very much and I got any tag
cash app home second guys Malcolm Thank
You Malcolm
dude sat wata I’m saying that right I’ll
say Shalom okay thank you for your cash
at strong sam says area code 385 if I
can get a piece of the action see if I
can find three five guys hold on a
second here you go
is that mark I’m saying your name right
strong Sam this mark
what happened good evening yes sir
what’s up what’s up Ronnie with What’s
Up mo Faculty’s not at the agreement yes
how you doing yeah you know about about
15 Jim you know he’s keeping Jim
relevant okay Jim I never I’ve never
seen Jim Jones there’s no rapper man
watch I’m saying can can was the man cat
was a man and I said I was Jimmy God but
you know I guess because of his
connections in Harlem and all of that
you know I’m sandy some that he kept it
poppin but he was corny nobody is crazy
man it’s crazy but I think they did good
friends and I think he’s keeping him
relevant yeah about Colin Kaepernick man
it in
he had the ear and the eyes of public
opinion for a moment
right you know wow this guy look at this
wow you’re taking a stand you know it
wants it died up who cares
nobody could keep it real nobody’s
checking for Cola Kaepernick man get out
of town and you know I just want to
comment on that on that too though
nobody cares I think that’s a valid
assessment because that’s kind of like
where I’m at I’m like I don’t want to
read your fucking a fact sheet and just
some fuck out of here so I appreciate
call thank you thank you cash out okay
hang on a second guys finish some of
these cash apps okay I got any tag thank
you KDH says storm on area code 202 and
let me also just acknowledge have y’all
hey man where are you have yo area code
203 let me give this person here first
good evening area code 202 either – OH –
yeah yeah yeah man I want to talk about
the Kaepernick situation please oh oh
but Kaepernick to come out and take a
knee and then not want to articulate
about the issue in a public forum I
think it’s a big disservice to the black
community because you got a guy like
jay-z who sit down with Roger Goodell
try to find a real solution to the
problems were facing but you know
Kaepernick we’ve seen his afro we’ve
seen an image but we don’t know what his
position is on the issues and all the
news that comes out all we know is that
he settled he the sellout he settled
with the NFL he took money to drop that
lawsuit you know and there was actually
momentum gaining in the lawsuit we knew
Kaepernick had filed the lawsuit they
started investigating you know the
collusion was real they gave him a lump
sum of money
but it’s like what is your stance it’s I
mean for these young kids today I had a
violin and and we really don’t have a
mental reference point with respect to
who we really are out here we need to
hear his stance on it you know I’m not
totally dumping on the guy again I just
want to see more from him visually yeah
come on utilize YouTube you know utilize
some of these other platforms where you
can speak the fact sheet is nice you
know but come on man I mean if you
really want to play football I just
personally want to see more but I mean
Ronnie brought up some good points with
regards to he doesn’t have to utilize
some of the things that we think he
should but I don’t know stay with a
hanger mr. Ronnie Rianna just came out
and said what she supports Colin
Kaepernick because she did want to be a
sellout did I say that right yes yes she
was out specifically if she rejected an
offer to perform at the Super Bowl in
solidarity with him and if I can just
read you her direct quote please
so she says she has yes absolutely I
couldn’t dare do that for what who gains
from that not my people I just couldn’t
be a sellout I couldn’t be an enabler
there’s things within that organization
that I do not agree with at all and I
was not about to go and be of service to
them in any way I mean I mean for me
it’s like I respect her opinion but at
the same time I think Colin Kaepernick
got in over his head he he took the knee
didn’t know how much traction it was
gonna gain and he doesn’t know how to
articulate on the issues I don’t think
he’s well-versed on these things and for
for Rihanna to take the NFL and act as
if the NFL is the vehicle for change and
police brutality I mean I just don’t
think it’s the right context let’s start
reaching out to politicians and and and
don’t get me wrong I know we like
representation and that that area but we
have to do more to actually articulate
what’s going on and what
stances yeah I mean I mean I respect
Rihanna for that but you know jay-z is a
businessman and I tend to think he’s
well-educated on these types of issues I
mean you have to have some type of
reciprocity between the NFL and the
black community it can’t be all I can’t
even engage in that type of thing you
still can’t engage giving that look that
uh jay-z is basically in charge of the
entire halftime at the Super Bowl you
feel don’t want to I think he has
influence I don’t think he’s in charge
of the whole thing but then this I
appreciate the call man mo do you want
to respond to what the caller saying or
no we just learned that the last word
okay thank you man for your support
thank you no problem okay okay hey mo do
you want to respond to what Ronnie said
about Rihanna co-signing Colin
Kaepernick do the duties keep it pushin
it’s not that deal so I my question is
this oh she is she calling jay-z a
I mean you can’t have it both ways you
can’t come out and say she didn’t want
to be yourself sellout for working with
the NFL but then her boss goes and works
with the NFL so are you calling that’s
aside absolutely that’s all director
would it not be listen anything directly
no she’s saying directly applies to
whomever she’s saying I don’t know
they’re about the revenues you’re
cutting me off hold on for a second
she’s saying I can’t be of service to
them or enabling or enable them that’s
selling out my people so ergo anyone who
has not taken that same position and who
is willing to deal with them and be of
service to them that’s who she directly
referring to so you can guess the name
of whoever is dealing with them well
directly means you you call a person by
name that’s moderate definition directly
because you direct it towards a person
you just don’t lay this blanket well I’m
doing one I didn’t want to be a sellout
for we’re going to NFL so
like I said if you want to take a stamp
and it’s being like with people with
these political stances they want to
pick and choose when they want to you
know take a stance um but when it’s
deleterious for their for their cost for
their own financial a well-being they
don’t want to say anything she’s not
gonna step on jay-z’s toes you’re saying
she didn’t come out force we say ojz a
sucker he’s a sucker move we all we all
know who we’re talking about here do we
not know no we don’t I don’t read
between lines okay all you do is read
between the lines Moe you had five
different conspiracies tonight don’t
look at me Isabella people I don’t care
whether you say these handlers are I
don’t care about his handlers that’s of
no consequence in their conspiracy these
are not conspiracy used either where’s
your confirmation that Nessa wrote the
press release because that was one of
your conspiracy theories have known I
said I believed she I believe NASA wrote
that I believe I didn’t say I didn’t say
for sure but what I’m saying is I know
for sure well you know what color
campaign and hoping you damn out the
same message and he just grew to a fro
when he started bucking it around you
please stop coughing in the phone is
that five one six lived it you super Jes
is that you lived it okay yes I’m
calling the goddamn phone man I’m trying
to you know pace the show tonight
can you in love continue then we’ll come
back to five one six Iranian oh please
yes so what I was saying was Colin
Kapernick didn’t become understand super
justice super social justice warrior
into his football play started to sup
let’s just be honest about that and for
real for real star it’s kind of capping
it wasn’t even put into the black
quarterback conversation when he was
balling for San Francisco 49ers
they didn’t put him saying they had put
him through the black quarterback
everybody else goes
you’re saying honestly I watched
football listen and I noticed it all
night okay you know the same thing you
know saying um that uh every other black
quarterback gets to put through when
they um when they break it through to
the NFL he wasn’t put through that ring
I mean he was really racially ambiguous
to me just to be honest with you why all
of a sudden he pops it with his big-ass
afro walking around the street he was
color neutral no right I hanging the
same guys I lived it are you there is
that lived it every could five or six
brother hey what’s up man you’re smoking
that goody-good I got you what’s going
on man you want to chime in let’s get to
yes I did so uh with the Colin
Kaepernick situation I’m not 100% up to
speed on everything but the one thing
that I am up to speed on is but some
reason on another he put his neck on the
line and I think I would hope and it’d
be a little you know some type of
respect for just doing that and as far
as being well-versed on the issues often
times especially when it comes to
athletes of people’s Champions when they
have stepped up over time well at least
it put them in that position and said
hey they’re standing up for an issue for
a cause at a time in any generation Jack
Johnson Ali up till today whenever they
have done that they were never scholars
okay they were not and you don’t need to
be a scholar today especially if you’re
a man of color let alone a black
American man you don’t got to be a
scholar to understand but you know the
sting of running into the cops and
there’s nobody around you don’t know if
you know they want to act fucking stupid
okay set you up that night you don’t got
to be a Harvard scholar to understand
this so he took this fan and I think he
whatever you understand what I’m saying
I think you should get a little respect
for that not even a little a lot today
okay so now have you hang on a second
guys do you did you see the the the
press release the facts to address the
false narratives
no I did not okay okay no I didn’t know
no I’m just asking not that you had to I
mean like you know we’re taking our time
tonight in trying to hash through some
of this I like what you said stay there
Moe do you want to respond to what the
caller said should we go running yeah
yeah he’s saying the Colin Kapernick
took a stand
honestly you sit on the people got to
know the timeline of these events the
first time he was caught on camera and
not us and standing foot for the
national anthem he was sitting on the
bench at the back of his head at the
back of the bench he got caught on
camera that’s when they sent Nate Boyer
and a green beret long sniper who hadn’t
played football for seven years and told
Colin Kaepernick you were taking me not
sit to show respect for the flag and he
took a knee that’s all fast go look it
up so how you gonna let a green beret
come in and tell you to take a knee and
tell you how to protest on your protest
bro can I say something please
he I kind of missed a second of what he
said did you he already identified
himself as a white man
the caller I don’t know with the color
you live did you know I’m not what no
I’m not Jewish I’m not white at all okay
but here’s the thing though what are you
on black I’m partying
but okay I wanna hang on a sec you can
you know that Ronnie asked you a
question then we’ll go back and forth
the money ask you a question sir
okay no I just think it’s very
interesting that so many people are
ready and willing to just throw Colin
Kapernick away regardless if you have
questions like moe about his motives and
his agenda the fact that he’s really
actually brought attention to a very
real issue so if you don’t like the
messenger that’s fine
set that aside but that is a to tear his
character down and dissect him the mo
way the way Moe that mo continues to do
is ridiculous you’re splitting hairs
over factor inconsequential talk about
the actual issue that he was trying to
bring light to hey could I uh sort of
that yeah come on jump in you so I think
I’m 100% in agreement
everything that she said 100% okay but I
just wanted to respond to what what Moe
said and what she said Moe I didn’t want
you to you know I don’t actually started
to send this out there I just didn’t
wanted to come off the wrong way look
the Greenville white situation that is a
fact now I’m actually a combat veteran
and I know a thing or two about this
sort of thing okay when he sets out and
told him that what he was telling him
was something that we do we have a few
traditions with flags that we hope to
never use one of them is turning it
upside down one of them is taken to me
like that he was trying to show him that
you can show ceremony in a way you don’t
like in a ceremony away something is
really jacked up that stuff with the
country and you could do it in a way
that does not you know that it can’t be
mistaken that you’re somehow a traitor
or you know crapping on your own country
no it is something that is done by
military units before when we had
horse-and-buggy and that’s what the
trooper was telling them that’s all it
now it’s ironic to me that people who
don’t understand this sort of thing and
the truthful
he should’ve sold me actually I’ve seen
an interview he said he should have told
him this essentially less than 1% of the
population joins the military out of
that a fraction actually fighting right
so he was telling him to do something
that a sliver of a sliver of a sliver of
the country would even recognize right
hang on a second if I can just jump in
um I have no problem with who gave Colin
Kapernick the idea if someone did spark
the fire within him but do you think now
that he’s doing enough to connect to
connected to social media to speak I
mean this this press release and and
he’s not really coming out and doing
interviews do you think he should with
respect to everything that you’ve said
and how he got started do you think that
he he owes more in terms of being big
honestly honestly bro
no look I don’t and the reason that me
saying that is because he
doing something based off of a tradition
that he was taught or it was whispered
to him but he ain’t enlist okay he
didn’t even sign up the way grandpa wore
turquoise where well of this like
Muhammad Ali how did I read it and sign
up to be along with Malcolm and
everybody else but he was a man of the
times and he said fuck that I got to
take a stand and maybe he doesn’t speak
that well maybe he says you know I’m not
gonna get out there and make myself look
like a fool I’m just gonna do what I do
and you know that’s it yeah imagine
being him right I agree a thousand
percent with that because I say to
myself imagine him or or Rosa versus us
in a situation you know having to deal
with something that we don’t normally
deal with but you just stick your neck
out there just off of the passion alone
even if he took advantage of the
situation at the time and said hey this
black lives matter flying around
everywhere right now let me get in look
like you heard it though yeah come on
jump in mo let me reply to that because
you made a great point about when
blacklivesmatter start flying around
everywhere Colin Kapernick didn’t even
put a hood on for Trayvon Martin bro
that was the easiest process to make he
wasn’t even involved in the Walton is
Ben it was all the way his career
started to go down he saw a Walkman and
a good way here saying as a good exit
plan bro we gotta look you’re saying we
got to look at people Motors here a lot
of people say I’m gonna look at people
actions they be like all make them feel
warm and fuzzy but you’re broke no I’m
alright you keep it the same thing jay-z
did people get mad at jay-z but all I
did was appropriate of movement for
their personal gains
just a quick woman thanks jobs in a
minute he brings light to the attention
to the situation the minute the minute
he gets us all talking about it his job
is done I don’t need him to articulate
the problem we’re always saying we don’t
want to hear from musicians and athletes
and actors and rappers and we don’t want
to hear from people in entertainment
let’s have the scholars talk but that
hasn’t happened because people are
distracted just like you’re taking an
issue an issue was a military person
telling him that he should kneel instead
which are you’re leaving out the fact
that half of the country was trying to
frame what he was doing is disrespectful
to the vet
so you protest me you protest you listen
might come in and tell you how to
protest the whole like aw let me give
you the last word because I want to
bring a BLM called you have the last
word please so the whole idea of protest
is to galvanize the public not a portion
of something anything is to galvanize
everybody to make everybody look and
that’s the most important thing and it
seems like on both sides all of this is
getting accomplished more people are
talking about this issue now than before
even those who are sitting on their
hands back then in Ferguson right and
jay-z’s be deep in the game and by the
way with jay-z
I understand how you feel Ronnie and
some others but the global citizens
campaign something he launched with
water back when he was throwing up the
rock symbol in the late 90s they just
had a major event that was broadcast all
over and be seen like the Olympics I
think they’re doing something Thank You
Man thank the loose talk okay thank you
hold on a second guys let me get a BL on
the line he’s been on hold for a while
have yellow you there area code six one
seven yes Boston how’s it going star on
black Ronnie mo Sachs I got into the
conversation a little leak because I was
watching the greatest president ever
stomp a mudhole inside the Democrats and
if he stays for an hour now I’m here now
I just wanted to say at home before I
jump into the conversation start I’m up
I’m going to up all my super chat
I think please just make a plea please
just make a promise to me that you’ll
take a moment and read my full shit you
got me you got me slapped and clowns
inside the heat room yes so they do but
you dish it out of my comments hold on
if you’re taking shots at somebody
else’s platform I don’t want to do that
I’m not gonna sit here you know at my
age and a clown or the people on YouTube
that I don’t do that’s that’s what I
didn’t do that
I was I was clown I’m a hate room he’s
what you to call me and they crowned me
in there so up the money well hang on a
second I got showing the logo I got you
in the line you want to take shots at
the hate
let’s do that first then I want to talk
about Jim Jones did he send a shot look
at real quick
I wrote am actively masterfully written
calm me come on who clown the fuck out
of those niggas but I know I was about
Ronnie and it was about the heat room
Tommy called a white girl is she I don’t
know this shit no more I’m just saying
I’m up in the cash just take a second
and read it read the whole thing and all
the words you look like half of the
sentence all right so I’m going to the
conversation yeah I wanted to say that’s
the call of a few Carla’s back home
mention Nessa and her roots and her race
and her nationality and all that else
and I thought that was a good point to
bring up because honestly all this
conversation all this passionate
conversations going on tonight and I
don’t even believe this motherfuckers
what this nigga got a nose like Jafar
from Aladdin you’ve ever seen you ever
seen him truly last and Wow the
motherfucker looks like Osama bin Laden
the last video before he died this
motherfuckers not black this
motherfucker has curly hair just like
any other Arab that my head this is just
like any other Arab that might have had
you know African great great ancestors
something and he’s and he’s going
through motions this week I don’t
believe he’s wearing black leather coats
and black turtleneck solutions with gold
chain this is this dude is being used as
a tool and go back to Nestle um she’s an
Arab she was born and raised in that
room father Egyptian our mother’s Middle
East and what motherfucking Muslim bitch
that you know is walking around with a
black negative name me okay so you you
have come on the line taking hard shots
okay so now it’s fine but not oh you
have to speed on the facts to address
the false narratives can we start there
well yes press release came out today
fax to address the false narratives
pretty detailed regardless of who may
have written it or not it represents you
know Colin Kaepernick’s I mean I
at least be fair we think about that I
believe I mean I’m in a walked up with
locks that were more net like I said
before I believe Colin Kaepernick is a
tool and they’re using him to they
successfully used him to herd niggas
into a position that they wanted to put
him in I don’t think things Judith has
any outs of intelligence this is the
reason why you don’t see him try talk
about his perspective or his uh but you
know he’s a fraud and he’s pump fake and
you actually believed of my product
mailing I’m sorry he’s a fraud and he’s
pump faking yes I just want to get an
absolutely I just I don’t believe he
started kneeling because he wanted to
bring attention to black dude and
brutalize on the street
that’s ridiculous what the hell does
that got to do all the stuff that these
millionaire football players could be
doing in the community to push back on
things of that nature and the best thing
he thought he could do was take a meal
and be there on a goddamn national
anthem that’s ridiculous
give you a break I think it’s a big
fraud in PA and the people of the valley
know how to hurt black niggas into
positions they want them to be in and
they used a light-skinned harem with
curly hair
have y’all go ten toes down
I thank you man and do you want to
comment again Jim Jones didn’t he send a
warning to fifty Cent can I get you on
that before you go yes I want to get a
little bit of this I’m not my
conversation a little bit different
again on this come on I just wanted to
say and this is real quick I just wanted
to say we’re talking about rat beef and
we’re at not I’m say don’t matter
those got long money they got shooters
they can act tough but that’s only might
they not read both of them the rest I
talk about this on my own and I’m
talking I know I’m talking breezy but
they both tough actors on a TV they got
money they can get people shot but that
don’t mean I say didn’t sit down and
talk to the police and snitch and
cooperate the police meanwhile Rowe
murder got stabbed in jail according to
multiple reports
yep speed on that row murder
stadi he quit the blood um yeah I’m not
up to speed on that I just I think it’s
I think it’s ridiculous that 50 cent one
of the most well known snitches in
history then a history of rap without
his calling other rappers out for being
rat this comedy it acts a little comedy
to me and I know he could he got long
money he could get niggas touch but it’s
calmly community oh dude
TI’s on video take a spin we’re gonna
get to him soon maybe listen a VL thank
you for the call man I gotta get some
more clothes here right no problem no
all right yeah I haven’t Piketty okay
have you only check-in who he sent in
some some long super chats I appreciate
him clapping at the alive Ted only
second uh guys what’s going on with a VL
xenja the live chat sipping clapping at
people try and catch up to that later
Lucania good evening sir sends in a
super Chad says colin kaepernick
is a fraud having a career is a
privilege not a right the NFL is an
entertainment company every player is
replaceable okay sugar G sends any super
jet people that have never sacrificed a
bag for a cause have no right to call
someone who did a sellout boycott your
job then talk tough okay okay and I got
lived it who’s this oMG it’s captain
Winky Ruby down again OMG it’s captain
Winky salute boss nigga Ronnie pulled
out the peg on niggas tonight okay
she had niggas houghton and a-hollerin
and tap it out better tuck it tight
chucko chucko chucko k thank you oh my
god it’s captain Winky do you know the
muffin man sends in a super chat you
know these names are crazy horn yo star
of teachers get the coop they’ll be
firing off warning shots in the
to restore order ain’t no fun when the
rabbit got the gun okay
lunar glider says peace star before you
go scuba diving in the shark-infested
waters of Hawaii
have you tried snorkeling in the calm
waters of Lake Lanier you know it’s
funny you say that because I’m going to
Lake Lanier no offends abuts within the
next two weeks I got a young lady she
wants to go and uh we were talking about
you know swimming snorkeling I’m
dead-ass but thank you for your super
chat there be boats applying yes I did
okay okay I think we’re we’re pretty
much done with the Colin Kapernick topic
mo anything else you want to say about
school high school teachers carrying
guns you were pretty passionate about
that before let you go mo yes good
that’s the option we have to look at or
you know or either like I always say I
will be willing to pay the extra tax
dollars to get you know officers inside
the school and every school I mean he’ll
be what a few extra dollars on you
saying your property tax to your school
tax bills okay but just to having
somebody there safe to protect teachers
because what I’ll teach it it’s not
school I mean so what are we doing here
good point good point mo good to talk to
you man
and when’s your next podcast coming up
on your channel I dropped one Monday
I’ll do it I’m saying I drop a podcast
every Monday and I do a live you’re
saying in between those times so okay
and like I said anybody want to get the
facts on Colin Kapernick go watch my you
saying on my youtube channel mo facts mo
e FAC TV it’s a Colin Kaepernick Jay Z
video they’re almost two hours got all
the facts on them
thank you perhaps when I’m oh I’m not
taking I’m not you know assuming you’re
talking about Ronnie Ronnie brought some
some good stats tonight are you saying
oh she can go watch it too okay okay
okay I’m a frequent visitor to Moe’s
channel yes all right Thank You moe
all right have a good night hold on a
second guys Moe with the facts on this
check it why I let me read some of these
super chats you got a minute can you
hang out
sure okay sit tight um who is this kdh
that i pick up your call area code 202 I
thought I got to you
let me just scan through one more time
guys I think I got kdh your donation
thank you very much hey Jennifer thank
you so much for your cash Jennifer on
the check-in okay okay Jennifer says she
wants to chime in let me load her up and
then we’ll come back to her
where are you Jennifer every could eight
four three sit tight I got you right
there you’re coming up next Duvall seven
seven seven six Lonnie laughs like one
of Marge Simpson’s sisters okay thank
you Duvall 777 oh okay
Wow Duvall 777 also says Moe should be a
heterosexual for Halloween okay hard Sat
whatta I missing your name right no
problem glad to know we’re alive and
real okay how do I see you names sat wat
wha okay thank you for the donation
either way okay if I mispronounced it
pardon me Rob Lowe says star can you
pick up 201 okay hold on a second let me
get Jennifer let me get you on the line
first are you there Jennifer oh hey
what’s going to how you can you hear me
loud and clear how are you good I’m good
how you doing honey hi Jim Jones did he
send a shot a warning shot at 50 Cent’s
star right there you back to the dumb
shit Farmar go back i’ma go back to the
old to the old spa fuck all that nigga
nonsense okay I’m talking about I’m
calling to talk about shit
peaches carry the guns in the school
that’s what I call the bomb just know I
think me personally my opinion I think
people need to give their kids don’t
fuck up out of public schools because
I mean you just set your kids up for
failure any fucking way you know I’m
saying you know I was just cool in New
we got metal detectors you go on to
school with I mean we don’t get
background checks on these futures we
don’t get background checks on these
principles we just have so much faith
and fit in our kids in these public
settings and we don’t know what the fuck
they doing it we don’t know if they did
only child molesters all types of crazy
shit okay so no I don’t think that you
know having teachers having guns are
great you know I’m saying I mean what
the fuck they could be bad and just
thought surely it’s not it to me if not
it’s not it’s not logic okay so do you
think that it’s propaganda that we’re
looking at hang on do you think it’s
propaganda that the students are
pummeling teachers I mean I think within
the last six months I’ve seen about ten
videos I mean teachers getting fucked up
I mean females males think it’s all
propaganda you think it’s not really a
big deal is you just isolated incident
the people say the President Obama is
the piece of shit the only thing that he
did right was find the indigenous people
Act bill that’s the only fucking thing
he did right in the office in my opinion
but you know the problem here in the
president after everybody for you know
he promoted that shit so we don’t know
what we’re watching is if it’s true or
not I like you said if it’s you know
there’s a pre propaganda but if they
want to put this this you know into law
that teachers aren’t able to carry guns
I think that’s like to meet us like us
that should be like a warning to parents
like okay what they can start carrying
guns there’s no telling what else okay
so hang on a second so now what do we do
about the incidents that we have seen
where the teachers are getting beat up
in school so what do we do about those
situations if we’re not going to say
okay you did you can carry a weapon a
billy club or something like that
what should be the penalty for putting
your hands on a teacher expulsion what I
mean absolutely but my final decision is
it your kids the fuck of out of public
schools because if that’s going to be
the whole narrow
of teacher carrying gun that’s a very
scary and dangerous situation with the
fuck of the security guard school I may
not know off that oh you have and I’ve
no if you don’t need to hear about that
type of stuff you don’t really see
teachers getting fucked up and all that
type of stuff only like you know on the
south and down where they don’t have
security guards you see that type of
bully or whatever this propaganda or
whatever but you know you see that stuff
mostly in the South the people go on and
stuff like that so that’s your solution
just get your kids out of public school
oh I just watch it that’s your solution
I mean if you okay with sending your
child to school and the teacher has a
gun and it could be loaded or not okay
then what else are you going to be okay
with okay Jennifer’s little noise in the
background but thank you for your your
support darling thank you so much
Jennifer huh listen guys I have a Rob
Lowe on area code 201 I think this is
him right here
Rob Lowe you there area code 201 hey
star what’s going on how you doing
Ronnie how are you sir hi Rob all right
all right we’ll start with the teacher
thing um no no teachers should have no
damn guns in the school are you crazy
how many times I seen kids beat the hell
out of teachers in school when I was in
school and Harlem people getting smashed
up beat with rulers and all that stuff
you give them a gun the kid is gonna
take the gun because the first thing the
teachers won’t be thinking about you 10
years if I pull the trigger all hell
will break loose I could be put in jail
and a kick or snatched and cut in a few
seconds that the teacher is thinking
about what am I gonna do should I pull
the trigger this is not working
get more security like they had but get
when a kid brought a gun to my school
the security rushed them yeah woman
security guard got shot in the foot but
they did their job and you put more guns
in there it’s a problem you in creating
the army barracks so what are you gonna
do and people can’t afford to take the
kids out of public school you got to
make the public school that
just like the police force you ain’t gon
change my inbox to get in and protest in
front of the police station no you need
to send about 20 black men up in that
police station once an objective and a
plan so to reorganize the police station
from is out on the Lo and change what’s
going on do not want change nothing
defeat the problem whole problem with
all that it does is that nobody is
organized everybody’s doing their own
thing nobody nobody is so how do we get
organized and again I’m just asking the
question I saw this video and I said
whoa again you know and if it’s not that
big of a deal then you know I stand
corrected but you know we’re now at a
point where you know art is imitating
life you know people see it right and
there’s no fucks given there’s no
parameters and you got a kid that will
you know just set it on a teacher and
people will film it and people will
laugh I think that’s that’s a bad thing
well see that goes back to another
problem that there’s no there’s no males
in the house or they’re all males did
not take a real responsibility I mean
it’s a lot so what just just keeping it
on the school thing you cannot put no
teachers in there with guns like who the
hell is gonna go that far and you can’t
have cops in there either because then
what happens on the screen will be
happening in the hallways so the first
day one good point to get security
so I mean that being said now if we
won’t talk about this Jim Joe yeah let’s
get to the monkey shit come on
I mean look let’s look at it like this
all right when people be calling the 50
a rat they talking about that incident
that happened in that studio where him a
job where they turned the lights out and
people started fighting and poked up so
yeah there is some type of paperwork but
it was a signature to the yo-yos or the
gays like I saw the paperwork they came
on my show on hot 97 you know and at the
time I just said okay I mean I looked at
it I remember some of it but I mean
I don’t think we should hold that
against 50 cent now I mean it’s
different now ya know but you see the
other thing about it is is that people
don’t understand certain things like if
somebody if somebody does something and
it’s a part of procedure then they think
that oh you ranch it up see some people
some guys got lawyers they got their
studio insurance all that kind of stuff
stuff was broken and their equipment was
damaged like so that stuff that did
somebody has to be accountable for that
so in order for them to be an insurance
claim you got it the cops gotta be
involved they gotta find out what
happened there’s gotta be a report like
it’s a car crash so stuff like that now
you want fast-forward to Jim Jones not
see Jim Jones that niggas been doing too
much and people don’t understand behind
the scenes he’s been doing way too much
he’s been trying to carry that burden on
cents or whatever the hell it is Bloods
whatever yeah you’ve been going to state
to state with that and people don’t
understand that when you cross state
lines people start looking at what
you’re doing when it was carrying that
scissor and all that other nonsense and
they see the children look at this and
they think that this is the way to go
and none of these niggas want to admit
that when they’re wrong until one of
they kids get shot or a mother get get
manhandled in the street when a
girlfriend gets punched in the face by a
rival gang so when they approach them
see all that up to the fact that they
got recorded who had the recruits almost
had I think that was Mel murders phone
if I’m not mistaken I could be wrong I
forget I forget
okay so Mel murder was trying to
implicate Jim Jones you know honestly I
don’t remember I Jack Frost who does
great research he goes to the courthouse
BB n network on YouTube and he broke it
down honestly I forgot but I’ll give you
last word on this and even with Colin
Kaepernick we’re all talking about the
same thing really in retrospect we step
back from all that is bullshit if this
organization its everybody going for
you can’t one thing can’t operate
without the other because then when you
get to the finish line you fall short
because there’s
organization members these dudes are up
here I feel like they in the mob for
real for real yeah and they’re not to
make music and they’re trying to sell a
bad boy image in order to keep the money
coming in and then when you fall short
or when you’re you’re out of your window
because Jim Jones in them is like from
the 90s the nigga started performing is
wearing them big goofy-looking Pelle
Pelle leathers and they got back
together like last year how ridiculous
you look
two out of your window so the time runs
out and then what happens your house is
a foreclosure are you trying to play it
off like that’s what you want it to
happen really you wanted to lose your
home start to lose okay
Thank You Man thank you thank you Wow
nail on the head a few things Ronnie I’m
gonna finish up
thank you for your your research tonight
Ronnie anything you want to comment on
before we close it out Jim Jones 50 cent
Colin Kaepernick Waffle House I
mentioned that earlier you said you
never been to the Waffle House right
no but I want to go just to see what the
experience is like a lot of people have
told me to make sure that the one that I
go to is like extra dirty because that
means that the food is going to be
really good when I went to this morning
it was dirty I didn’t go to the restroom
but I mean just the food was horrible
it was horrible and I’m not even really
again complaining about the service you
know I could have been better but you
know just I’ll never go back I’ll never
go back to Waffle House but am i Ronnie
thank you so much for your time tonight
I appreciate you thank you all right
white girl Ronnie on the check you know
boss chick Ronnie and Ronnie’s banner
let me get her banner ready first for
those who keep saying Oh what does
Ronnie look like let me get her banner
ready and put that on the screen with
mr. Scott Saunders banner have y’all’s
banner and me a second guys hold a
second okay coming up shortly
bubble Kuan sends it a super chat star a
great combo tonight but let’s not forget
that tragedy aka Cassidy said I play
with the D like a linebacker in 2019 in
battle rap hashtag oh no Cassidy hashtag
hey honey
I didn’t catch that What did he say I
play with the D like a linebacker
oh is that verbatim that quote I’m not
sure there be sugar G yes I did pour me
sugar G and a few others let me just
make sure I never see any cash abs Hey
Bruce how are you man
our players go on the field weekly
selling out to Ronnie
okay there was question for Ronnie she’s
going now thank you Bruce for your uh
you cash at sriracha rod says uh okay
he’s taking shots at mo get mo off the
show okay thank you for your donation I
don’t wanna you know read what you’re
saying about mo I appreciate mo um but
thank you thank you if he were here on
the line I would read that to him Elvis
the chef Rosenberg good evening sir he
says Meghan the stallion does not own
her name dough hmm I don’t know about
that really
there she is that something to do with J
Prince and the guy who Megan the
stallion was signed to I don’t know that
world I like her though she if you ask
me she’s got a nice Oh what I can see it
never met her a nice demeanor seems like
a nice person
yeah thank you for your um cash yep
who is this right here so what is this
that’s email about something I don’t
know what that’s about who are you okay
and sherrod says via cash at
is Buffalo Bill he wants to be a woman
so bad okay now you taking shots mo
who’s buff it’s Buffalo Bill for mom
what was that movie um was it Silence of
the Lambs it puts the lotion on its
bodies that what you’re talking about
let me look live chat guys Buffalo Bill
is that uh Silence of the Lambs I don’t
fly googling right now I think so yeah
thank you man Sherrod okay and I think
that’s the last cash at make sure I got
everything okay okay listen good
discussion tonight good discussion um
colin kaepernick however you feel he did
release for those who don’t know again
two pages a fax to address the false
narratives regarding colin kaepernick it
was released today okay you can google
it I found it on tmz.com
and he’s addressing some of what he says
are rumors okay if you give a shit okay
also keep me up to speed please with
regards to uh the monkey shit Jim Jones
50 cent fifty is my guy don’t get it
fucked up but I’m just not sure if Jim
was you know sending him a shot warning
shot or whether it’s just it still play
play fun fun whatever you want to call
it right I’ll see you guys tomorrow at
some point have a good night and be safe
all right

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