Best 7 Benefits of Quit Smoking

Best 7 Benefits of Quit Smoking

No smoker wants his child to smoke, which means that he himself wished he never smoked! Every smoker is fed up of his addiction and wants to get rid of it but how many are successful? The successful ratio is very less because smokers do not understand the benefits of quitting smoking. Apart from physical body benefits, quitting smoking can have positive impacts on mental health and on all the spheres of life. You must understand that it is the human body which is the most important for living a life and if you are damaging this body and reducing your own life span by smoking cigarette, then what is the use of smoking yourself to death?

Top 7 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

If you are still thinking about quitting smoking here are some reasons why you should do it today.

Improved Lung Function

Everyone is aware that the lungs are the first organ to affected with smoke! Once you quit smoking, the functionality of lungs is improved thereby supplying more oxygen to the blood. It also helps in improvement of the blood circulation in the body. Once the blood circulation is improved, then the heart functions better and the risk of any lung cancer or coronary heart diseases are minimized.

Practice deep breathing exercises once you have quit smoking for faster recovery of lungs. This can be a boon and help in improving the overall health!

Improved Smell & Taste

Nicotine and other harmful chemicals in the cigarette can reduce the sensitivity of the taste buds. Once you quit smoking, you will notice that you can sense the food better! If you are a foodie, then the benefits of quitting smoking are huge for you as you will love your food more after quitting smoking.A cigarette dulls the senses of smell and taste. This is why you will crave for more foods and thus it may lead to weight gain. So, be ready to start working out!

No More a Slave

Once you have quit smoking, you are no longer a slave to nicotine. You can handle stress on your own without having to smoke. You are no longer an addict which will give you a peace of mind! Nothing can be better than having full control on your thoughts, actions and mind!

You are not giving up anything, in fact, you are getting rid of something that was not at all good for you, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Increased Financial Savings

We all know that cigarettes are not cheap! You maybe burning a lot of your money while smoking, so be glad that you are saving all that money for a better reason by quitting smoking. If you are a student, then this benefit of quitting smoking is precisely very important to you as it can help you save a lot of your pocket money!

Top 7 Benefits of Quit Smoking

Improved Skin

According to a study conducted, it was found that the skin of the smokers becomes more sensitive and develops wrinkles faster than non-smokers. Smokers skin sags faster, becomes darker and duller due to the harmful chemicals been circulated in your blood. Hence, for a better skin you must quit smoking. This may not affect the men but all the women there this benefit of quitting smoking cannot be ignored as all women love young and smooth skin.

Protects Your Heart

 Heart is the most important organ of the human body; if it stops working, then the life comes to an end! Because this is an important organ, it is the toughest part of the body too but smoke can destroy heart within a few years! That’s the effect of smoke on the heart!

Light smoking can also cause damage to the blood arteries and blood vessels. Hence, there is a high risk of coronary heart disease associated with smoking. Coronary heart disease develops when plaque formation occurs on the blood arteries thereby leading to heart attack.

If you quit smoking for a year, the risk associated with heart attacks can be reduced to 50% so the benefits of quitting smoking on the heart cannot be neglected!

Saves People Around You

Many people around you are being affected by the smoke you release into the air while lighting up your cigarette. According to a study conducted by a Canadian Cancer Society, it has been found out that more than 250 people die from second-hand smoke!

Nobody has given you the right to reduce the lifespan of people around you. Hence, you must think about the people suffering from second-hand smoke. Think about your wife, your son, your daughter, your parents- is this what they deserve for the love they have given to you? Death? No! You must quit smoking for the benefit of the people around you and nothing is great than social service-always remember!

There are many other additional benefits of quitting smoking such as you start smelling better- you may not realize but your fingers, your breath, your wardrobe, your car is full of smoke smell which maybe suffocating to others and once you quit smoking, the smell starts disappearing which is a good thing!

Another important benefit is that you start breathing better as a result there is an increased oxygen supply to your body thereby strengthening the functionality of the lungs and consequently an overall important in the blood circulation and the heart.

If you understand clearly, the benefits of quitting smoking are plenty and they are all interconnected- be it functioning of lungs or reduced risk of coronary heart disease or skin improvement. These all problems arise due to inhaling nicotine and harmful chemicals bounded in the cigarette. Just let go of this addiction and give yourself a gift of longevity.

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