Beer And Tobacco Are Kinda Good For You

Beer And Tobacco Are Kinda Good For You

Can Smoking tobacco and Drinking beer actually
be … good for you?
Hey Everyone, Crystal here for DNews. I think
your mother and your doctor would both agree
that smoking and drinking are not healthy
habits. Something about lung cancer and cirrhosis
of the liver, I dunno … but both tobacco
and hops have a healthy little secret. They
contain a high concentration of compounds
that may help protect your brain cells against
neurodegenerative disease.
Both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease
are major health concerns in the US. These
diseases are characterized by degeneration
of neurons in the brain. and no small neurodegeneration
mind you, at the point that Parkinson’s
Disease is usually diagnosed over 50% of the
dopaminergic neurons in the brain’s substantia
nigra region are already gone. Research is
currently being done to understand how we
can best interfere with the progression of
these diseases, and many a pharmaceutical
company is hoping to develop drugs that don’t
just treat the symptoms but that can actually
protect our brains from cell death.
Ironically, some of the most promising compounds
being discovered are found in some pretty
unhealthy places. Smoking continues to be
a leading cause of preventable death worldwide,
but nicotine, the addictive component found
in tobacco smoke may have neuroprotective
properties! And trials are being performed
to investigate the inverse correlation between
smoking and Parkinson’s Disease. Weird right?
If you’ve ever smoked a conventional cigarette,
you’ve lowered your risk for developing
A recent article published in the Journal
of Agricultural and Food Chemistry identified
another compound found in beer, Xanthohumol,
as being potentially neuroprotective. When
scientists challenged neuron-like cells grown
in a dish with destructive oxidizers like
peroxide, over 60% of the cells died. But
when the cells were pre-treated with xanthohumol,
they showed 25% more viability than the cells
not pre-treated. The researchers were also
able to demonstrate that this was due to an
increase in the cell’s ability to defend
itself against stress, and not due to direct
interactions between xanthohumol and the oxidizing
Xanthohumol is emerging as something of a
cureall antioxidant and it has already attracted
attention due to its role in cardiovascular
protection, as well as its anticancer, antiviral,
anti obesity, and anti-inflammation properties.
And right now, high (micromolar) concentrations
of the compound has only been found in beer.
So hoppy beers and nicotine might be good
for your brain, but be careful to stay on
the lower end of exposure. Cancer, heart and
liver disease are a poor exchange for Parkinson’s
and Alzheimer’s. And because I know some of
you are going to ask: no, the two won’t
cancel each other out! No amount of “anti-cancer”
and “cardiovascular protection” beer drinking
will prevent the development of heart disease
and lung cancer if you smoke like a chimney.
What do you think? Is your lifestyle helping
or hurting your brain?

100 thoughts on “Beer And Tobacco Are Kinda Good For You

  • Also smoking prevents cancer by killing you before normal cancer has a chance to develop.

  • I'm glad DNews will make videos trying to highlight tobacco and alcohol while only making negative videos about cannabis.

  • The main problem with nicotine is the delivery method.  Perhaps the patch or nicotine gum would be a good idea.

    As for hops… Drink up!  We grow our own hops.  🙂

  • Oh no! This goes against my preconceived notions of what is bad and good. I will not consider altering my view and will downvote this video immediately!

  • How about letting everyone smoke or drink whatever they want as long as they don't kill people? It seems like everything is horrible for you and also a miracle cure.

    I could probably take two totally random objects and say something like, "Consuming roast pigeon legs decreases the chance of contracting severe nasal herpes (but only if consumed during brunch)," and there would be a study, somewhere on this freakshow of a planet, that agrees with that statement.

    It's getting pretty ridiculous like my towel.

  • What about the concentration? How much of Xanthohumol was used in the lab and how much of that can we actually get from drinking before the harmful effect out weights the beneficial effect.

  • It's weird hearing this because i'm a care giver for memory care patients whether it be dementia, Parkinson's, etc, and I have a resident who was an alcoholic and he actually obtained Alzheimer's and he's only 57.  

  • Interesting…what I just learned is that I should take cocaine, smoke marijuana and cigarettes, and drink beer, all in some unspecified form of moderation and then I'll be healthy?  I'll probably be happier too….

  • well at the same time alc is burdening the body and preventing it from using energy minerals and hydration productively and thereby greatly reducing your own bodys own brain protection. so it may or may not be potentially good this things found in those things but just cause there are grapes in vine does not make it as healthy as grapes , right? . 

  • Is it because you kill all the brain cells including the bad ones? Therefor it can't spread cuz there is nothing going on up there? lol

  • What is discussed is true regarding the most recent research. However, overall, the harms outweighs the risks with habits of overdrinking and smoking.

    There may be some way of extracting these compounds, and administer them in a more controlled manner. However, more research is needed for this to be approved for human consumption. 

  • Ok so the title is kinda bogus, but common guys. It's not their study, but it is a study. And their facts are not wrong! Why are you guys being such a bunch of passive aggressive teenagers. Claiming you know everything and that the video is COMPLETELY wrong. THEY KNOW BEER AND TOBACCO ARE BAD. You don't need to repeat it for them. Did any of you guys listen to what she said at 2:16 ?? NO, because most of you were throwing a hissy bitch fit probably not listening to half the stuff she said and disliked the video before you even got to the half way mark. Dnews isn't making bad videos, this community of casual wannabe intellects is just driving it into the ground.

  • And DNews officially become 100% clickbait.

    All the old hosts were amazing and did real scientific news.

    Now it's a bunch of jerk you around horse shit. Good job guys.

  • Should be called "Beer and Nicotine are kinda good for you". The largest damage is from Tobacco and not the Nicotine itself. Nicotine can be gotten through much safer means. One example is tomatoes. Another is Vaping, and before anyone freaks on the vaping statement. I am saying vaping is safer (not necessarily safe) than smoking tobacco. Even though DNews did demonize by making it sound nearly as dangerous as smoking.

  • People think in black and white. Marijuana is a wonder drug, Tobacco is the devil, alcohol is celebrated all over television, nicotine has to be exterminated. Adderall is fine, lets pump our kids full of amphetamines.

    Fat's bad! No, wait, carbs are evil! 

    In all seriousness there are a lot of benefits to nicotine, and a lot of skewed statistics. Yes, heart disease is 'smoking related' … and the #1 cause of death period (no such thing as dying of old age), regardless of whether or not heart disease deaths are smokers — they're included in the statistics.

    Nicotine is used in treating ADHD, Anxiety, improves learning, fine motor skills, etc.

    Yes it's psychologically addicting. Chocolate is too and I still relapse into eating it. 

    It's the habit, not the substance. Smokers don't seek out nicotine patches or chew. They want to smoke. Yes I've quit smoking and it's a matter of finding a 5 minute distraction (attention span length = craving length). I'd want one whenever I got stressed (why I started) and instead I started playing Strategery on my phone (no shit). Every few months I'll have a cigar and not worry that the phantom of big bad tobacco rules my life — I want it just like I want to enjoy food or anything else.

    The Smoking cessation industry is a business like any other industry. Alcohol is more destructive. It causes fights, ruins families, makes you vomit because it's poison, can kill you in one night, drunk drivers, and can kill you if you're addicted and stop drinking it.

  • Why in the hell would you recommend someone smoke to get nicotine when vaping is a much healthier alternative @GrimmGreen @Suck My Mod @Ruby Roo @pbusardo @Twisted Messes

  • I stopped watching almost immediately. Shut the fuck up Dnews. Don't spread half truths with your 'well science says' religious dogma. Tobacco is beneficial, way beyond what your half wit research tells you… But not the shit WE smoke because of how we grow and process it. Same fucking thing for Beer,
    You are irresponsible with your spread of so called facts. Pull your heads in.

  • I'm mainly whole foods, yoga, meditation, exercise, studying and socializing when I'm not. I drink tons of filtered water and green and black teas. I love coffee but don't drink it often. I don't eat animal products at all. ummmmmmm I think I'm doing okay. Some things are a little beyond my research capacities at the moment so perhaps some random thing I'm eating is giving me cancer but I'm hoping all the fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and extra good blood flow will keep me from being premature in expiration…………………

  • DNews uses shocking titles and themes to get views, bordering on anti-thesis. Maybe, they even hope that heavy smokers and drinkers will be so excited by the title that they will watch the video that, If you listen carefully, is actually against the smoking and drinking and for the research that may discover drugs based on compounds found in these substances. However, that demographic is probably not the critical thinking demographic that is capable of separating the veiled facts from the overt marketing tactics. 🙁

  • I've been watching d news for ages now but lately it seems all their latest vids are just about stuff thats gonna kill you.
    Is the D for Downer News? "we found 8 more ways you can die from common things you do!!" blah blah
    Hope their reports get better quality soon. 

  • My grandfather was a smoking drunk, had Parkinson's disease, and died from cirrhosis of the liver. Your website sucks, your YouTube channel is misleading, and the only thing going for your TV channel is Mythbusters; and you've killed it by axing Grant, Tory, and Kari!?!?!… Unsub!

  • Not here, I got cancer because of smoking and drinking! BS is what they are saying. The risks are not worth the cancer.

  • Smoking is bad for you… pure nicotine on the other hand, probably not half as much. The problem with cigarettes is all the other crap they add, I've read studies saying that nicotine isn't even that addicting on it's own(also the reason nicotine patches or the like will not help a smoking addition)

  • That explains why my great uncle who chewed for 85 years never started becoming senile until right before his death at 91. I know the Surgeon General says that chewing isn't a safe alternative to cigarettes. But if there are any smokers here who are having a tough time trying to quit, I suggest you switch to smokeless. I truly believe it is far less dangerous than smoking.

  • Fuck smoking! It brings more problems than benefits. Don't encourage people to smoke, seriously. It sucks that I have to breathe that shit in everyday in collage, 'cause people smoke like there's no tomorrow. That's the worst thing about smoking. You actually physically affect the people next to you who are forced to breathe that shit in. At least when you drink, alcohol is not being pumped into the other person's body.

  • so what about vaping nicotine and beer. vaping as a safer alternative to inject nicotine and drinking beer. it might be good.

  • If you smoke like a chimney? What if I only smoke one cigarette a day instead of a pack or two like most smokers?

  • I have faith that in everything God created there is a good thing. Moderation amd healthy lifestyle balance is key.

  • I drink beer and chew natural unprocessed tobacco. No sugar. I am alcoholic because I drink beer instead of Coka cola like my diabetes friends. Happy to be alcoholic instead of diabetic.

  • Taking nicotine is not the same as smoking cigarettes. I like smoking and I wonder if the risk of diseases is really necessarily as bad as it's made out to be. Is it always a risk or only if you smoke alot or what?

  • Scientists used to think eggs were bad for you, now they are saying eggs are good because they contain healthy fats which the body needs. Stress is a major cause of so many illnesses, and smoking calms you down, so does alcohol. There are people online living into their hundreds and smoking.

  • I would rather my body expire first, before I become so forgetful, I forget who my kids are. A healthy body without a mind is nothing and your a waste of space at that point, and will only stress your family.

  • I think its public knowledge that smoking does not cause cancer in countries where there were no bombs set off. Strange……

  • What makes tobacco so bad is the burning of it. It releases chemicals (many of which were added and aren't even in tobacco naturally) and tar. Believe it or not, more than 90% of people with mouth cancer are smokers, not people who dip or chew.
    The best form of tobacco is Snus, which is a Swedish style of smokeless tobacco that has been around for a few centuries. Smoking became popular in Sweden around WWII, but in the last 20 years, Snus has been making a huge comeback. About a third of the Swedish population, men and women, Snus. 9/10 Snusers are ex-smokers who successfully quit smoking by switching to Snus. The rise of Snus and decline of cigarettes have drastically lowered the cancer cases and other diseases associated with smoking, and not a single mouth cancer case has yet to be linked to Snus.
    As an ex-dipper and smoker, I actually really like Snus because there is so much variety of brand, style, flavour, and nicotine content. I usually get strong to extra strong Snus, which makes their American counterparts like Copenhagen, Skoal, and Grizzly look weak. Copenhagen (dip)has around 4mg of nicotine per gram, while Siberia Red (Snus) has 45mg of nicotine PER POUCH. You can get Snus that is more than 10 times the strength of dip, and it's still harm reduction. It's brilliant.
    Another good nicotine delivery system for people who don't want tobacco but need to feel like they are smoking are obviously e-cigs/vapes. You can get it tobacco flavoured and you can get it with a higher nic content than cigarettes.

  • Tobacco and Beer are good for you in moderation. That being said Lager and cheap cigarettes are not going to cut it. If you want the real health benefits you have to pipe smoke some natural tobacco and drink quality craft beers. MODERATION is key

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