BECK – Loser – Guitar Lesson – Beginners ✅✅🎵

BECK – Loser –  Guitar Lesson –  Beginners ✅✅🎵

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is for my guitar lesson series
So today, I’ll show how to play loser [by] back
That’s pretty simple. I’ve broken it down into three riffs
[okay], so the first thing you need to do is tune your top string down one tone to D
So it’s the same as the fourth string open which is [D] student down, so they’re the same?
Okay, so I’ll play the first riff on the acoustic guitar and the other two on the electric
So this is the first riff
Which is pretty much played through [at] the song
okay, so
[it’s] the top string open and you’re going to need a slide to for your pinkie
Unless you want to play it without it. It doesn’t sound the same
Okay, so top string open
top string slide up to the fourth fret
And then the fifth and the fourth string is open
top [strings] slide up to the fourth again
And the fifth and the fourth string is open again
In the top three strings at the fifth fret with [a] slide slide down
I’ll play it again slowly
Okay, that’s main riff video to the electric
Next riff is sort of like
lead on
But it’s how you play it on the electric wave first
Okay, so that’s third string some [thread]
fourth string over
Look again
fostering up
third string 9th fret so
Then it’s pretty much the same thing again. So that’s third string seventh fret
fourth string [over]
Nice the third string
Bump again, what’s real?
Second string 8th fret third string so threat
And once again that’s played through the entire song pretty much, so played again slowly
In the bridge in the middle bit about Russia guitar bit play it first
Okay, so it’s a fourth string fifth fret side up to seven
Third string fifth fret
Do that again?
the third strength seven yes
Do a swipe it again
[what’s] more?
the fourth string fifth fret Bend up
[plate] in the regular position the threat fourth string third fret
Okay, and that’s pretty much it um easy saw okay. [I] hope this guitar lesson has been helpful and thanks for watching

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