Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition. Episode 1 Pre-show interview

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Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 125 with Kristina (work stress)

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Retailer Requirements: New Warning Statement Requirements For Certain Tobacco Products

A new warning statement on certain tobaccoproduct packaging and advertisements is required in2018.We have information for tobacco retailers, on thisedition of FDA Tobacco Compliance webinars.– music –Welcome to this edition of FDA Tobacco ComplianceWebinars – Education and Information for Retailers andSmall Businesses, sponsored by the US Food and DrugAdministration, and its Center for Tobacco Products.I’m […]

Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 113 pre show interview

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Hypnotist Bernie’s Exposition – Episode 106 with Erica

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How to Stay Motivated, Using Psychology.

Every day, you probably have to do at least one thing you’d rather not do.Maybe you have to finish a boring work project, or go to the gym again, or stick to your dietwhen you’d rather spend the day binging Netflix and eating Doritos.Sticking to your long-term goals requires motivation.But just like people, motivation is […]

Donald Trump Says Billions And Billions And Billions

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How Lil Tay Ended Her Career

Lil tay, stay away from the old-fashioned mediaI mean if you want to be completely wiped off your platform, be my guest, because if you continue to accept any of these likeThese more of these slip-ups are gonna happen in the futureLil tay youngest flexa in centurySpoiler alert, she’s not, that’s a factShe’s a nine […]

How to Quit Smoking | Tamil Motivation | Karaikudi Sa Balakumar

One of my friends would smoke at least 30 cigarettes a dayOne day, he asked meYou are good at talkingTalk something to me and make me quit smoking, he saidI thought for a couple of minutesThen I talked with him for 5 minutesThen from the next day onwards, he quit smokingWhat was that 5-minute speech?Why […]