Are E-Cigs Really That Bad For You?

Are E-Cigs Really That Bad For You?

You see them at work, on the bus, I’ve even
seen them on airplanes. E-cigs are everywhere,
are they REALLY that awesome?
E-cigarettes are everywhere and new studies
on vaping come out all the time. If somehow
you’re unfamiliar, vapes involve three pieces,
a battery, container of liquid, and a heating
element. This simple device can be used to
deliver everything from tobacco or THC to
flavored mists and caffeine. The Vapor Market
in the U.S. hit an estimated 2.5 billion dollars
— 60 percent of which was just for customizable
mods and juices.
Over the last five years, aggressive marketing,
and limiting of the cigarette market has caused
the market to explode. That being said, there
are precious few regulations or studies exploring
what vaping is doing to the inside of users,
especially over the long term; and NO studies
on long-term exposure in living animals. The
American Heart Association weighed in last
May — and it wasn’t awesome for fans of vaping
— you can check out Laci’s video for some
background on that, but since then — more
has come to light.
The latest study to ROCK the vaping world
comes out of Johns Hopkins – researchers exposed
mice to vapor from e-cigs. To do so, they
used a modified smoking machine which inhaled
for 2 seconds once every 10 seconds. Other
studies have found smokers showed a biomarker
called cotinine; so they exposed the mice
to a concentration of nicotine that would
produce similar nicotine biomarkers to a heavy
smoker. They even measured the entirety of
the vapor and mixed it with filtered air before
exposing the mice for 1.5 hours a day total
over two weeks. They also exposed some mice
to just regular air.
They found there are over 700 billion particulate
free radials per puff of a vape. Normally,
free radicals are a product of heating, so
these are actual particles that will enter
the lungs and QUOTE “could be potentially
toxic to cells.” Though more research is needed
to determine that toxicity. Aside from that,
they exposed the mice to the bacteria which
cause pneumonia, or the influenza virus — our
little friend the flu.
As you’ve probably guessed, this study doesn’t
go well for vapes, the lead researcher says
the lungs ARE definitely affected by the chemicals
in liquid nicotine e-cigs. The mice who were
vaping had lung inflammation and protein damage;
and when exposed to infection their defenses
were significantly reduced. The mice were
unable to clear bacteria from their lungs,
and those with the flu experienced weight
loss and some died!
It’s important to point out, this is one type
of vape, there are many iterations and mods
available which might change the results — and
they each require their own scientific scrutiny.
Studies have conclusively shown, however,
that vapor DOES contain free radicals, formaldehyde,
and other carcinogens. On average, e-cigs
contain only 1-percent the number of chemicals
of an average cigarette, but even THAT surprised
the researchers since manufacturers claim
In the end, the scientific community and the
regulatory community are still trying to figure
this crap out. Queen Mary University of London
published a piece in Addiction which said
regulating e-cigs the same way as tobacco
isn’t necessary because of their vast differences.
At the same time, both the American Heart
Association and Food and Drug Administration
encourage cigarette-like regulations! Frankly,
the medical community is very clear; in comparison
to smoking cigarettes, vaping IS better, but
that doesn’t mean it gets a gold star. Looks
like science has some work to do.
What do you think? We followed up on this
because Nexy_Dre and Saurini wanted to know
more! If you have anything you want to know
about tell us!

100 thoughts on “Are E-Cigs Really That Bad For You?

  • this is ridiculous ive been vaping for many years hell ive had a easier time breathing and on top of that im not smoking cigarettes

  • The chemicals? Really? You mean vegetable glycerin and propolyne glycol which are in pretty much everything and ya the Royal college of physicians and many other countries have done a lot more research then the US has unfortunately all these bullshit stories comming out that try and make it look bad have NO facts and it's been proven they don't over and over again they're just putting out bullshit because big tobacco is losing money which means the government is to do some actual research for yourself before you beleive any of this crap these morons are putting out

  • I'm loving my new RDA builds and I have to say, sub ohm tanks don't compare in terms of health. It just seems smoother and less toxic than your standard sub tank.

  • All I'm hearing is "We're telling you that vaping is bad. We are NOT telling you that it is so much healthier than smoking."

    C'mon Dnews…stop omitting the fact that vaping is 97% safer than regular cigarettes and it's better to vape than smoke.

  • If you are a diabetic like me and you switch from cigs to vaping, your doctor will be overjoyed. That is enough for me.

  • Uh the only ingredients in the juice is the same shit they put in like a Vicks humidifier. I don't understand where the fermapdahyde comes from…… It's all food safe

  • this pisses me off on how these "researchers" say this shit is bad , also when they say 2nd hand vapor is bad. i'm 14 years old and i have been vaping for 2 years and when i started i would use 3-6 mg nicotine . and i feel the same i did 3 years ago. now that i'm 15 i use a 45mg Nicotine Salt Based juice. it delivers nicotine faster into your blood stream and you have to take less hits from them. and this fucking "articles" cnn say they are finding "chemicals" in the vapor and the ejuice , that's why i make my own so i know what i'm putting in , all this cannot be determined by 1 e liquid company and 1 vape pen they are all different and all have different "coils" heating elements which create the vapor ,so if you are looking into vaping to quit smoking i would 99.9% say they are safer tan cigarettes and you should make the switch .

  • I've been vaping for quite some time now and I never caught a flu ever since… I have (or had) a condition called allergic rhinitis, and since I started vaping I have never experienced symptoms of it…
    In the times I used to smoke, I couldn't run 25 meters without filling my lungs where about to explode and now I can run waaaaay longer.
    Will I get cancer sooner than if if I still smoking? obviously not…
    So stop that nonsense and let people do better for their health.

  • Yeah…we get it…sponsorship…keep on vaping guys…formula 1 sponsored by marlboro…if your government banned all tobacco products I'll give up vaping

  • I just want to say science is way different from being a doctor science is the devil trying to take over the world while doctor is trying to heal people you guys are trying to act like doctors. Funny you're the same person that believes the earth as a board because you see pictures and videos that you're supposed to be so smart

  • I feel much better after smoking for almost 20 years then switching to vaping. I dont wake up coughing and now i can breathe so yeah there you go. Its no comparison. The fact that i dont hack my lung up every morning and can take a deep breathe is all the scientific evidence i need. Its far far far better than smoking.

  • these studies are probably done by scientists that really don't know shit about how to properly care for a mod.. just saying.. they would probably let a coil get gunked up and not figure there was anything wrong with it, and just let it "burn gunk" for the entire study, and then conclude that vapes are not safe, due to their own ignorance on proper maintenance. oh shit..

  • vapes are safe aslong you know where your juice comes from and your vape mod is good quality brand with good coils. STAY AWAY FROM CHINA ECIGS N GAS STATION scrap.

  • I did blu and it was my dads. It was black and shaped like a cigarette. My chest hurts and my lungs hurt and it’s hard to breathe. Any advise? Please, I might be dying.😥

  • How come doctors tell you to get in the shower and breathe the steam when you have a cold then?  I'd rather vape than breathe all that nasty fungus and piss fumes from my big brothers feet after he takes a shower not to mention the mold spores.

  • The key is to use a higher level of nicotine liquid, so you vape less, thus less of anything alien getting into your system.

  • How could ingesting a harmful substance such as nicotine possibly not be harmful? If vaping is used to help people quit cigarettes slowly then it is a good thing. I quit a years long 2 pack a day habit one month ago. I looked into the following options; chantrix, NRT products, thermogenics diet pills, testosterone boosters, and vaping.

  • Wow!! Have humans become so dumb! Are we really going twist this around to believe this is the next best thing???? Until a week ago I had no idea there was such a thing as Vaping. Once I decided I really need to quite SMOKING because of health issues IE stroke! I started to look around for aids in this goal. I already knew about patches and gum. I also knew they really don't work that well. Now there is VAPING. I looked around low and behold there is Vaping Dens! 6 to be more precise just in my small town alone. To me this is nothing more than a tool for a Goal. But really you go on YouTube and have all these guys and gals sitting there bellowing all this vaps all over the place Spouting its the greatest thing since slice bread!! Here is a IDEA go out side take a BIG HUGE BREATH it don't cost any money and it will still be better than anything else available!! I wish I could. All I really want to say is THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A TOOL! Please don't make it more than what it is

  • BULL. FUCKING. SHIT. If I have a single cigarette my throat feels like it's gonna close up and my chest tightens significantly. When I vape I get none of that and I've been vaping for nearly 5 years now. Oh and about the formaldehyde, those researchers were purposely burning the coils without juice to get those readings. No shit burning cotton produces toxicities. This video is complete bullshit and nonsense.

  • The point mentioned in 3:29 is the main reason people vape. A non-smoker starting vaping is not the reason the e-cig idea was conceived; harm reduction for smokers is the main reason for its existence. It would have been better if you could have elaborated the last point. SMOKING HARMFUL — VAPING LESS HARMFUL.

  • Over the life of the human, people who smoke cost tax payers less, let them. Vaping is better than cigarettes, that doesn't mean safe, just better. Just like peanut butter oreos are better for you than regular oreos, does not mean you should eat 3 boxes a day.

  • If you are going to make assertions at least have the decency to fact check. E-liquid does not contain formaldehyde. It’s a common misconception which is a result of false information being spread to a gullible audience. The truth is that yes, it was found that propylene glycol (a main ingredient in E-Liquid) when heated to a high enough temperature goes through a chemical reaction causing it to become formaldehyde. That being said it was also found the no heating elements found in vapes could ever reach the temperature needed to initiate the reaction.

  • I think you are getting paid by tobacco companies to secretly promote smoking and put vaping to bad light!

  • so basically, when ppl have made their decigion to vape, you're just try hard to stop them, no enjoy, live healthy life like it's basically forcing ppl to be vegan. Adding taxes aren't going to make them healthier, government doesn't give fk about our health, it's just something that can be taxed and earned money trough

  • Eating meat can lead to cancer, eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes, too much driving can lead to death, too much living can lead to death. Jezus, i don't need research to tell me that it is not healthy. But i find it hilarious that america is now leading the way for regulating these evil vaping, meanwhile the country is swamped in cardiac disease, diabetic explosion and overweight issue.

  • We haven't asked for a "gold star", we just want to be able to vape without being persecuted or told what we can and cannot do with our vape gear.

  • this is so stupid who cares if you are vaping.I mean like we all vape once in our life.So like who really cares

  • They're not completely safe, but I'd much rather watch someone vape than smoke cigarettes and kill themselves.

  • Do you know why they can't finish all these studies and researches? It's because of one simple thing… "Funding"

  • First and foremost I want to come out and say vaping is not as bad as cigarettes cigarettes are a lot worse vaping may not be 100% safe. I'm sure there are some minor issues with vaping but then again there's so many other things in our society that aren't good for us either. truth of the matter is vaping has become a trend yes some smokers may use vaping to help you quit smoking while others will just Vape for fun and just as a hobby then you have your Vape enthusiasts those are the guys like to blow huge clouds and do the tricks. The Vaping industry is pretty big and still growing shop owners love it they don't care for other if you're trying to quit smoking or just vaping for fun they just want to sell their products. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Even tho this was years ago same I just watched their vid about how damn hookah has 36 times more tar than cigarettes or something like that and I saw a comment asking if these ppl talking about vapes and this one guy said have you seen their video on e cigs….. I went from trusting them as a somewhat reliable source of information to just nope.

  • I have been vaping since Joy tech came out with the 510, I soon moved up to a stronger vaping system. I now have a tumor in my right lung. I thought I might switch to a non nicotine type of E juice. The truth is I am a dead man , since I lost my entire right lung to cancer in 1997. I have never seen e juice from TW, my provider,. The juice used to be clear now it is so dark it looks black(1.0) My eyes have begun to water since the juice has changed in appearance. I have two choices #1 chemo or radiation. My suggestion is don't vape. The vaping system is a sham. Has anyone wondered why there is no negative opinions about vaping any where on the net.

  • This guy does no that we are not rats and that we clear our bodies faster of these chemicals right? Not to mention we don't vape every ten seconds!

  • I don't even know why this is a discussion its smoke in your lungs…. end of story…….. better than ciggs? hell yah… house doesn't smell like cheap club, clothes don't stink.. can breath better, lungs keep coughing up crap always good…. are they safe….about as safe as driving drunk……

  • 💟BEAUTIFUL Bless Cleanliness Healthy Helps HEAVEN!‼️🖤🎨🌍🌏🌎🏳️‍🌈🏴🏳️💚🏁🇺🇸♻️🌐💙💌🗯🔅🚩✝️💒 Yes❗️

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