10 LIES You Were Told About Marijuana

10 LIES You Were Told About Marijuana

(upbeat music)
– Oh, it’s the intro.
So, depending on where you live,
weed is either legal or it’s not.
But, regardless there is
a lot of misinformation
and confusion out there about it.
– Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
– This is good.
– Marijuana has been both applauded
as the miracle drug that
has helped many people
as well as the gateway demon drug.
So, I know it’s confusing.
Today, I decided to focus
on the most common pieces
of misinformation that’s
out there right now
that we’ve all heard of that aren’t true
but that everybody believes.
Oh, man, don’t worry, this isn’t
like preaching or anything.
I’m just giving you facts, bro.
Here are 10 lies that you
were told about marijuana.
Number one is 420 is a police code.
420 is a popular code for smoking pot.
And 4:20 p.m. has also
become the popular time
for pot smokers to light up.
Not only that but April 20th has widely
become the unofficial weed smoking day
in many countries.
Now, many people have
theorized that 420 was pulled
from some official police code that stood
for either juvenile delinquency
or possession of marijuana,
but it didn’t.
420 actually came from
five stoner teenagers
back in 1971 who learned
about a secret stash
of pot plants that had been abandoned.
This group of California high school kids
planned to meet at 4:20 everyday
to look for these plants.
But after weeks of searching,
the plants were never found.
But they started to use the
term 420, as did their friends
and their friends of their friends, etc.
Eventually, the term reached the ears
of the rock band, The Grateful Dead
who made it popular with their fans
and it took off from there.
Number two is weed is a gateway drug.
I’m pretty sure you’ve
heard this one before.
Some people think that
weed is a gateway drug
and that users will
build a tolerance to it
after using it several times,
which will lead them to seek out a bigger
and more intense high,
which means that they’ll be looking
for stronger and stronger
drugs to get them there.
But, it’s just not true.
In fact, in studies conducted in 2013,
it was found that over
32% of American students
of various ages had used marijuana
but only 1.8% of them
had ever tried cocaine
and only 0.6% have ever used heroin.
So, weed simply doesn’t make you want
to crave stronger stuff.
By that same logic, you
could just as easily say
that energy drinks or
alcohol are gateway drugs.
Number three is weed kills brain cells.
Oh, man, sorry I’m late.
I smoked weed a few days ago
and I forgot where I lived.
Some people believe that smoking cannabis
or even breathing it in second-hand
is a great way to make
your brain cells die.
But, believe it or not,
this is actually a myth
that was created by a US
government-funded study
by Dr. Robert G. Heath.
The study, which was
published back in 1974,
involves forcing monkeys
to smoke two joints a day
for almost a year.
That actually sounds
like a fun movie premise.
The data from electrodes that were wired
to the monkey’s brains showed that they
had suffered severe brain damage.
But, in the early 90s, two
major studies were conducted
to replicate these results
but found no change
in the monkey’s brain activity.
It should also be noted
that Heath once claimed
to have successfully
converted a homosexual man
into a straight man by zapping
his brain with electrodes.
So, you know, he’s
completely out of his mind
and thus should be just
more than a bit discredited.
Number four is holding
in smoke gets you higher.
Anyone who’s ever smoked pot
will have heard there friends say
that holding in smoke as long as possible
after inhaling it will allow your lungs
to fully absorb the
THC and get you higher.
But, it’s not true.
A study from the University
of Chicago in June of 1989,
found that any THC inhaled into the lungs
is absorbed into the bloodstream
almost instantaneously.
So, in other words, the
time that it takes you
to inhale deeply and then exhale
is more than enough to get
the chemical into your body.
Holding your breath only
actually deprives your brain
of oxygen, making you feel light-headed
and this lack of oxygen
is what many confuse
for the effects of getting higher.
Also, holding in breath for too long
can damage your brain cells.
So, don’t hold in the pot
in your lungs for too long
or you’ll just pass out.
Number five is weed causes cancer.
When it comes to health
risks, smoking pot has a few.
But, does smoking cigarettes
like smoking marijuana
contribute to the
development of lung cancer.
Many people equate them
to being the same thing
but that’s far from the truth.
According to a 2006 study
by the National Institute of Health
there’s no relation between
cancer and marijuana whatsoever.
That’s right, so, at least in one way,
it’s actually healthier
than smoking cigarettes.
When conducting the
study, Dr. Donald Tashkin,
from the University of California,
thought that smoking marijuana
would lead to an increased
risk of lung cancer
which is a logical leap as
it’s a chemical-filled smoke
you inhale into your lungs.
But, instead researchers actually saw
that any cells that were
damaged from the marijuana smoke
were somehow kept from turning
infectious or malignant.
Now, yes, smoking pot
is not the best thing
for your lungs due to the
carcinogens in the smoke,
but, it won’t lead to cancer
the way cigarettes will.
Number six is weed is addictive.
Okay, this one comes
down to the difference
between the terms addiction
and physical dependence.
Cannabis itself is not
an addictive substance.
As there are no highly
addictive compounds added to it,
unlike nicotine in cigarettes.
However, heavy users do have a 9% chance
to develop a physical
dependency on the drug.
Addiction is classified as having strong
and uncontrollable
craving to use a substance
even if the user is harming
themselves or others.
So, without the intense mental cravings,
there is no addiction.
If there are any symptoms,
it’s likely from a
dependency for the drug.
This is characterized by your body gaining
a tolerance for a substance
and creating a chemical imbalance
when it doesn’t receive it,
causing withdrawal symptoms.
Some weed smokers may display
an addict-like tendency
but it’s certainly not comparable
to the addictions of cocaine and heroin
or even cigarettes.
Number seven is weed
makes you more creative.
Oh, man, I get to paint the greatest mural
the world’s ever seen.
Just let me hit this bowl first.
There are so many authors,
painters, and musicians
that swear that marijuana is their muse,
claiming that being high on
it enhances their creativity
and gives them direction while
creating their masterpiece.
However, a study by Leiden
University on October 7th, 2014,
found that the consumption of marijuana,
even pot with a high THC content,
does not improve creativity at all.
In fact, the study actually found
that it had the complete opposite effect,
making it harder for creative people
to come up with ideas.
Additionally, it was
revealed that even though
they weren’t actually more creative,
the effect the marijuana had on them
made them think that they were.
A lot of high people believing
that they had amazing
ideas while they were high
is likely where this rumor got started.
So, if you’ve had any plans
to try this or already have,
just know that a sober
brain is much better
at coming up with ideas.
It’s just that your stoned brain
will be a lot more impressed
with any ideas good or bad
that you do come up with.
Oh, man, I’m gonna, like, pour grape juice
all over a canvas and roll in it.
Oh, it’s next level.
Number eight is pot
makes you less ambitious.
When you think of a stoner,
you probably picture some dude or dudette
laying on a couch half asleep
and wearing a hoodie
with a pot leaf on it,
maybe, motionless, eating
Cheetos and brownies,
watching Netflix.
It kind of sounds like a good time.
Well, you would not be alone.
In many people’s minds,
smoking weed has always
seemed to be linked
to utter laziness.
But, while it may make you feel relaxed,
it doesn’t necessarily make
you lazy or unmotivated.
Many tokers have gone on
to achieve amazing things,
like Barack Obama for example,
who, you know, just kind
of held the presidency,
no big deal.
Yes, he used to smoke in his younger days
and even Virgin Records
magnate, Richard Branson,
still smokes.
Even the rap legend, Snoop Dogg,
can be seen smoking blunts in
just about everything he’s in,
even pajamas, and he’s seen in a lot.
But that’s not all.
Other notable tokers include Carl Sagan,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe
Rogan, and Stephen King.
Just because stoners enjoy relaxing
under clouds of pot smoke,
doesn’t mean that they lack ambition
or a drive to be successful.
Number nine is weed is all the same.
There’s a widely believed theory
that no matter what type
of marijuana you purchase
it will simply get you
high in the same way
and that all those fancy
strains and bizarre names
are just for marketing purposes.
However, this could not
be further from the truth.
Cannabis strains fall into
three basic categories,
indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.
Indica weed gives you a
strong relaxed body high
that makes you calm and sleepy.
Sativa gives you a more mind high
with uplifting and energetic effects.
Then there’s the hybrid strains
which include mixtures of
both indica and sativa strains
and are a little more custom-tailored
to the effects that the
user wants out of them.
Each strain also has
different medicinal properties
with indicas helping
pain relief and insomnia,
while sativas help with
depression, ADD, and fatigue.
And number 10 is you can
overdose on marijuana.
Okay, this one is huge.
Some people think that if
you smoke too much weed
you can overdose and
wind up in the hospital
or worse, dead.
See, the thing is there
is absolutely no record
of anyone ever having died
from smoking too much weed.
According to numerous doctors,
doing so would be damn near impossible.
See, unlike opioid drugs,
marijuana doesn’t affect
the parts of your brain
that control breathing,
so no overdose.
But, just for argument’s sake,
even if you tried to overdose on pot,
it has a therapeutic index
of 40 thousand to one.
But, Matt, what does that mean?
That literally means that
you would have to smoke
40 thousand joints in
order to kill yourself.
And let’s face it, you’d be asleep
holding a box of Pop-Tarts by five.
Even if you tried to consume the weed
in brownies or cookies,
you would be more sick from
the amount of chocolate
or breads that you consumed
long before the weed physically hurt you.
So, those were 10 lies that
you were told about marijuana.
So, today’s question is,
what do you guys think of weed in general?
Do you think it’s dangerous?
Or do you think it just
shouldn’t be a big deal at all?
I’m genuinely curious to hear
what you guys have to say.
So, leave your comments below
because I’ll be looking through them.
And I am going to pin
the best one to the top.
As always, thank you guys
so much for coming by today.
Remember to come back tomorrow
and every weekday at 3
p.m. Eastern Standard Time
because I’ll have a
brand new video for you.
I’ll see you then.

100 thoughts on “10 LIES You Were Told About Marijuana

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  • Currently studying The terpenes profiles ( smelly oils basically). The smell of lemon, or lavender, or pepper. These foods have the same oils as cannabis and more so than just hybrid, sativa, or indica. The combination of smell is the most determining factor in different uses. The only Doctor in three states would never give advice. Until one in Honolulu where I sometimes visit and have a medical license for cannabis. So that idea comes from a medical doctor not myself. I find my follow up personal research to confirm this idea.

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    Uhhh, idk. Ive never seen nor heard of any others that MJ affects this way! Could this be so? Maybe i should try some of what they are smoking? What do you think?

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    3. H.R.3754 — 116th Congress (2019-2020)To amend the Controlled Substances Act to provide for a new rule regarding the application of the Act to marihuana, and for other purposes.Sponsor: Rep. Amash, Justin [I-MI-3] (Introduced 07/15/2019) Cosponsors: (0)Committees: House – Judiciary, Energy and CommerceLatest Action: House – 08/06/2019 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

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  • naw …wrong. i smoked weed from 12 to 25. and it is a gate way drug. notice he focuses not on any human aspects of it but withdraw symptoms. but the facts are as followed and dont take my self incriminating word for it, research it yourself 1: if you use anything as an escapism, it can be mentally addicting. even sex can be. 2: most if not all drug dealers sell weed as a hook, a catch to get you to try new things. 3: once you try weed, and its fun its the domino effect of " well if i can handle that, i can go one step further". anyone that tells you weed isnt a gateway drug is not only dissing weed itself, they sure as hell havnt smoked as long as i have and from such a young age. nore do they know anything at all about drug culture. he also doesnt go in to how much more potent weed has become and how they now liquify it in to a gel and smoke it off of nails, or how e-cigs basically have a whole black market for doing exactly that. also i like how he says " the president once smoked one time. and then stopped smoking forever. there fore smoking pot does not make you lazy" XD uhhh….ya dude it does….thats why he stopped……get woke bro XD

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    Edited:alot to a lot

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  • Every negative thing I've ever heard about it is nothing but utter lies.

    It makes me produce art that I wouldn't otherwise.

    It makes me feel healthy.

    It makes working out extremely enjoyable.

    I've played ice hockey while utilizing and broke the glass with a slap shot (yes, that was very awesome).

    When I don't use it, there are ZERO withdrawal symptoms (I've heard so many lies about physical and/or psychological addiction).

    Big pharma and big alcohol are definitely behind the misinformation (or lies) and why?

    Their only concern is money, money, money.

    Why does the government chose to not publish all of the mountains research they've done on it? Or have they?

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