10 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis

10 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis

10 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis
Gluten and wheat.
These two products can produce an inflammatory
response even if you are not gluten or wheat
A leaky gut (which is an actual medical term
now) has been linked to joint pain.
A leaky gut lets toxins into the bloodstream
which can then lead to inflammation around
the joints.
Because arthritis causes inflammation in joints,
it can be extremely painful, resulting in
swollen and stiff joints.
This can impact the quality of a person’s
According to the arthritis foundation, gluten
can cause flare ups of arthritis symptoms.
Some people who have arthritis may notice
that their arthritis pain becomes worse after
eating gluten.
This is why doctors suggest that people who
have arthritis should eat a diet which is
low in fats, salt and carbohydrates.
This can help relieve inflamed joints.
If your diet contains a lot of food with gluten
and / or wheat in it, consider eliminating
those types of foods from your diet to see
if your symptoms improve.
Almost all dairy products contain a type of
slow digesting protein called casein.
Casein protein can have the potential to irritate
the tissues around the joints.
This will then evolve from a joint irritation
into a full-blown inflammation.
Corn oil.
Corn oil should be avoided since any food
with abnormally high doses of omega-6 fatty
acids can have the potential to cause inflammation.
An excess of any oil, such as canola, grapeseed
or sunflower, can lead to inflammation.
It is easy to overindulge in these omega-6
fatty acids since so many foods contain this
Keep watching for some even more surprising
foods you should avoid if you have arthritis!
Fried and processed foods.
It should be pretty straightforward as to
why the reduction in fried and processed foods
can eliminate or reduce inflammation and subsequent
joint pain.
Studies have shown that a reduction in fried
and highly processed foods can reduce inflammation
and actually help restore the body’s natural
defenses regardless of your age or health
If you tend to eat a lot of fried and processed
food in your diet, cut down on what you are
Try to eliminate friend meats and prepared
frozen meals from your diet and add more vegetables
and fruits.
You should also be sure to drink a lot of
water and keep yourself hydrated.
Foods that have been fried, grilled, heated
or pasteurized.
A toxic byproduct, known as advanced glycation
end product (or AGE), is found in many fried,
grilled, heated or pasteurized foods.
It can actually cause inflammation.
When these AGE foods are consumed, it elicits
an autoimmune response since some proteins
in the body are ‘attacked.’
This then causes the onset of arthritic symptoms
due to increased inflammation.
Select vegetables.
Vegetables such as eggplants, peppers, potatoes,
and tomatoes can actually worsen arthritis
This is because a compound called solanine
which is found in these vegetables can create
‘adverse physiological reactions’ in people
with arthritis.
Things like fructose, glucose, and sucrose
can stimulate molecules in the body which
will then stimulate inflammation.
You should also avoid drinking carbonated
drinks, which are loaded with sugar and are
extremely high in calories.
This can lead to weight gain and inflammation.
If you are trying to cut sugar out of your
diet, you can opt for sugar free alternatives,
add more fruits and veggies to your diet,
and avoid over indulging on sweets.
A person’s blood sugar levels can increase
after eating sugary foods and drinks.
Foods that contain refined flour such as white
rice and pasta can also increase your blood
sugar level, causing your body to produce
inflammatory chemicals.
These chemicals, known as cytokines, can worsen
arthritis symptoms.
These types of foods can also lead to weight
gain when eaten in excess.
This puts stress on joints.
Refined carbohydrates.
White flour products such as white bread,
white potatoes, and most cereals can cause
inflammation since they are high on the glycemic
Furthermore, refined carbs may increase the
risk of obesity.
Obesity is one of the primary risk factors
of arthritis.
Alcohol and tobacco.
Alcohol and tobacco have been linked to a
specific type of arthritis called rheumatoid
Tobacco and alcohol use can lead to a large
variety of different health problems, including
Smokers are at a higher risk for developing
rheumatoid arthritis, while alcohol can increase
a person’s risk of developing gout.
So try to cut back on drinking and smoking,
and make healthier choices which includes
getting adequate rest and exercise.
Smoking is a big factor in the symptoms associated
with rheumatoid arthritis.
People who have smoked for more than 20 years
are at a much higher risk of developing severe
rheumatoid arthritis.
Smoking can also decrease the effectiveness
of certain drugs which are used to treat rheumatoid
Scientists suspect that smoking can also affect
the immune system’s functionality.
Luckily, smoking is an environmental risk
factor, and is also completely preventable.
If you smoke and have arthritis, you should
consider quitting.
If you need help quitting, speak to your doctor
Some foods to consume regularly to reduce
inflammation include omega-3 rich foods such
as fish.
Some of these include mackerel, salmon, tuna,
and herring.
A healthy diet that includes soybeans, tofu,
and edamame along with some cherries, broccoli,
green tea and any citrus fruits can help reduce
Whole grains instead of refined grains are
So carbs such as brown rice or oatmeal are
And beans such as kidney, pinto or red beans
are recommended as well.
Finally, omega-3 foods and oils such as avocado,
walnuts and virgin oil are fats that can and
should be consumed on a regular basis.
Arthritis is a complex disease that can come
in more than a hundred different forms.
Although arthritis is usually regarded as
an ‘older person’s disease’ it is not
merely relegated to seniors.
Those in their adulthood or even teenagers
can be arthritic.
It is generally defined as ‘painful inflammation
and stiffness of the joints.’
Severe arthritis can affect a lot of daily
activities such as brushing one’s teeth,
driving a motor vehicle or putting clothes
One in about every four patients describes
the pain as a seven or higher (on a 1 to 10
scale, with 10 being the most intolerable
However, some foods can cause further inflammation
whereas other foods can lower and significantly
reduce inflammation.
Even if you do not have arthritis it is important
to know what foods can cause inflammation
and what foods won’t or can reduce inflammation.
Although there is no one food that can objectively
reduce inflammation for all people, there
are different types of food that can work
better (or worse) with your body.
If you have arthritis and are worried that
some of the foods you eat may be worsening
your conditions, speak to your doctor today
about the types of lifestyle changes you can
make to help relieve your symptoms.
You should also speak to your doctor about
any changes in your diet that could help ease
your pain.
Your doctor will go over your history and
discuss your options with you.
If you notice any changes in your symptoms
or are considering eliminating certain types
of food from your diet, speak to your doctor
first to ensure that you are making the best
decision for yourself and for your health.
For example, if you eat a lot of dairy and
notice that you are experiencing extreme pain
or inflammation, consider limiting your dairy
This is because dairy products can contribute
to pain associated with arthritis because
of the protein that is found in certain foods.
Protein found in some dairy products can irritate
the tissue surrounding a person’s joints.
Another example of foods or drinks which may
be affecting your arthritis symptoms is alcohol.
Increased levels of alcohol can also lead
to higher chances of developing gout which
can further any inflammation in and around
joints and bones.
Eating a diet that is nutrient rich and contains
vegetables and fruit will help improve your
mental and physical health.
You should also incorporate exercise into
your daily routine, which can help improve
your overall health and even ease some symptoms
associated with arthritis.
If you smoke or drink and do not have a regular
exercise regimen, it may be time to start
making some lifestyle changes, particularly
if you are older or already suffer from arthritis.
Simple adjustments like small changes to your
diet and a more active lifestyle can help
relieve symptoms associated with arthritis.
If you need help quitting smoking or need
some advice on the types of foods you should
(and shouldn’t) be eating if you have arthritis,
speak to your doctor today.
What other foods do you eat that tend to make
your arthritis symptoms worse?
Let us know in the comments section below!
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