Four Cigar Wood Ashtray with Black Finish and Leather Trim

This Ashtray can Hold up to Four Cigars Single Blade Guillotine Cutter IncludedHigh Gloss Black Finish with Leather Trim The Ash Base Can Be Removed For Cleaning7 1/2 Inches Square with a Depth of 1.3 Inches Enjoy

BEST SHOT RECIPES vol 2 – Drinking for 125k!!

How to Smoke a Joint for Beginners: A Lift & Co Guide

If you’re new to cannabis, you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to teach you how to smoke a joint.Smoking a joint might seem pretty simple,but there’s actually a good amount of stuff to know about before you take your first toke.Here’s a one-paper joint that was rolled using Rio Bravo from Edison […]

Vaping Dangers

As a lung and critical care doctor here at Rush, I have seen first-hand some patientswho have come in with vaping-associated lung injury.Patients have presented with chest pain, shortness of breath, cough.Some have had fatigue or fever, and others have come with stomach complaints.If a person is vaping and has any of these symptoms, they […]